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Jahqoi Website Gets a Facelift

I have just heard from Dorez today, who happens to be plus size fashion designer Anna Nicole’s mother, and an essential part of the Jahqoi team. Dorez informed me that the Jahqoi website has been given a complete revamp. Of course, I quickly visited to check out the new website design, and I must say the revamp works for me.

I feel that the Jahqoi website is now better structured, and makes navigation around the site better and easier. The layout probably helps visitors get to the items they are looking for more efficiently. Also, the information available is more detailed, which makes for a more complete shopping experience. I believe this revamp will definitely boost Jahqoi’s popularity with full figured women, worldwide.

Let me not forget to mention that along with this excellent website revamp, Jahqoi have knocked quite a bit off the price of many items! So what better time can there be to visit Jahqoi and see what they offer?

Evans UK Launches 'Created for Curves'

Evans UK, one of the leading plus size clothing store in the UK (also available throughout some countries in Europe, including Malta!) has this week launched a very size positive TV ad campaign which they have named ‘Created for Curves’. This ad campaign features some seriously stylish fashions that will definitely go down well with full figured ladies. All items seen on the ads, are available for purchase from their website at If you’re in the UK, do keep a look out on TV for these ads. It is such a good thing that many companies are launching plus size positive advertising campaigns. This is definitely what is needed, more curves and more real beauty on TV, magazine and billboards.

PLUS Model Magazine Editorial Team Expands

This week PLUS Model Magazine, the online magazine celebrating and inspiring the plus size fashion and modeling industry, has announced the addition of Larissa Laurel to their editorial team.

Larissa is in fact a plus size model herself, who started her career in 1998. She has been featured in several leading magazines including Latina, Oprah and Mode. Here’s what Larissa had to say about her new role within PLUS Model Magazine:

“As the PLUS Industry Editor, my goal is to help promote the beauty that each individual woman is born with and to guide them by providing information on curvy fashion as well as excellent advice on the talent / modeling industry.”

It’s great to see curvy friendly publications growing and expanding. I’d like to wish Larissa the best of luck and continued success!

More T-Shirt Options for Plus Size Women

I came across this interesting press release today, which was released by, an online store which I had never heard about before. evisionArts have been providing print on demand t-shirts, and other accessories, online since 2001. So what was so special about this news? Well evisionArts have just added women’s plus sizes to their range of t-shirts. Well done evisionArts, I am always pleased to hear about stores widening their offering, and becoming more curvy friendly.

So I visited evisionArts and I must say I will definitely be back to purchase some of the items, as I have found a couple which are both cute and hilarious!

I’m sure my boyfriend will appreciate me wearing this ‘I have mood swings’ t-shirt, it would serve as a great warning for the day. And how about the chocolate collection of prints? I especially love the first one… “Shut up and give me CHOCOLATE“. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

I applaud evisionArts for adding plus sizes to their range! Kudos!

American Idol's Lakisha also chooses IGIGI

Earlier this week we reported to you that in one of here performances, talented and curvy Lakisha Jones was wearing a plus size red top from Missphit. It seems that IGIGI is also in Lakisha’s favorites list, as both Ms.Toi and Glen have reported!

During last Tuesday’s show Lakisha gave an exceptional rendition of Billie Holiday’s song ‘God Bless the Child’. For this memorable occasion Lakisha chose the very chic Opulent Platinum Satin Gown.

Rising Star Jahqoi Hits the Small Screen

2007 is turning out to be a very busy and successful year for plus size fashion designer Anna Nicole, who together with her mother Dorez, has founded the trend setting plus size clothing line Jahqoi.

Anna Nicole has been working hard to create extremely stylish, colorful and figure flattering new designs for Jahqoi, most of which can in fact already be seen on their brand new website. The hard work has indeed been paying off as Jahqoi has landed a couple of interviews with leading TV stations.

In fact last Tuesday, 13th March Anna Nicole was interviewed by NBC News. After the interview was aired in Los Angeles, it was also aired in other cities around the Unites States. Talk about a big time TV appearance for plus size fashion designer!

A couple of weeks ago Anna Nicole and Jahqoi were also featured in another TV interview with KTLA, the premiere Southern California CW station. In the interview with Gayle Anderson, Anna Nicole showcases some beautiful pieces from her collection. You can actually watch this interview online, as it’s saved in KTLA’s archives. Just visit this link, and then look for the segment “Jahqoi, Plus Size Clothes” and you’ll be able to view it.

Well done Anna Nicole! The attention you are receiving is very well deserved.

Curvy Lakisha Jones Wearing Missphit on American Idol

I have to be honest, I do not have much time on my hands to watch a lot of TV. But every now and again I do like to curl up on the couch, with a nice cup of tea, some biscuits and watch some good TV. More often than not I end up watching some reality show, I have to admit I am a sucker for them!

Although I must say one show I haven’t been following is American Idol, however I will start following this show after getting to know about the great talent that’s being showcased. I was even more intrigued when I got to know about Lakisha Jones, a beautiful plus size woman with one hell of a voice, who is a contestant in American Idol.

I managed to catch up on the whole American Idol show, and Lakisha’s performances so far, by browsing around online and watching some clips here and there. I must say I am impressed! Lakisha has an amazing voice, carries herself with great pride and style, and totally rocks the stage when she performs. It’s great to have such a positive role model for young girls around the world participate in such a popular show.

I was very happy, and also surprised (in a very positive way), to notice that in one of her recent performances Lakisha was wearing the very stylish and sexy Diva Halter top from Missphit. This halter top comes in red and cream, vibrant colors that go very well on Lakisha, and a style which hugs her curves in the right way. She definitely looks very stylish wearing it.

It’s excellent to see Missphit plus size clothing line increasing popularity, and being worn in the most prestigious of occasions! You might recall that Missphit had recently also been featured in an article within Latina Magazine. I wonder what other great stuff is in store for Missphit.

Monif C. on BET's Rip the Runway Tonight!

Ladies, tonight make sure you watch BET’s Rip the Runway 2007, as plus size fashions designed by Monif C. are going to be featured on the show! Monif C. is in fact going to be the only plus size designer showcased on the show.

What’s more, it’s good to note that Monif C. have added new convertible dress colors and a new two-tone convertible dress, which is still being offered at the reduced price of $165!

Missphit Featured on Everybody Hates Chris

As we have been noticing recently, plus size fashion and designers are increasingly being featured in leading magazines and TV shows. Missphit has recently been featured in a popular TV series ‘Everybody Hates Chris’. In episode 3, of season 2, a Missphit plus size top is seen worn by a cute, full figured woman. Way to go Missphit!

March Issue of SKORCH Out Now

The March issue of the new plus size fashion magazine, SKORCH , has just been released! I haven’t read through all the pages yet, but from what I’ve read so far it seems like this is a sizzling issue indeed. In the March issue SKORCH talk about the 1st Model Hunt they organized which took place in Portland Oregon at the Lloyd Center Torrid. An interesting feature explains how SKORCH Magazine was invited to makeover 4 lovely plus-size ladies for the Portland Oregon Morning Show, AM Northwest (KATU channel 2). Jessica and Carrie, girls you are doing a grand job! Keep up the excellent work.

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