10 Hottest Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

The resident women’s fashion expert over at About.com, Cynthia Nellis, always posts interesting and very useful write ups. I find her writing very ‘applicable’ to th day to day life of women. What I mean to say is that the advice and tips she gives can easily be applied by women through their daily lives, so that better fashion choices are made. Although Cynthia’s writing are not targeted specifically to plus size women, her tips can still be applied to the curvy fashion world.

Recently Cynthia highlighted 10 wearable spring fashion trends, and I thought it would be very beneficial to touch upon them briefly here, so that plus size ladies reading this post can get some ideas and get to know what the hottest trends are this spring… and summer:

1. Daytime dresses – Just shopping around will make you notice this hot trend, it’s a dresses invasion. And I love it. It gives us a chance to be feminine, comfortable and fresh! Dresses range from printed wrap dresses, to floral ones with a very country feel.

2. Sporty chic – Not completely casual. Yet not completely formal. The trick to getting this right is getting the right combination and mix in there.

3. The little white dress – I love whit, but to be completely honest, I am not brave enough to just wear a completely white outfit or dress. That’s just me and white. So if like me, white puts you off to a certain extent, there is a workaround with this trend. Pair it up with a chunky colorful belt to define your waist. Or perhaps focus on colorful accessories such as a nice necklace with matching bangle (which is also in this list of top 10 trends!).

4. Animal prints - As previously discussed plus size figures and prints can definitely be combined to create a fusion of figure flattering style. So another hot trend this season is animal prints, which you can include in your outfit not just in the clothes but also in the accessories you choose. Ever considered a bold pair or leopard pumps, with matching bag?

5. Fun florals – As with the above, another way to bring in prints into your outfit is through going for floral items. I’m seeing florals everywhere in shops, both on the high strets and online. This is one big trend which is set to roll on through summer. I must say I love it. It’s fun and feminine.

6. Patent – Again, as with animal and floral prints, patent is all over. Be careful how to incorporate patent into your outfit. I believe less is more with this trend. Perhaps a nice pair of red patent sandals to go along with that little white dress?

7. Metallics - Very bold, and made for standing out of the crowd. There are several different option you can throw in a touch of metallic into your look. You can go for the all out look, like a metallic styled dress, if you’re really adventurous. Or perhaps, if you’re less daring, you can just incorporate metallic in small items and accessories.

8. Minidresses – Great for those hot sunny days, you can get a minidress to use at the beach perhaps?

9. Slim Pants – Perfect if worn with stylish and funky tunic tops. Pair up with some nice heels this makes a great outfit. Great to show off your slim legs and sexy ankles.

10. Bold bangles – Accessories are so essential to your look this season, and there is no room for being shy about your accessories. Be big and bold. Go for big bangles to match your outfit.