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    Who is Louise MacCallum?

    You might have seen her wearing your favorite outfit in an online plus size store. Or perhaps you haven’t. Whatever the case, Louise MacCallum is an inspirational plus size model who you should definitely read a little bit about.

    Today I have just ran across this article on The Daily Record, which recounts how Louise MacCallum struggled with size acceptance. Now a very curvy and gorgeous size 14/16, Louise had previously battled with a lot of dieting, until finally finding a way to accept and love her curves.

    Hailing from Inverness, ones of Louise’s major accomplishments in her career was being chosen to open Milan Fashion Week this spring wearing a gorgeous black Elena Miro dress. In this particular article Louise shares a piece of advice, which just had to be shared here:

    Her advice for girls considering a career in modelling is simple…

    “Don’t be affected by it all,” says Louise. “Some women are naturally very skinny but many starve themselves to stay on the catwalk. Be who you are and be careful.”

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    Posted by Sarah - May 29, 2007 at 10:16 pm

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    Kiyonna Closes… For a Day!

    Kiyonna will be closing their doors, which means extra savings for all curvy women. Before you start panicking (I sure did when I first heard the news), Kiyonna will only be closing for one day, not permanently! Phew!

    So today Wednesday, 23rd May Kiyonna will be closed and you can save $30 off any order of $150 or more by using coupon code CLOSED when checking out.

    Kiyonna are closing down for a day because they are currently busy moving into their brand new offices. So obviously no orders will be shipped today, but everything will be back up and running tomorrow, 24th May.

    So hurry and save $30 on your order by using coupon code CLOSED. This offer expires at midnight (PST) tomorrow Thursday, 24th May.

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    Posted by Sarah - May 23, 2007 at 9:38 pm

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    10 Hottest Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

    The resident women’s fashion expert over at, Cynthia Nellis, always posts interesting and very useful write ups. I find her writing very ‘applicable’ to th day to day life of women. What I mean to say is that the advice and tips she gives can easily be applied by women through their daily lives, so that better fashion choices are made. Although Cynthia’s writing are not targeted specifically to plus size women, her tips can still be applied to the curvy fashion world.

    Recently Cynthia highlighted 10 wearable spring fashion trends, and I thought it would be very beneficial to touch upon them briefly here, so that plus size ladies reading this post can get some ideas and get to know what the hottest trends are this spring… and summer:

    1. Daytime dresses – Just shopping around will make you notice this hot trend, it’s a dresses invasion. And I love it. It gives us a chance to be feminine, comfortable and fresh! Dresses range from printed wrap dresses, to floral ones with a very country feel.

    2. Sporty chic – Not completely casual. Yet not completely formal. The trick to getting this right is getting the right combination and mix in there.

    3. The little white dress – I love whit, but to be completely honest, I am not brave enough to just wear a completely white outfit or dress. That’s just me and white. So if like me, white puts you off to a certain extent, there is a workaround with this trend. Pair it up with a chunky colorful belt to define your waist. Or perhaps focus on colorful accessories such as a nice necklace with matching bangle (which is also in this list of top 10 trends!).

    4. Animal prints - As previously discussed plus size figures and prints can definitely be combined to create a fusion of figure flattering style. So another hot trend this season is animal prints, which you can include in your outfit not just in the clothes but also in the accessories you choose. Ever considered a bold pair or leopard pumps, with matching bag?

    5. Fun florals – As with the above, another way to bring in prints into your outfit is through going for floral items. I’m seeing florals everywhere in shops, both on the high strets and online. This is one big trend which is set to roll on through summer. I must say I love it. It’s fun and feminine.

    6. Patent – Again, as with animal and floral prints, patent is all over. Be careful how to incorporate patent into your outfit. I believe less is more with this trend. Perhaps a nice pair of red patent sandals to go along with that little white dress?

    7. Metallics - Very bold, and made for standing out of the crowd. There are several different option you can throw in a touch of metallic into your look. You can go for the all out look, like a metallic styled dress, if you’re really adventurous. Or perhaps, if you’re less daring, you can just incorporate metallic in small items and accessories.

    8. Minidresses – Great for those hot sunny days, you can get a minidress to use at the beach perhaps?

    9. Slim Pants – Perfect if worn with stylish and funky tunic tops. Pair up with some nice heels this makes a great outfit. Great to show off your slim legs and sexy ankles.

    10. Bold bangles – Accessories are so essential to your look this season, and there is no room for being shy about your accessories. Be big and bold. Go for big bangles to match your outfit.

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    Posted by Sarah - May 19, 2007 at 1:52 pm

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    Plus Size Beach Chic

    IGIGI have this week added a few new items to their stock which will make you say meow!

    First off we have the brand new Satin Insert Dress in Leopard print, which comes along with a matching belt! This sexy little number will definitely help you get in touch with you inner sexy kitty. It’s exotic leopard inserts make this dress a chic and sexy number to show off!

    IGIGI has also added several new and colorful tops, and one gorgeous skirt which will make your plus size beach chic outfit very simple to put together. Their new Tencel Raglan Tops will make you feel fun and flirty while the new and beautiful Crochet Lace Skirt (pictured) can go from the beach to a candle light dinner with just a few accessory changes.

    Make sure to check out these new items, as well as the other items IGIGI have in stock to ensure you all ready for the hot summer days.

    News flash…
    Shopping at IGIGI has now never been easier. They have just added a ‘search by size’ function to their online store, which basically lets you select your size and the search will show you all the available items IGIGI has in your size. So no more wondering… does this come in my size?

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    Posted by Sarah - May 16, 2007 at 8:49 pm

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    Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Being Plus Size

    1. Being able to create first and foremost. This website is like my baby and I love helping other plus size women find fashionable clothing in their size.

    2. Chocolate! Although I am quite health conscious and I do strive to eat well and exercise (when I have time!), not being on a strict regime to keep me a certain weight lets me enjoy very yummy things. Including chocolate, my one true passion. Hehehe…

    3. Being able to wear beautiful clothes from top designers in the industry like IGIGI, Missphit and Monif C.

    4. Being plus size, and active online, has throughout the years made me get to know some pretty great people including the staff at IGIGI, Missphit, Sydney’s Closet, Chenese Lewis, Anna Nicole and her lovely mother Dorez at Jahqoi… and so many other like minded bloggers like Glen and Mopie.

    5. I love being the person who breaks the mood when a group of girlfriends start talking about diets and losing weight. Being the ‘different’ voice, and challenging the thin stereotype often surprises people, and that gets them thinking. That, to me, is awesome.

    This post is part of the meme/contest by Problogger: Top 5 Group Writing Project. Keep on reading in the next few days for a roundup of my favorite posts taking part in this ‘contest’.

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    Posted by Sarah - May 10, 2007 at 7:19 pm

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    Spotlight on Nicole Lebris

    Nicole Lebris is a beautiful plus size model, who I’m sure a lot of readers who shop online are familiar with. She has this month been interviewed by Maddy at Plus Model Mag.

    The interview is very interesting and gives us great insight into Nicole’s struggle with self image and rise to success as a plus size model. In fact in the interview, Nicole recounts how she was called names as a child, and yet how she has now grown up to love her body and her curves. She also reveals how she got into the plus size modeling business by taking snapshot at home with her own camera, and submitting these on her profile on Now isn’t that one encouraging story.

    Find out more about Nicole, read the full interview.

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    Posted by Sarah - May 10, 2007 at 6:46 pm

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    Curvology Challenge by Queen Latifah

    Curvation Apparel, which is a new plus size clothing line inspired by Queen Latifah, has this month launched the Curvology Challenge. What is this challenge all about? Pretty simple really…

    Curvation Apparel are inviting all plus size ladies to share their wardrobing solutions. How do you go aout putting together that winning fashionable look that flatters your curves and makes the most of them? Whatever your ideas may be, Curvation want to know about them! Capture your ideas through a video, slide-show or essay and send them off to the Curvology Challenge.

    Three winners (one from each category i.e. video, slide-show or essay) will be featured as a guest stylist on and receive a $500 collection of Curvation Apparel! Runners-up will also receive a limited edition Curvation Apparel Curvy Angel T-Shirt valued at $60.

    So what are you waiting for ladies? Share your sexy curvy ideas and enter the Curvology Challenge today!

    Contest ends on June 1st!

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    Posted by Sarah - May 10, 2007 at 6:37 pm

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    Old Navy Without the Curves… Removes Plus Size Line

    There have been several online new sites in the last couple of days reporting on the fact that Old Navy will be removing their plus size clothing line from their stores. It’s sad to see that such a big chain will be closing it’s doors to a whole lot of curves, and a whole lot of business!

    Glen L. Johnson has some interesting ideas on the topic, about reasons why Old Navy took this step. Lack of advertising tops the list, and I’m pretty sure he’s right, that this factor played a very important role. Talking from an online marketing perspective, I am always on the lookout for new plus size stores and plus size related advertising always catches my eye. Thinking about it now, I’ve never actually seen an advert or promotion online by Old Navy which focuses solely on pushing their plus size line. So indeed that must be one big factor.

    Oh well, too bad for Old Navy I guess. With the increasing plus size clothing options coming to be available for curvy women these days, I’m sure all full figured women will survive and keep on being even more stylish.

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    Posted by Sarah - May 9, 2007 at 6:16 am

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    Buy a Mother’s Day Gift You Can Be Proud Of!

    Mother’s Day is on the way ladies! Have you given thought to what you’d like to give you mother on this special day?

    If you’re still clueless, or do not know where to start fear not! We’ve got you covered with a few cool and stylish ideas which I’m sure you mother will definitely enjoy. Read our new article today, to get your creative juices flowing and see what gift ideas we recommend you get your plus size mom.

    Among some of the gift we recommend, our new articles gives you insight on why you cannot go wrong with a denim jacket, or some stylish accessories.

    Make sure you make this Mother’s Day a special one!

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    Posted by Sarah - May 1, 2007 at 1:51 pm

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