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Full Figured Women Unite

Are you a full figured woman, proud of your curves and assets? Do you live in the Ontario, Canada area? Then I am sure you will want to attend Canada’s first ever plus size woman expo, The Fuller Woman Expo. This unique event, the first ever of it’s kind in Canada will be held on the 13th and 14th of September, 2008.

The Fuller Woman Expo aims to help fight the stigma that surrounds being a plus size woman. The goals behing the show is to empower, educate and motivate curvy women, in an effort to make them aware of their internal and external beauty.

So what can you expect when visiting the expo? Expect workshops, seminars, fashion shows, talks about food and nutrition, free makeovers and much more.

Why don’t you grab a bunch of girlfriends and make a weekend event out of this unique and fun opportunity? Join the curvy revolution, and visit The Fuller Woman Expo if you can. I sure would if I were in the area! The expo will be held at:
The Living Arts Centre
4141 Living Arts Drive
Mississauga, ON

You can prepay your admission, which is priced at $13.00. Admission at the door is priced at $15.00. For further information visit

A Fantastic Fat Rant

I noticed this YouTube video posted by JJ on For Big Girls Only, and now I also see it featured in the latest Svoboda e-newsletter.

This fat rant, that’s what it is plain and simple, has been produced and out up on YouTube by Joy Nash and it is simple fantastic.

Joy is straight to the point, blunt and yet funny in her video. Might I add she looks gorgeous as well (and I love the jacket she’s wearing, very stylish! Where did you get that from Joy? =D)

This video should serve as a big wake up call to all the curvy and beautiful women out there who, as Joy puts it, are putting their lives on hold just because they think their weight is in the way. Start living now. Embrace your fat, your curves and love yourself!

Thanks Joy!

When are we going to smell the coffee?

It looks like more curves are hitting the catwalk around the world. Did you know that currently the Spaniards require that all models on the catwalk during this week of fashion need to have a BMI of more than 18, this measure was set up to prevent drastically underweight models from hitting the runways. Moreover it can also be said that such a measure was triggered following the tragic death of Luisel Ramos last month, who suffered a heart attack after stepping off the catwalk. Luisel had merely been living on fluids.

Although this measure was set up in Spain, major fashion capital such as Paris, would never dream of putting this into action. It’s shocking to think that being skinny and saving on fabrics is more important in some places, than it is to promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy images to young girls. More on this issue and also an interview with plus size model Charlotte Coyle can be found in an article publised this week in The Telegraph.

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