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Meet Me!

I’ve finally gotten around to posting my first video-blog-post. Sorry if the lighting isn’t that great, and perhaps I speak too fast too. My first try with video making. But more video posts to come, so I will hopefully get better with practice!

So this is me! I just wanted to take some time to introduce myself, welcome everyone to the blog, and basically just give a quick introduction.

Shoes for the Plus Size Figure: Tune Into Tuesdays

In the third episode of her ‘Fat and Fabulous’, Anne continues to give plus size women great tips and ticks. She starts off by talking about what types of shoes are best suited for a plus size body type; if you’ve never actually thought about what shoes best to choose, do watch the video as she really gives some great tips.

Then she moves on on to maternity wear, and how can actually shop at these stores to find clothing to give your plus size body support. Never thought about that either? Then go on, watch the video!

Fat and Fabulous: Tune Into Tuesdays

This week I wanted to share with you a great series of videos I came across online, which have been put together by a very talented plus size lady called Anne.

This video is the second episode of a series which Anne has dubbed ‘Fat and Fabulous’, where she shares plus size fashion tips and tricks. Here Anne talks about what to do when out shopping with friends, give tips on what to look out for when shopping for a dress. Anyway, enjoy viewing the video!

The Butterfly Bra: Tune Into Tuesdays

Today we take a closer look at the Butterfly bra. A very special bra produced by Ashley Stewart and inspired by Jill Scott which was created with the plus size woman’s needs in mind. This one is truly a great creation, which makes a big breasted woman’s every day life much more comfortable.

If you’re interested in looking into this plus size bra, check out the Butterfly Collection at Ashley Stewart.

Your Size Does Not Define You: Tune Into Tuesdays

In this second installment of our new Tune Into Tuesdays series, we see Chenese Lewis speaking at the 2007 National NOW Conference about her experience, being a woman of size in Hollywood.

If you’re new to Chenese, where have you been?! Chenese made history in 2003 by becoming the first woman to win the national title of Miss Plus America. The Miss Plus America Pageant also crowned Chenese the prestigious title of Miss Plus America Lifetime, a lifetime achievement award, for her outstanding work in the area of positive body image. To find out more about Chenese visit her official website at

Kiyonna's Twilight Collection: Tune Into Tuesdays

A lot of new and exciting things are in store for you guys in 2009, and the Tune Into Tuesdays series is exactly one of them. Every now and again we will be featuring a plus size lifestyle focused video. Every week or so we’ll be hand picking some of the most interesting videos out there which give fashion tips, highlight clothing collections, and introduce us to leading plus size models.

Today I’m kicking off this series with a short video which showcases one of Kiyonna’s newest plus size clothing collection, the Twilight Rendevous. Have a look at some gorgeous pieces.

To get a closer look at each of the pieces mentioned in this video, visit Kiyonna’s Twilight Rendevous collection online.

A Fantastic Fat Rant

I noticed this YouTube video posted by JJ on For Big Girls Only, and now I also see it featured in the latest Svoboda e-newsletter.

This fat rant, that’s what it is plain and simple, has been produced and out up on YouTube by Joy Nash and it is simple fantastic.

Joy is straight to the point, blunt and yet funny in her video. Might I add she looks gorgeous as well (and I love the jacket she’s wearing, very stylish! Where did you get that from Joy? =D)

This video should serve as a big wake up call to all the curvy and beautiful women out there who, as Joy puts it, are putting their lives on hold just because they think their weight is in the way. Start living now. Embrace your fat, your curves and love yourself!

Thanks Joy!

Plus+ Movie

I ran across a lot of new stuff today which I have to share you with all. Now this one is a very interesting ‘project’ I ran into. It’s called ‘Plus+‘ and it’s a short film created by Standard Grooming Productions.

So what’s the movie about? It’s about Victoria, a once a top plus-size model, who has seen her fortunes change since the industry shifted to ‘padding up’ thinner models to make their torsos appear large while retaining their toned arms and chiseled features. With bankruptcy looming and her confidence shattered, Victoria’s only hope of regaining her former glory and her financial independence hinges on the Gamble Girl audition. But Tiffany, the current top plus-size model who despises fat people, will stop at nothing to be the next Gamble Girl.

Watch trailer of this, what look like it’s going to be, a very interesting and eye opening short film today. In the meantime I am trying to find out whether this movie is still in production, and if not where I can get my hands on it, to watch the full version. If anyone knows anything I might be missing please let me know!

World of Size

I’m always glad to see new websites open up which are geared to plus size women and men. Whether they are fashion stores, blogs, networking sites, or anything else… I think it’s a very positive sign that plus size women and their admirers are opening up, making their voice heard.

A very cool, and I suspect very fresh, website which I ran into today is Nation of Size. Now this is a website with a difference! They are calling themselves ‘the size friendly video network’ and they offer a different video every day of the week, which tackles a different topic each day. Your host Petey, is a very bubbly character, who I think is doing an amazing job.

I watched today’s video, from the ‘People of Size on Stage’ series, which showcases Vanessa Conde who trained in opera, and is a regular in the house music scene. I really suggest you visit Nation of Size today, add it to your bookmarks and also sign up to the network to keep yourselves updated with news and upcoming items.

By the way… I love the opening jingle! It’s very catchy and I’m finding myself humming it this morning. Good job Petey… keep it up!

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