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New Look for the Scoop!

Any regular readers will today notice quite a chance when visiting The Plus Size Clothing Scoop! It’s been well over a year since the very first post, and I thought it was high time to give this plus size clothing blog an update and a fresh new look!

Among the new things the new design features, you will find:

  • a brand new ‘logo’ for the blog
  • a three-column design as opposed to a two-column design
  • cleaner and more eye-friendly colors (I hope)

Although I’ve tried to clean out the bugs as much as possible, I apologize in advances if you encounter any difficulties with these new designs, and I would also appreciate it greatly if you could let me know of the problems you encountered.

Also, I’m very very interested to know what you think of this new design. So let me know by leaving your comments below! Just this the comments link below and let me know what you think.

Fashion Overdose Celebrates 6th Anniversary

It’s amazing how time flies. To me Christmas feels like last week, and I have to remind myself that Easter has already gone by, and Summer is almost with us. I’m sure the team at Fashion Overdose are experiencing similar thoughts this week whilst they reach a great milestone in their business… their six month anniversary!

Yep Fashion Overdose, a brand new plus size clothing store for fashion forward curvy ladies who really want to make an impact, has already been around for six months. A big well done and congrats to all the team at Fashion Overdose. We wish you all the stylish success possible.

Fashion Overdose are celebrating their anniversary with a bang! They are offering all customers in fact 20% off any purchase made between April 30th and May 6th. All you have to remember is coupon code: FOD1/2year. Plug this in during checkout and you’re all set!

So once again, happy six month anniversary to Fashion Overdose!

Have You Read SKORCH Magazine Lately?

If you haven’t already, do check out the lately issue of SKORCH Magazine, the latest online magazine which is targeted exclusively to curvy ladies worldwide. Have I mentioned that access to the magazine is also free? Yep!

April’s issue is chock-full of great articles, tips and advice. You might also recognize one of the writes included in this month’s issue! :) Yours truly has been included as a contributing write in this month’s issue. I am truly honored to have been given the chance to be part of such a great magazine, which is another great source of fashion and style information for plus size women online.

Make sure you check out page 25 in this month’s issue of SKORCH Magazine, as that is where you will find information and details on the $100 giveaway the magazine has organized in collaboration with Fashion Overdose.

Curvy Modeling Competition Heading to Atlanta, GA

DeVoe Signature Events and Divas Unlimited Inc. have this week announced that the Full Figured & Fabulous™ Plus Model Competition is coming to Atlanta, Georgia!

Auditions for Full Figured & Fabulous in Atlanta, GA will be held on Saturday, April 28th at 4:30 PM. They are looking for plus models, sizes 14 to 24, who would make fierce runway competitors. Competition is expected to be stiff in Atlanta, so it is highly recommended that you have recent runway experience. Over $10,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded to the winners, so what have you got to lose?! If you are in the Atlanta, GA and have some runway experience, give this a go! Here are the full details:

  • Date: Saturday, April 28th , 2007
  • Time: 4:30 PM
  • Location: The Complex Artist Development Center, 1021 Northside Drive, Atlanta, GA
  • Application Fee: $25
  • Attire: Wear a pair of well-fitted jeans, a white tank top, a white blouse, or a plain white fitted t-shirt and a pair of heels at least 3 inches

For further information please visit the official Full Figured & Fabulous website.

Whitney Cunningham Eliminated from America's Next Top Model

My intuition has proved me right.

You might recall a couple of weeks ago I posted on the fact that Diane Zalewski was eliminated from America’s Next Top Model. Within that same post I remarked that, in my opinion, it will be a long time until curvier models really make a stand and move forward in such competitions. To me it’s just a stereotype in such shows which will take years to break down. Unfortunately I was proved right as this week the last remaining ‘plus size’ contestant, Whitney Cunningham, was eliminated from the show. So America’s Next Top Model returns to being a skinny-only content.

Pity. But to me this was to be expected.

Plus Size and Curvy Girl Band

Unfortunately my weekend away was cut short as I fell ill on Saturday night! Oh well, at least I tried to relax. So after sleeping away until mid-afternoon today, I hopped online to catch up on the latest happenings within the plus size world. I must say there was a good amount of news to catch up on!

The following is definitely great and exciting news for the UK plus size community. We’ve all heard, and seen on TV, music companies searching for talented candidates to create a boy band, or girl band. Well there’s a search going on in the UK right now to create a girl band, though this search has a twist! The organizers are looking to create the UK’s biggest girl band, literally! The talented girls they are searching for need to be at least a size 16!

This is a great and commendable initiative, that I hope flourishes. So who is behind this? It’s the great team at the online magazine, ‘Just as Beautiful’, who say they have been overwhelmed by the number of plus size women who have already applied for this opportunity. I can’t wait to hear further developments on this story! In the meantime read more at Herts 24 and also at Just as Beautiful.

Taking a Short Break

There won’t be any new posts from the Plus Size Clothing Scoop this weekend as I am going on a relaxing weekend break at a local spa hotel to try and unwind, and spend a few days away from a computer! I know I will miss it greatly (yes even if it is only a couple of days!), but sometimes you really need to get away… and that is exactly what I need right now.

So until I come back on Monday, I will leave you with some new stuff we have in store for you at, which will hopefully keep you entertained and informed this weekend:

  1. Check out the new big and tall men’s section at which focuses exclusively on online stores which cater for the fashion needs of big handsome men.

  2. Also, read one of our latest article, which reminds plus size men why they should really consider the Internet and online shopping for their clothing and apparel needs.
  3. Mother’s Day will soon be with us! Haven’t decided yet what gift you’re going to get your beloved mother? Do worries! Our new articles gives you some tips and ideas on what present you can get your mom on Mother’s Day.

Diana Zalewski Eliminated on America's Next Top Model

One of the two ‘plus size’ contestants in the current season of America’s Next Top Model, Diana Zalewski, has just been eliminated from the contest. Apparently Diana failed to impress judges and was sent home because according to them she lacked the “fire and passion” required to be successful in the modeling industry. have some excellent commentary on this elimination, as well as the whole issue with American’s Next Top Model wanting to include more ‘plus size’ models in the contest. Diana has been in fact interviewed exclusively by and you can actually hear Diana recount her experiences being part of American’s Next Top Model. Then in a very interesting article, Mel asks whether America’s Next Top Model really want more ‘plus size’ models on the show. Great commentary and worth a read!

So this leaves Whitney Cunningham as the only remaining curvy model on the show. How long until she is eliminted you think? I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble here, but I think it will be another few years until we see a plus size model being crowned winner in America’s Next Top Model. I hope I am proved wrong.

Chenese Lewis Launches

Curvy model and actress Chenese Lewis, who was the first ever woman to be crowned Miss Plus America in 2003, has this month made history twice by creating This will be the first and only website dedicated specifically to providing information and resources for plus size women interested in pageantry.

In her own words, Chenese says:

“I created Plus Pageantry to bring awareness and exposure to plus size women in pageantry which mainstream media outlets have given little or no recognition.”

Plus Pageantry includes a compete (and growing) list of plus size pageants, link with information for both aspiring pageant participants and women who have won beauty pageants. The website also includes a message board which will be a great place to share experiences and information.

I am sure Plus Pageantry will become a great success, and I admire Chenese for putting her heart into this and creating a great place for plus size women interest in plus size pageant to get all the information they need, and most of all receive correct guidance.

The Scoop Wins The Blog of the Day Award

Wohooooo! I’m please to announced today that The Plus Size Clothing Scoop has been awarded The Blog of the Day Award.

I thought this was pretty cool so I wanted to share the news with you all. I’d also like to take this opportunity to encourage readers to comment on the posts. If you have something to say, please say it! I appreciate you feedback greatly, as well as comments and suggestions.

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