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IGIGI's Yuliya Raquel: Tune Into Tuesdays

The video I chose to showcase today will give you an up, close and personal look into IGIGI’s founder Yuliya Raquel. In this clip Yuliya talks about her inspirations, her designs, and her desire to create clothing which helps curvy women feel beautiful and fall in love with themselves. She’s truly passionate about her fashion, and watching this video you will understand why IGIGI clothing is so special, because if is created with passion and love.

Hot Summer Trends from IGIGI: Tune Into Tuesdays

In today’s video Yuliya Racquel, fashion deigner and founder of IGIGI, talks us through IGIGI’s brand new limited collection. Furthermore, she shares with us this summer’s hottest trends: bold and rich colors, chiffon fabrics, prints, boho chic maxi dresses, and finally feminine details. Watch the video to find out more!

Ellos Swedish Curvy Fashion: Tune Into Tuesdays

Nancy LeWinter, Editorial Director at OneStopPlus, today walks us through a gorgeous selection of items from the new European brand they have introduced: Ellos. Simply stunning and curvy hugging are words that can desribe this unique collection. Take a look at the video to discover more of Ellos, exclusively available at OneStopPlus.

5 Way Plus Size Bra: Tune Into Tuesdays

OneStopPlus carry 75 styles of bras, in over 200 sizes, so you’re bound to find the bra of your needs there! The video I’m featuring today showcases a super bras OneStopPlus carry which can be worn in 5 different ways: the shoulder pad bra from Instant Shaping by Comfort Choice.

Behind the Scenes of a Curvy Photo Shoot: Tune Into Tuesdays

Have you ever wondered what a plus size model’s average day is like? Thanks to the video below, produced by SWAK Designs, you can come close to finding out! This videos gives us a behind the scenes look into one of SWAK Design’s latest photos shoot.

Roaman's Special Occasion Show: Tune Into Tuesdays

This season Roaman’s has once again added a selection of gorgeous special occasion outfits to their collection. The video below highlights some of their best styles.

How to Wear the Anastasia Plus Size Wrap Dress: Tune Into Tuesdays

Way back in May we introduced you to the Anastasia interchangeable plus size wrap dress, an innovative and extremely versatile dress available at SWAK Designs.

I’m sure many of you thought the dress is a great concept, but perhaps felt apprehensive due to the fact that you have to wrap it up yourself!

But the kind people at SWAK Designs have created the video I’m showcasing below, to show you how to wear the Anastasia plus size wrap dress!

So now you have no excuse; you can wear this great dress just by following this video, which features Reah Norman and plus size model Danielle Line.

Candi Apple Couture at FFF Week: Tune Into Tuesdays

I’m back this week bringing you a curvy video for you to check out. As you probably know the first ever Full Figured Fashion Week was organized in NYC, which  has been a great success! One of the plus size fashion designers showcased last week was Candi Apple Couture, and today’s video is a clip of their fashion show.

This video is an amateur shoot so apologies for the rotating image, but you get the gist! Candi Apple Couture is the creation of talented designer Annika Candace Reid. Definitely worth a closer look.

Recession Proof Curvy Fashion Tips: Tune Into Tuesdays

These days everyone is watching what they spend, and not many people can afford to splash out on any piece of clothing they like. However this doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with last year’s styles and trends. This year you have to learn how to shop smart, choosing items of clothing which you can mix and match with other items to create a number of different outfits, to suit different occasions.

Recession Proof Style Tips

I ran across this very informative video the other day, from ABC 7 news, which showcases a number of different budget friendly outfits options. Michelle Weston, the curvy style expert features in this video also shares a number of useful recession proof style tips; watch the video today!

Secrets to Looking Great: Tune Into Tuesdays

In this video Liana Chaouli from Image Therapists, shares with us some basic and yet essential secrets to looking great!

As some of you might be caught up and do not really have time to watch the video, here are some key takeaways from this video, which I feel I have to share…

  • Be proud of your assets, not ashamed of your flaws!
  • You have the right to look your best.
  • It’s a closet, not a museum!
  • If the outfit shows up before you do, put it back.
  • People should remember you, not your clothes!
  • Self-acceptance is the foundation of self-esteem.
  • You are a masterpiece just the way you are.
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