Size Acceptance

Can Fat People be Happy?

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I’m sure regular readers of this blog will be shocked by this post title, or better question! How dare I pose such a question? Well it’s the topic that is raising a lot of discussion over at Big Fat Deal. Anne’s post yesterday pointed to an article which appeared in the Daily Mail yesterday entitled “Why you can never be fat and happy“.

Her descriptions of the way fat people, although occupying a great deal of physical space, actually become ‘invisible’ – to the shop assistants who stare through them to the men who pretend you don’t exist – made me realise that the best thing I ever did to lose weight and keep it off was to stop beating myself up about it.

But there’s more…

It shouldn’t – but fat demeans you, even in your own eyes…I was already divorced, but it is at this stage that many people turn away from their partner, and turn instead to the fridge. Outside my family, the closest relationship I had was with a packet of Hobnobs.

When you’re fat, you dread getting dressed in the mornings because you hate all your fat clothes, and you dread going to bed at night feeling a failure because you’ve eaten a Malteser.

Although I have to admit that the article is quite realistic, in the sense that feeling and attitude do hit home. It’s what many overweight people experience and go through due to society’s stereotypes.

But that does not mean that one should succumb to these stereotypes and plainly rule out that fat people cannot be happy just because society decided this is so. It’s a matter of turning these thoughts around, and instead of succumbing, learning to love and accept yourself the way you are. Being fat and happy is possible. It is not an easy ride, it’s a constant struggle sometimes I admit, but I know and also know a lot of other plus size people who are happy about their body shape.

Also, in light of all the hot debates that have been going on about skinny models on the runway and role models for teenagers, to me it seems very unprofessional to publish an article with such a demeaning title.

One step forward. Three steps backwards.

What do you think?

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