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Plus Size Women on the Beach: A Guide to Looking Good & Sexy
Summer is almost with us! I’m already feeling the heat… aren’t you? During this time of the year we become bombarded with adverts on TV and magazine on how to diet to lose weight to look good in your swimsuit. Ladies, do not give in! Your curves can look as good on the beach as they do elsewhere. Read our newest articles to find out how plus size women can look hot and sexy on the beach.

The Different Shapes of Plus Size Women
Everyone is shapes differently. Learning what type of body shape your figure falls into is key to helping you choosing more figure flattering clothes. Read our guide to the different shapes plus size women’s figures might have to find out what body shape you are!

Plus Size Sarongs: See How Easily You Can Tie Up a Sarong!
Plus size sarong are a stylish and very versatile items of clothing which should make part of every curvy woman’s wardrobe. However, do you often find yourself stuck about how to actually wear and tie up your sarong? I surely do! Fear not however. Maya’s new article shows us exactly how we should tie up our sarongs to make them most flattering.

Big and Tall Men’s Fashion Tips: 5 Essential Tips for Creating a Sexy Look
Often big and tall men suffer the same inferiority complex plus size women tend to feel. It does not have to be that way! Big and tall men are gorgeous and can look and feel sexy. Read Maya’s tips on how you can creat a sexy look and become a sultry and sexy big, tall guy!

Big and Tall Men’s Fashion Tips: What Big & Tall Men Ought to Know About Choosing a Suit
Find the right suit for your body shape can be a nightmare! Especially for big and tall men, when often it feels like their options are more limited. Read this useful article by Maya, whos gives big and tall guys tips on what to look for when shopping around for a big and tall men’s suit.

Why Big and Tall Men Should Shop Online
Big and tall men often experience the same frustrations plus size women encounter when it comes to shopping for clothing and apparel. Often time it is hard for them to find something they like in their size! There are various online stores which specialize specifically in providing big, handsome men with quality clothing. This article explores this issue, explaining why big and tall men should seriously consider shopping online to fulfil their fashion needs and requirements.

Gift Ideas for Your Plus Size Mom
Mother’s Day this year is once again soon approaching. This article give a few tips on and ideas on what gift you can get your plus size mom on Mother’s Day.

Experiences from Pretty Big Feet – Shoe Stories from Designer Shoes by Designer Shoes
Designer Shoes have been running a monthly competition in conjunction with their e-newsletter, where they ask subscriber to share their shoe shopping experiences. In March 2007, Kacy describes her experience and relationship for shoe shopping and footwear from her childhood to her teens and early twenties. She recounts how she finally came to love shoe shopping when she started shopping online at speciality stores.

Top 5 Fitness Tips for Plus Size Women
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential, and an important ingredient in keeping healthy is regular exercise. Plus size women and men who are happy with their weight, and who do not want to lose weight, still need to exercise to keep healthy. Here are some fitness tips, targeted specifically to plus size women (and men!) who wish to increase or build up an exercise regime.

Lock and Load: More on the Holiday Hit List by Janna Lutz
Our resident contributing writer Janna Lutz continues to take a look at this season’s Holiday must haves: fashion essentials which will make full figured women look fabulous and feel great during the Holidays. Taking a closer look at Fashion Bug, Janna gives us the inside scoop as to what this great store has to offer at the moment, and what the best picks are.

Lock and Load: Holiday Must Haves by Janna Lutz
Yes time is flying and the Christmas Holidays are fast approaching! Do you find yourself in a dilemmas about what to wear and what not to wear during this special season? Fear not! Our plus size fashionista writer Janna lends a helping hand by providing tips and ideas about where to shop and what to wear.

Thou Shall Not Miss Summer
Why we should look forward to the fall and winter seasons, and how to add a touch of summer into your plus size winter outfits.

Plus Size Fall Fashion: The Essential Tips by IGIGI
Provided by IGIGI, these are the essential plus size fall fashion tips which will help full figured women look their best during the fall. Outlining the colors and patterns to go for this season, this article also gives tips on what make-up to wear, how to style your hair and also, what to avoid.

Preparing for the Holidays: Why Plus Size Women Should Plan Ahead
Why plus size women should plan ahead for their Christmas holiday shopping, to ensure they find all the plus size fashion they need, and make shopping a de-stressing and relaxing exercise.

The Lace, The Faux Suede, and My Wardrobe by Janna Lutz
Janna Lutz takes a look at plus size fashion trends for the Fall of 2006, and gives us an inside scoop of what to look out for in the stores, what’s hot and stylish, and pointing out also what is not so sexy.

Positive Plus Size Pregnancy by Brette Sember
I’m a plus-size mom of two children and I found that I had many questions that weren’t answered by pregnancy books. I wanted to know if and how my weight impacted my pregnancy and I wanted help finding maternity clothes. I needed support and information and it just wasn’t out there, so I decided to write the book that I wanted to read – Your Plus-Size Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide for the Full-Figured Expectant Mom.

Plus Styles Getting Hotter by Yul Kwon of Missphit
Unflattering plus size clothing for women is slowly going the way of neon headbands and biker shorts in the world of fashion. Women requiring larger fits (size 14 and up) are finding more options when it comes to choosing their wardrobes.

Trendy Looks For Women’s Plus Size Clothing – Summer 2006
Plus size women do not have to settle for plain, dull looks; especially in Summer. This article guides you to the trends to follow this summer to look your best. Read tips on what colors, fabrics, patterns and trends are hot in the plus size fashion scene this summer.’s Founder Gets a Taste of Designer Plus Size Clothing
Lately I was lucky enough to get to try out and feel what it’s like to wear a stunning plus size designer dress. From the wonderful people at IGIGI, this black satin gown will definitely make any full-figured woman stand out from the crowd. In this review I share with you my experiences with this dress, give you an insight about shopping online from IGIGI and also provide some tips for accessorising with this dress. Read on for a full review of this beautiful dress.

Fashion for Plus Size Teens — Stop Worrying and Just Be You
Are you tired of endless dieting so you can fit someone else’s idea of beauty? Hey, being a teen is hard enough as it is — why not go with the flow and just be you? Just because you’re curvy doesn’t mean you can’t look great. Read on, and we’ll give you a few pointers.

Curvy Tankinis: Plus size swim-wear choice for 2006’s choice and recommendation for curvy women this summer: the Tankini. Here are the reasons why we think it’s the perfect choice for plus size women this summer and why we think every curvy lady should have one! Get to know why we chose the tankini, why we love it and think every curvy lady should have one. Also get to know which plus size stores carry it.

Style guru reveals plus size fashion tips by Pasazz Editors
Clinton Kelly, a style guru and co-host of TLC’s television show “What Not To Wear” give plus size fashion tips to the full figured women.

10 Tips for Shopping Online for Clothing: for a safe and pleasant transaction
Shopping on the Internet can be a tricky business, especially if we do not take our precautions and make sure everything is in order. One need not fear though! With a little care shopping online can be a breeze! This article will walk you through ten tips, which if followed correctly, should help make your online shopping experience a safe and satisfactory one!

The Top Five Secrets Every Full-Figured Woman Needs to Know About Lingerie by Katherine Damaske
At long last, full-figured women have finally come into their own. They can celebrate their shape with more clothing options now than ever before, and lingerie has become one of the hottest trends on the fashion map. This article present to curvy women the the secrets to a great fit that will enable you to look spectacular in your lingerie and feel great about yourself!

Find The Best Fit in Plus Sized Clothes by Kelly Reyes
Plus sized clothes are needed now as much as ever. In the United States and Canada millions of women, more than half actually, need plus sized clothes for a proper fit. This article sheds some light on how to find the best fit in plus size clothing.

Hot Plus Size Swimwear and Summer Fun with Torrid
Plus size swimwear collection from Torrid for 2006. This article showcases Torrid’s new line of plus-size swimwear for this summer season, enough to equip you with the hottest swimwear this year.

Are You Wearing the Right Sized Bra? by Vicki Louise
How many times is it written in the press, and mentioned on the news that more than 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra? Frequently? Well, are you? Do you know whether your bra fits correctly?

Spicing up Valentine’s Day
Sexy plus size lingerie, tips and ideas to help you  spice up this Valentine’s Day. The day for lovers; the holiday of love; Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many of use are trying to figure out how to make this year’s special day on to remember.

Plus Size Shopping Online
Seven reasons why plus size women should consider shopping online for clothing and accessories. My seven essentials reasons why I personally shop online for most of my clothes and why I am recommending online shopping to all plus size women

Plus Size Fashion Tips: Trends from the Catwalk
The Autumn/Winter fashion season is at its best. The holidays are just around the corner, so we thought we would update you with information on the hottest trends this season. Straight off the catwalk, follow these fashion rules to stand out during the holidays and all season long.

Seven Home Hair Color Tips for Great Results by Nancy Faizabadi
Tips on how to achieve excellent results and save a lot of money by coloring your hair at home. A few basics tips about choosing the right color and applying it correctly.

8 Tips for Picking the Best Wedding Dress by Blake Kritzberg
When little girls spend their math classes day-dreaming of weddings, what do they dream of first? The perfect wedding dress, of course: a gown in white satin with a bustle and sweeping train, the perfect embellishments, and the perfect shoes.

Plus Size Fashion Tips: Essentials this Fall
What are the essential fashion tips this fall? This article is a short guide to what styles and colors are in fashion this fall.

Curves Hit the Beach: woman’s guide to plus size swim wear online
Stuck inside because you cannot find stylish and sexy swim wear in your size? Then get ready to hit the beach; this articles guides you to the top plus size swim wear stores found on the web.

Plus Size Fashion Tips: What’s Hot this Summer?
What’s hot in the plus size fashion scene this summer? This article is a short guide to what to wear, what colors to choose and what accessories to go for this summer.

Quick Tips for Applying Eye Makeup by Donna Monday
If you are looking for eye makeup tips or eye makeup ideas for a dramatic eye make up look for an evening out, or simply some free eye makeup tips to put on your “morning face”, you can start out by learning basic eye makeup application.

Summer Bites: Dips by Maya Matthews
Here are some fresh and tasty recipe dips you can try this summer. These are great as an entrée or just a snack and are especially ideal to spice up a BBQ!

Fashion After 40 by Diana Pemberton-Stikes
With so many designers and trends targeting the svelte body of the twenty-something, is it possible to look fashionable as the years pass and your body begins to tell the tale? Absolutely!

Past Plus Size News and Events

10 October, 2007 – Monif C. Plus Sizes Premieres the Fall 2007 Glamour Donna Collection and a Collection of Luxury Large Size Shoes
Exclusive plus size clothing designer Monif C launched a brand new fashion collection names The Glamor Donna Collection, as well as a collection of wide fitting luxury shoes.

5 June, 2007 – Monif C. Plus Sizes Announces the Grand Opening of their New York Plus Size Boutique
Monif C. opens up a chic boutique in New York City catering exclusively to the needs of plus size women. Find out more about the plus size clothing offered at this new store.

1 March, 2007 – The Bigger View That’s Reshaping Fashion’s Health Standard
The fashion industry has been on the hot seat lately for pushing an unhealthy thin size. Well, it seems that healthy shapes on the other end of the size spectrum have also been ignored by the industry’s beauty machine.

14 June, 2006 – Plus size clothing made for stars by IGIGI interviews Yuliya Zeltser, designer and founder of IGIGI

18 April, 2006 – Monif C. quenches plus size fashionistas’ thirst interviews Monif J. Clarke, leading designer of luxury plus size clothing.

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