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Adorable New Dresses Just in at Torrid

Okay, I’m going to risk sounding like a broken record here and say… I love when the seasons change! Autumn isn’t even here yet, and the new styles coming in at all the stores are making me ache for cooler weather – so I can wear some of autumn’s cutest new trends. Case in point? Torrid’s just-arrived Black and Purple Plaid Chiffon Secretary Dress with the flattering high-waisted skirt and oh-so-sexy silhouette.  Must… have… it…

Plus, Torrid in now accepting Paypal for payment! And while for some the major appeal is that you can feel your purchases are super secure, for others (like me!) it’s all in the secrecy. Because if you have a little Paypal money sitting around from selling all your old “Heart” tapes on eBay, you can spend as much of it as you like on super cute clothes, and no one who shares your bank account need be the wiser…

Just practice saying it with me: “What? This old thing?”

Tailored Chic and Sexy Plus Size Trends

You’re going to love Torrid’s new collection of tailored, sexy, and oh-so-trendy items. Called An American Girl in Paris, this collection is just what it sounds: casual, sophisticated, and “what? This old thing?” sexy.

The biggest features of this collection are nautical themed patterns, fun accessories, and clean, elegant lines. It’s one of those collections where everything in it goes well with everything else – and all of it is gorgeous. My only problem is that I can’t decide between the little red bolero and the more understated denim one. I didn’t even know I liked boleros until I saw this collection! Maybe I should get them both… they’ll both look great with the Navy Blue and White Nautical Boho bag!

Go check it out. You don’t need to own a yacht to look, well… yacht-hot. (Sorry. Bad joke.)

Need to go Formal? Do it Cheaper with Sydney's Closet!

Sydney’s Closet has just announced their huge summer dress sale! And while they do have some sweet and casual summer dresses available, I think the most drool-worthy part of the sale is their selection of deeply reduced formal dresses. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to the sort of “got to dress up”, you’re definitely going to want to take a look. Or shopping for a bridemaid’s dress for an upcoming wedding? These gorgeous plus size gowns definitely fit the bill.

I’m aching to buy the Sheer Delight tea-length gown in deep red with black accents. Now… am I allowed to buy it if I have nowhere to wear it yet? After all, who knows when I’ll be invited to an elegant, star-studded event!

Also, for a limited time, you can get free shipping on your dress order from Sydney’s Closet with discount code “HOT08.”

Gorgeous New Gowns at IGIGI

Just in at IGIGI: incredibly beautiful new summer dresses and gowns that you can’t help but drool over.  At least, you won’t be able to help it if you’re anything like me. From sexy tea-length dresses perfect for an evening wedding to the flirty maxi dress in tropical shades that just begs to be worn to the beach, all of these are just beauties.

I already had my eye on a striking blue dress for my cousin’s wedding, I may just give in and buy this Lace Dress in Black and Ivory. I don’t like my cousin all that much, and love the idea of outshining her in such a sexy dress. Does that make me a bad person?

Just one more thing… if you have a special party and need that gorgeous dress in time for the weekend, IGIGI now offers Saturday delivery for an extra fee. Hey, sometimes you need to look gorgeous right away.

Summer Essentials and Sales, Sales, Sales at OneStopPlus

I love summer sales. Because I love summer? Sure, that part’s true enough. But also because the biggest, best sales begin when there’s still plenty of summertime still left to enjoy my new things. At OneStopPlus this month (with plenty of warm weather ahead of us), their summer clearance sale is in full swing, with discounts of up to 75%. Looking for a new swimsuit but still want to save? They’ve got a swimsuit sale going on, too, with savings of up to 50%.

Or, if instead of indulge your inner shopaholic, you need to stock up on a few summer essentials, you’ll definitely want to visit OneStopPlus. They’ve got a great selection of summer essentials on sale, from the sweet and simple Eyelet and Crochet Trimmed Dress to a goes-with-everything fashion staple, the Trapeze Tunic.

Summer Trends at Jessica London

Jessica London’s new Summer collection has just arrived, and I was lucky enough to get the Director of Merchandising at Jessica London to fill me in with their suggested Summer trends, as well as reasons why you should shop at Jessica London.

What are the season’s must have trends?

Feminine dresses – flirty sleeves, standout prints and lace trim detail.
Classic & updated blazers – versatile, easy to wear and great fabrics.
Prints & color – everything from tops to dresses, to pants, even shoes.
Shoes & accessories – colorful, comfortable, with special details.

What inspired the Jessica London Summer collection?

From runway shows, to city streets, our product team has taken inspiration from stylish places around the world like London, Los Angeles and New York to create sophisticatd and affordable styles for our unique customer.

Why shop Jessica London?

We are passionate about providing only the best for our customers and it shows!
We make sophisticated style simply with high-quality items at affordable prices.
We distinguish ourselves from other plus size brand with an extensive selection of value-driven career wear.
We have a stylish look for every lifestyle need in sizes 14W to 34W.

Looking Back at 2007: Favorite New Stores

2007 was an eventful year for the plus size fashion industry, especially online. Last year was marked, amongst other things by appearances of full figured women on leading fashion catwalks… does the name Velvet d’Amour ring any bell?

The year which has just passed also meant much more fashion choice becoming available to plus size women, all over the world. In fact many new plus size clothing lines emerged, as well as online plus size stores, which continue to enrich the plus size fashion industry and most of all, add much more choice to curvy women.

In this post I’d like to take a quick look back at my favorite new stores, which either emerged or I got to know about, in 2007.

SWAK Designs: A true gem of an online store, which I am sure end up in the ‘Favorites’ list of those who visit it most of the time! SWAK Designs offers great apparel, which is curve hugging and curve flattering, for most occasions, and at very affordable prices. Whether you are looking for something casual to wear throughout the day, or something to wear at work, or even perhaps something sexy and sultry to wear on a night out or a hot first date, you will surely find it at SWAK Designs. Their collection online is a truly vast one, so I recommend that you do take your time to browse around all the items available at this online store. You don’t want to end up missing something now do you?!

Fashion Overdose: I must say, from the very first time I visited Fashion Overdose, it was added to my favorites list. However the plus size fashion you will find here might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and might even be a little bit too much to handle for some gals out there. But for those curvy ladies who embrace their ‘wild side’, and have a passion for punk, visiting Fashion Overdose is a must. The items found here are one of a kind, colorful, daring and will definitely get you noticed. This is the store I go to whenever I want something completely different, and I am feeling particularly daring and adventurous. My only qualm with this store is the online store and overall user experience with the website. It can definitely be improved with a little tweaks here and there, and even with broadband some items tale ages to load. But do not let that discourage you from exploring Fashion Overdose!

Mimi’s Curvy Corner: This is another little gem which I have discovered only recently. First of, I have had the chance to correspond with Mimi on a few occasions, and she is one sweet person who is completely dedicated to providing stylish plus size fashions, with a satisfying customer experience. That already puts my mind at rest, that this online store is managed by a plus size woman herself, whose aim is to provide full figured women with great fashion. At Mimi’s you will find both casual and evening wear, at great prices. Have a look for yourself! I very much hope more and more items are added to Mimi’s stores throughout 2008.

So there you have it, 2007’s best new stores, according to yours truly. The stores above have made giant leaps of success since I have started following them, and I am sure many more good things are yet to come. So let’s hope we hear more good stuff and see more curvalicious fashions from all of them in 2008.

Look Good Staying Warm Until Spring

At the height of winter, the only way to stay warm is to layer up. The key is to use thin layers, like long sleeved t-shirts, pointelle sweaters, and even tank tops with details. Top it all off with a belted jacket to create a slimming and warm look. But don’t forget about accessories! The right tote makes all the difference. Match your coat and bag to create a more cohesive outfit.

“I need to layer through the end of winter, its just too cold!” says Christine Alt, Woman Within Style Consultant. “I try to keep my layers smooth and neat for a streamlined tailored look. I always make sure that everything works together, even my bag!”

Woman Within’s selection of key layering pieces and great accessories:

Knit pullover sweater

The Mainstreet Blues™ Pointelle knit pullover sweater is thin yet warm. It is perfect over a button down shirt. Featured item $19.99 – $24.99

Leather trench coat

Tie it all together with the Veranesi™ Leather trench coat. Its soft leather will keep you warm and the belt will keep the look slim. Featured item $119.99 – $139.99

Wide calf boots

Barbara Wide Calf Boots are a great way to stay warm. They are designed to fit a wider calf. Featured item $49.99 – $54.99

Nylon tote bag

This nylon tote bag has a great neat look perfect to complete a warm winter layered look. Featured item $24.99

Curvy Trends for 2007/2008 – Winter Fashion Forecast

The following is a guest post by Sara Johnson.

Plus Size Winter Fashion Trends The fashion stars of winter 2007/2008 are a welcome beacon of shimmer, shine and pop of color in an often drab winter palette. 80’s glamour color palette, with updated flattering shapes, combined with the refined luxury of the 40’s have re-emerged throughout the fashion world to an applauding plus size audience.

Jewel tones hues for 2007/2008 are taking center stage, often times replacing the ever-present Little Black Dress as chic choices. Amethyst, cobalt, ruby and emerald are the universally flattering favorites, for all shapes and sizes. The standard myth that black slims, colors expand is being proven incorrect time and again with this gorgeous palette. Rich, saturated colors slim and flatter as well as their somber sister black and alternately, flatter the wearer’s coloring beautifully.

Choose quality fabric, in a rich tone designed to enhance your favorite feature. A beautiful plus size woman, wearing a pop of color in a sea of black is sure to add a little life to even the dullest of holiday hoop-lahs. Still choosing to stick with basic black dress? Add burst of color with bold amethyst satin Maryjane’s and a choice Kenneth Lane Cocktail ring and jeweled bangle set. Mix your accessory colors freely when wearing a solid black clothing palette for dramatic effect.

Shimmer and shine is no longer evening exclusive apparel, glittering choices for the season easily carry the wearer from day to night. Satin shimmering blouses are easily paired with sexy blazers for day and a sexy pair of metallic heels and bold cocktail jewelry for night. Jeweled detailing at the hem, neckline and sleeves add standout detailing to basic shapes we love. When wearing shimmer apply the same rules used with animal print; chose one garment to shine.

Modern opulence combined with the refinement of the 40’s creates an easy assumed elegance for the winter 2007/2008 season. Structured jackets, paired with high waisted trousers in tweeds and wool create the perfect foil when worn with a silk blouse in one of the afore mentioned jewel tones. Feminine curves have made a reappearance in winter design; the tailored styling, supple quality fabrics and flattering design have women with true feminine curves rejoicing.

Winter fashion this season personifies the confidence and empowerment of the modern plus size woman. Curves haven’t been targeted and celebrated in such an effective manner in decades and the shift is receiving a gracious welcome. Flattering choices for the curvy woman are aplenty this season, discriminating, bold fashion lovers, enjoy!

Who is Sara Johnson?
Sara Johnson is the co-owner and product buyer at – A posh plus size clothing boutique for curvy girls. She currently works as a fashion consultant for curvy women worldwide. Come see what everyone is talking about!

Ultimate Plus Size Clothing Stores for December

This month’s Store of the Month spot is a tiny little bit different than usual, because we do not have just one store featured but four!

December is holiday season month, and that makes it one of the busiest times of the year. With many different places to be and things to do, December calls for a lot of different outfit changes. This is the reason for our choosing more than one store to highlight during December. I feel that one store for this month is definitely not enough; different stores, all of which specialize in their particular areas, are needed to help make December a more stylish month. So here are my featured stores:

1. Torrid: Specializing in trendy and fashion forward clothing in sizes 12 and over, Torrid have been offering plus size women numerous promotions this month to help us all save some money. With a great select of both casual wear and formal wear, as well as an accessories section great for gift grabbing, Torrid is a great place to go to in December.

2. Kiyonna: Definitely a store not to miss if you are looking for more formal attire this month. If you are looking for something to wear at the office Christmas party, or New Year’s Eve, this is the store to go to.

3. SWAK Designs: A one stop shop for curvy ladies, SWAK Designs had quickly become a favorite among plus size shoppers, and definitely for good reason. Offering a wide variety of stylish items, in large sizes and at affordable prices, SWAK Designs is a place not to miss if you are looking for casual wear, and party dresses.

4. Hips and Curves: I could not forget pointing out the perfect place to go to for some festive curvy lingerie. Without any doubt, Hips and Curves remains again this season the top choice for large ladies to go to for their saucy and sexy intimate apparel needs. With a great selection available, to fill all your holiday nights, Hips and Curves is a clear winner in the curvy lingerie department.

So there you have it ladies, these are the stores you need this month for curvy style survival.

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