Have You Given Thought to the Bag?

I have to be quite honest here, but I have never chosen and bought any handbag thinking specifically that it would particularly go with my body type. I usually buy handbags because they strike me as colorful and stylish in some way, and then I would obviously try and match them up according to the particular outfit I would be wearing. However I never, ever thought a handbag would have any particular bearing over my body shape.

Not according to Cynthia Nellis however, who is the women’s fashion guide at About.com. In her latest article Cynthia describes how ladies should choose the right bag for their body. She stresses that a handbag can flatter a woman’s shape almost in the same way a good fitting pair of jeans and trousers would. She goes on to give simple and useful steps to getting the bag you choose to carry around in proportion with your body.

For instance, did you now that ideally the shape of your chosen bag should try and oppose your body type for you to achieve maximum flattery? Find out more here.

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