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10 Hottest Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

The resident women’s fashion expert over at, Cynthia Nellis, always posts interesting and very useful write ups. I find her writing very ‘applicable’ to th day to day life of women. What I mean to say is that the advice and tips she gives can easily be applied by women through their daily lives, so that better fashion choices are made. Although Cynthia’s writing are not targeted specifically to plus size women, her tips can still be applied to the curvy fashion world.

Recently Cynthia highlighted 10 wearable spring fashion trends, and I thought it would be very beneficial to touch upon them briefly here, so that plus size ladies reading this post can get some ideas and get to know what the hottest trends are this spring… and summer:

1. Daytime dresses – Just shopping around will make you notice this hot trend, it’s a dresses invasion. And I love it. It gives us a chance to be feminine, comfortable and fresh! Dresses range from printed wrap dresses, to floral ones with a very country feel.

2. Sporty chic – Not completely casual. Yet not completely formal. The trick to getting this right is getting the right combination and mix in there.

3. The little white dress – I love whit, but to be completely honest, I am not brave enough to just wear a completely white outfit or dress. That’s just me and white. So if like me, white puts you off to a certain extent, there is a workaround with this trend. Pair it up with a chunky colorful belt to define your waist. Or perhaps focus on colorful accessories such as a nice necklace with matching bangle (which is also in this list of top 10 trends!).

4. Animal prints - As previously discussed plus size figures and prints can definitely be combined to create a fusion of figure flattering style. So another hot trend this season is animal prints, which you can include in your outfit not just in the clothes but also in the accessories you choose. Ever considered a bold pair or leopard pumps, with matching bag?

5. Fun florals – As with the above, another way to bring in prints into your outfit is through going for floral items. I’m seeing florals everywhere in shops, both on the high strets and online. This is one big trend which is set to roll on through summer. I must say I love it. It’s fun and feminine.

6. Patent – Again, as with animal and floral prints, patent is all over. Be careful how to incorporate patent into your outfit. I believe less is more with this trend. Perhaps a nice pair of red patent sandals to go along with that little white dress?

7. Metallics - Very bold, and made for standing out of the crowd. There are several different option you can throw in a touch of metallic into your look. You can go for the all out look, like a metallic styled dress, if you’re really adventurous. Or perhaps, if you’re less daring, you can just incorporate metallic in small items and accessories.

8. Minidresses – Great for those hot sunny days, you can get a minidress to use at the beach perhaps?

9. Slim Pants – Perfect if worn with stylish and funky tunic tops. Pair up with some nice heels this makes a great outfit. Great to show off your slim legs and sexy ankles.

10. Bold bangles – Accessories are so essential to your look this season, and there is no room for being shy about your accessories. Be big and bold. Go for big bangles to match your outfit.

Buy a Mother's Day Gift You Can Be Proud Of!

Mother’s Day is on the way ladies! Have you given thought to what you’d like to give you mother on this special day?

If you’re still clueless, or do not know where to start fear not! We’ve got you covered with a few cool and stylish ideas which I’m sure you mother will definitely enjoy. Read our new article today, to get your creative juices flowing and see what gift ideas we recommend you get your plus size mom.

Among some of the gift we recommend, our new articles gives you insight on why you cannot go wrong with a denim jacket, or some stylish accessories.

Make sure you make this Mother’s Day a special one!

Instructional Video for Monif C's Convertible Dress

Monif C. has announced this week the launch on a brand new instructional video for the “Marylin” Convertible Dress. If you aren’t familiar with the convertible dress, this is a unique plus size dress designed by Monif C, herself, which basically incorporates tens of dresses all into one! Why? Because the dress ties up in several different ways… Monif C. in fact has counted 22 different ways to tie up the dress so far. If you feel like a halter dress one day, and a baby doll top the next, you can get both looks through this extremely stylish and versatile plus size dress.

The new instructional video which has just been launched was created to help out both customers who have purchase the convertible dress and those who haven’t yet because they think they won’t be able to figure out how to wear the dress. Now you can easily learn different ways how to wear the dress, as Monif C. herself demonstrates several different styles on a plus size model on this new video. So there’s definitely no more excuses for not to wear or get yourself the Monif C. convertible dress. Check out the video and get the dress before it sells out.

Plus Size Swimsuits for 2007

Glen over at FullFigurePlus has just published a great post which highlight his suggestions for plus swimsuits for the upcoming Summer season. I think it’s good for plus size women to think ahead and start shopping around for their favorites swimsuit. Store specializing in plus size swimsuits are already putting out their collections for this summer, so now it s a perfect time to start looking.

I must agree with Glen’s top choice. I noticed the Twist Front One Piece Bandeau Swim Suit from yesterday whilst reading something online (I forgot what it was at the moment). The first thing that same to my head when I saw it was… I want that swimsuit! So you better believe I’ll be strolling around in it this summer. I’ll be sure to update you on my future purchase ladies! This swimsuit is just lovely, and has a light retro look to it which I absolutely love. The coral color suits this swimsuits perfectly.

So ladies do check out Glen’s post for further swimsuits suggestions, and also keep the following stores in mind as they specialize or stock in gorgeous plus size swim-wear:


Have You Given Thought to the Bag?

I have to be quite honest here, but I have never chosen and bought any handbag thinking specifically that it would particularly go with my body type. I usually buy handbags because they strike me as colorful and stylish in some way, and then I would obviously try and match them up according to the particular outfit I would be wearing. However I never, ever thought a handbag would have any particular bearing over my body shape.

Not according to Cynthia Nellis however, who is the women’s fashion guide at In her latest article Cynthia describes how ladies should choose the right bag for their body. She stresses that a handbag can flatter a woman’s shape almost in the same way a good fitting pair of jeans and trousers would. She goes on to give simple and useful steps to getting the bag you choose to carry around in proportion with your body.

For instance, did you now that ideally the shape of your chosen bag should try and oppose your body type for you to achieve maximum flattery? Find out more here.

Can Fuller Figures Wear Prints?

When reading style guides and related articles targeted to full-figured women I often come across this tip: Stay away from prints. Although sometimes it is true that certain prints can be very unflattering, other print are done right and actually enhance a plus size woman’s figure and her curves.

So today I’d like to re-word this ever-prominent ‘tip’ to: Choose only print which are done right! Make sure that any clothing with print work with your curves to flatter your figure.

If you look around through plus size specialist stores, you’ll find a multitude of clothing in prints which are made for curves! Take a look for instance, at the latest collection from Kiyonna. You will find that this is dominated with prints that are combined to perfection with clean lines, smart pin-tucks and 3/4 length sleeves, which keep such styles universally figure flattering! Kiyonna’s classic wrap silhouette dress is given a modern update in a bold giraffe print jersey (see picture). A richly detailed paisley print offers just the right amount of accent to Kiyonna’s deep brown kimono dress as well.

Kiyonna have managed to create a fusion of prints and stunning silhouettes with an end result of utter sophistication and effortless, chic and season-less style.

Curvy Prom Dresses for Every Tastes at Torrid

Torrid have recently stocked up on some beautiful gowns and dresses which promise to make your Prom Night an extra special one.

Whether you are looking for a long and fancy dress, or perhaps you prefer to go with a short and flirty one, Torrid have a great selection for you to choose from. All dresses are available in sizes 12 to 26 and are make to make the most of your curvy, plus size figure. What’s more, for a limited time only select prom dresses are discounted with as Torrid has knocked $10 off the price. Not bad at all.

I’ve looked at the selection available and these are my favorites by far:

  • Teal and black mesh long prom dress
  • Black and white zebra cross-front satin halter dress
  • Black rhinestone ring long halter dress
  • Red satin peekaboo tank dress

You will definitely shine like a star on your Prom Night! Make sure you find the right dress to enhance your curves and suit your tastes. Check out the selection at Torrid.

Must Have Plus Size Spring Tops and Trends

There are some interesting and quite contrasting (in my opinion) trends coming out where plus size tops are concerned. Here are the must has looks this spring:

1. Fresh print and pastels: Spring is the time for things fresh and new. So this is the perfect season for us, and our wardrobes, to bloom with pastel and vibrant colors. Fresh prints are indeed a must might I add! Take a look at this perfect example for Torrid, their aqua and black floral print ruched waist top.

2. Feminine and tailored: This trend, which I love as much as the previous one, is in definite contrast to the look I have just described. However it is still, in it’s own different way, very striking and vibrant. This next trend for plus size tops this spring includes a touch of femininity, coupled with a tailored style that is sure to fit and flatter every shape. Take a look at Torrid’s white and black dot belted short sleeve top to get a glimpse of the must have style I’m referring to.

So if you want to have a complete look this spring, make sure to stock up on the above mentioned styles and trend. Remember, on the one hand be very girly with pastel colors and fresh print. On the other hand, be strong yet still feminine with a tailored shirt.

5 Easy Ways to Make the Beach or Pool Your Runway!

This post is brought to you especially by Amanda, Swimsuit Specialist at

If you’ve ever picked up a magazine during checkout at the grocery store and wondered how all those celebrities manage to look perfect after a day in the sun, read on!

Your swimsuit is just the beginning of a fabulous new look! And I’ve got some tips to help you make it happen.

1. Perfect beach hair in just 2 minutes? To prevent frizz, use extra conditioner and don’t shampoo! Add a little extra pizazz by squeezing lemon juice into your hair before you hit the sun for some natural (and free!) highlights.

2. Wear a hat. And not just any old baseball cap you find lying around! Straw cowboy hats are always in style, but you can really add the glamor with something wide-brimmed a la Sophia Loren.

3. Moisturize before you go! Moisturizing will keep your skin from getting dry and patchy, with the added benefit of a dewy glow. Don’t forget to add sunblock on top even if your moisturizer has SPF!

4. Add a touch of makeup for a little drama without all the disappointing meltdown. You can buy waterproof mascara at any pharmacy, and a lot of designer lines these days have wisened up and now offer a full range of waterproof makeup – even foundation and eye shadow! I love modern technology!

5. Accessorize! A long necklace really adds to the heat, and it’s easy to take off when you want to tan. Meanwhile, a breezy sarong or an airy cover-up is the perfect complement to a gorgeous swimsuit -throw one on instead of struggling to tug your sandy clothes over a wet bathing suit. Slip on some jeweled flip flops, grab your free beach bag, and you’re ready to go -fresh, hot, and in style from head to toe!

Retro and Modern Prints for Figure Flattering Swimsuits

If you’re on vacation, of just strolling around on the beach, the last think you want to be worrying about is whether your curvy bits and love hands look their best in the swimsuit you’re wearing. You’d rather be thinking about what the next cocktail you’re going to get is going to be, don’t you agree?

Therefore I’m sure you agree that picking a flattering swimsuits is essential, so you can worry about things other than your back end. Swimsuits For All have lauched a new collection of figure and curve flattering swimsuits which you must take a look at. These plus size swimsuits work double-time so you can forget your nine-to-five and just dive in the pool (or the ocean)!

Swimsuits For All have got all the right details and all the best technology to make is look our most beautiful, and to draw attention to our gorgeous curves without letting any slight flaws get in the way. Here pictured are two of my favorites, though many more are available, so do check them out.

Once you have your figure flattering swimsuit at hand, all you’ll need to complete the look is a bit of waterproof mascara, a beach read in the one hand, and some kind of fruity concoction in the other.

Remember Swimsuits For All are currently giving away a free beach bag with every purchase, and you can also get 10% off your order by using coupon code PASAZZ.

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