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How to Buy the Perfect Little Black Dress

Jessica London Plus Size Little Black A-Line DressThe little black dress (LBD) is one outfit that can flatter and enhance a woman’s shape regardless of her age or body size. Yet many women overlook this wardrobe staple because they think that it can be a little drab. But if you get the basics right – the cut and fabric, for example – then you can create a look  that’s anything but boring and one that shows others how the little black dress should be worn.

When shopping for the perfect LBD, look for something in a slightly heavy fabric as this will help to give a smooth and sleek look. A heavy fabric will also hang better and camouflage any bumps you don’t want to draw attention to. Fabric is especially important if you’re on the large size. Try a double-layered jersey dress as you’ll find that the first layer clings to your bumps while the second layer falls smoothly over your body giving a sleek look.

When wearing a black dress, choose accessories that sparkle and shine. Big bold jewelry will complement a black dress and draw attention to your neck, décolletage, and face, and away from certain other areas of your body.

If your LBD is strapless or has spaghetti straps don’t wear a shawl to hide the top half of your body, as this will give the impression of insecurity. Instead, wear a cardigan that complements your outfit.

Always remember to take your body shape into account when choosing your LBD.

Avenue Plus Size Tie Sleeve DressTall
Fit is all important. Make sure that the dress fits in all the right places: The waist falls at your natural waist and the dress doesn’t look too short (the hem should sit just above or at your knee).

Pear Shape
Choose a dress with interesting detail on the top half to draw attention away from your bottom half. Choose a dress in heavy fabric that will help create a smooth silhouette.

Apple Shape
A dress with ruching (gathered layers of fabric) in the middle section will help to give the appearance of a slimmer midsection. Detail on the top half of the dress will draw attention to this area and away from the middle of your body.

Choose a dress with delicate and interesting detail which won’t swamp your petite frame.

Large Chest
A flowing, fuller skirt will help to create a sleek look. A v-neck is flattering but make sure that it’s not too deep.

Small Chest
You can wear spaghetti straps and low necklines (e.g. deep v-necks). To enhance your bust, choose a dress with extra fabric around the bust line or one that has a built-in bra which will enhance your natural shape.

It’s worth investing a little time and effort in finding the perfect LBD, because if you get this look right, it’s one that you will return to again and again.

Where to Find Large-Size Women’s Shoes

Click for stylish shoes in wide sizes.If you’re a woman with larger than a size ten foot, you’ve probably known the agony of a shopping trip to the mall with your girlfriends when everyone suddenly decides you should all stop and try on shoes.  It’s a cliché–women LOVE shoes.  Trying on shoes together is a classic modern-day female bonding experience–except when you’re the one that gets put in charge of watching everyone’s purse because the store doesn’t carry your size.  Women whose feet reach beyond a socially acceptable length are faced with the dilemma of trying to cram their feet into size tens in something reminiscent of a Chinese foot-binding ritual, or else find a way to make giant sneakers and Birkenstock sandals look appropriate for a glamorous night out on the town.  There’s no reason that women with plus-sized feet should still feel relegated to the flip-flop aisle at CVS.  There are a few smart online retailers that are looking to corner the market on plus-sized footwear and are willing to cater to the needs of women who go beyond size ten.
Zappos offers women’s shoes in half-sizes up to size 14 ½ and in full-sizes up to size 17.  Zappos selection is pretty good through size 16 and then starts to get limited to sandals and sneakers in the larger sizes, but there are some exceptions. Zappos offers free-shipping on all orders inside the United States with no minimum purchase required.  They even offer free shipping on any items that you want to return or exchange.

  • Sizes: Half-sizes up to 14 ½, full-sizes up to 19
  • Price Range: From $20 up to $800+ for high-fashion items, most items in the $30-$60 range.

Payless Shoe Source
Payless Shoesource offers a wide variety of styles up to size 13, with no half-sizes after 11 ½ .  Payless franchise stores are everywhere, and if they’re not where you are, you can order from Payless online.  Payless definitely offers the most affordable option for women looking for large-size shoes.  Some of their cutest shoes start at $7.99, and the store often offers “Buy One/Get One Half Off” sales to make the savings even bigger.  If you’re ordering online, Payless offers a flat shipping rate of $5.95 for all orders, no matter how many items are included.

  • Sizes: Full-sizes 10-13
  • Price range: $5-$40, most items in the $10-$25 range probably offers the widest selection of large-size women’s shoes on the Internet. carries half-sizes through size 11 ½ and full-sizes up to size 16.  The selection diminishes as the shoe sizes get higher, but up to size 14 still has a pretty extensive selection of casual and dress shoes for the large-footed woman. includes a bridal and prom section, a teen section, casual and dressy styles, and even a Vegan shoe selection. offers free shipping within the United States for orders over $75.

  • Price range: From sale items for $29.99 to couture items for $250.  Most items are in the $50-100 range

The Best Brands of Plus Size Jackets for Women

Quilted Jacket by Alain WeizIn the world of fashion, style is not a size but a statement. The winter season is an excellent time to explore new styles and trends to find something unique to add to your wardrobe. A winter coat or jacket is a must have as the weather begins to cool down leaving a crisp chill in the autumn air.

For plus size women there are an array of choices when it comes to choosing a coat or jacket. While there are numerous brands to choose from there are several brands that stand out from the crowd and clearly understand what a plus size woman is looking for when it comes to lasting style and fabulous trends.

Alain Weiz
A fun and funky style that will appeal to women looking for fashion with an edge. The Quilted Jacket by Alain Weiz boasts a removable faux fur collar, chic cuffs and a cinched belt at the waist.

Marina Rinaldi
The Delinda Angora coat by Marina Rinaldi is a classic coat with a twist. This angora, wool and cashmere coat comes in a beautiful fuchsia pink color and cinches at the waist with stunning bow type belt. This jacket is not only cozy and warm but visually stunning as well.

Roaman’s is one of the most fashionable brands catering to a wide variety of plus sizes and shapes. Their line of winter coats and jackets is not to be missed. From classic long wool blend coats to cropped faux fur jackets and multi pleat swing coats this brand has a coat that will suite any woman’s style and budget.

Lane Bryant
The Icon Collection Long Riding Coat is a chic coat the emphasized the beauty of curves. Made of twill material the fresh lines of this coat are dramatic and flattering. The Velvet Peacoat is a sweet yet classic princess style cut which compliments many different shapes and sizes. The coat comes in two distinct colors including bright purple or dark blue and is made of a lush velvety material with cuffed sleeves and a center back pleat.

The key to shopping for plus size coats and jackets is to avoid baggy or shapeless clothing. Take the time to find an item of clothing that will accentuate your positive features. Try a classic line that hugs the body or a coat that cinches at the waist.

For style and flair choose a jacket that comes in a bold color to make it pop. If color is not your thing and you prefer black, cream or taupe try to find a coat that has a textured element. Other unique accents include fancy cuffs, wide lapels, faux fur or fancy belt.

Style is an expression of your inner self – don’t settle for anything less than a coat that makes you feel as fabulous on the outside as you are on the inside.

Classic Styling for Tunics

Avenue Plus Size Deco Embroidered Tunic BlouseWith tunics being so popular this season, it’s easy to focus on the chic, global or otherwise trendy looks. However tunics can also have a classic and sophisticated appearance. Luxury fabrics such as cashmere and silk offer warmth as well as superior softness and comfort. Many of these fabrics can even be hand washed cutting down dry cleaning costs. These fabrics are flattering, drape beautifully and can easily go from office to dinner. Neutral colors such as ivory and taupe give the ensemble a simple yet elegant look.

If a casual appearance is preferred, select lounging pants or leggings. Accessories should be a metal of choice such as gold or silver. An earthy look can be achieved by adding leather with metal accessories such as a silver pendant on a leather necklace. Simple and complimentary handbags complete the outfit. A scarf either worn in the hair or casually around the neck adds a bit of detail without going overboard.

If a business casual look is better suited, slacks without pleats are perfect. Palazzo pants also work very well for a classic look. These are slacks or pants that are form fitting at the waist, hip and upper thigh with the legs becoming wider. They are neither bell bottoms nor flares. Usually, palazzo pants are made of stretchy or forgiving fabric making them very comfortable. High heels in any height work for most slacks and the tunic ensemble is no different. Accessories can usually be a bit bolder due to the simplicity of the outfit.

An evening look can easily be achieved  by adding a bit of sparkle to the outfit. Monochromatic themes with a punch of metallic contrast work best for a semi-dressy look. This can be done with adding a gold or silver scarf, matching high heeled shoes and jewelry. It’s that simple.

Using tunics for creating a classic look can be very simple. They are versatile enough to take you from the office, to errands to dinner. Tunics can even keep you in luxury while lounging around the house. With tunics being this year’s hottest fashion trend, it’s easier than ever to find one perfect for that classic look.

What to Wear for Yoga Class

Yoga is a popular exercise for many of its followers because it is a fusion of the physical, the mental and the spiritual. This ancient practice originated in the Far East and its core philosophy is balance and harmony between the breath, physical movement and the inner chakras. To assist in achieving this goal, it is important for yoga practitioners to choose the right clothing for their yoga class.

Keep things loose
You will need to be able to move freely and not have movement restricted. Jeans, dress shirts or tight clothing are not suitable for yoga class. Instead, opt for track pants or tee shirts – loose items of clothing that will allow you to apply the correct breathing techniques. Yoga shorts, sweat clothes or yoga pants are also good choices.

Wick sweat away
Performance sportswear that have special sweat wicking properties are also helpful in yoga. You will break a sweat in yoga as some poses or movements can be quite challenging, so clothing that will keep you comfortable during your practice is advisable. Cotton tops are also sensible choices – however if they get damp you might need to keep a hooded sweater or a jacket nearby to keep you warm during meditation or “shivasana”.

Comfort matters
Each yoga practice is a wholly personal experience, so you should not feel like you have to wear what everyone else is wearing. Be comfortable in your own clothes; there is no competition in yoga and there should definitely be none when it comes to clothing either! You will need to be focused during yoga and you won’t be able to do so if you’re worrying about whether or not the shorts you’re wearing are unflattering.

Cut away distractions
Clothing should be minimal and not be distracting to yourself or your classmates. Shawls with jingly metal discs, bright neon colours and loud clashing prints may affect the atmosphere of your yoga class. Aim for tranquillity when you choose the colour of clothing you want to wear to yoga class. Ensure that you remove clashing bracelets or dangly earrings and other jewellery.

Keeping warm
Some yoga practitioners wear socks during their yoga class – this can sometimes work against you as socks may slip against your yoga mat. Instead, bring along a pair of socks to pull on so you can keep warm during meditation, but take them off during your actual practice. You might find downward dog a lot easier without them!

Tips for Buying the Perfect Pair of Winter Boots

The winter season is marked by a crisp chill in the air followed by a light dusting of snowflakes and an array of glittering icicles.  However, in addition to the beauty of winter are some harsh weather conditions that include slush, ice, heavy snow and rain.

Boots are staple fashion item required this time of year and there are a variety of savvy styles and funky fashions to choose from.  When choosing a pair of winter boots there are a several things to consider.

Weather Proof and Warm
When stepping out the door and into unpredictable winter weather it is important to be wearing water proof, durable and warm footwear.

Choose boots that have thick rubber soles and solid traction to prevent slipping and falling.  In addition to well made soles a pair of winter boots should be fully lined with warm material to keep the feet warm in ice cold winter weather.  The boot itself should be long enough to cover the ankles and the calves. Boots that reach just below the knees are ideal for most winter weather conditions.  Boots that extend far above the ankles and are made with drawstring or zippered closures are ideal for keeping the snow from falling into the boots.

Comfortable and Durable
Footwear of any kind should always be comfortable to wear for long periods of time and winter boots are no exception.  Try on several styles and brands to find a pair that fit your feet comfortably.

When choosing a pair of boots take the time to consider where the boots will be worn.  If you are simply travelling to and from work by car, bus or train and are not walking for long periods of time you may want to purchase a pair of leather boots that are lined for warmth.

If you are going to be doing a lot of outdoor activity or planning on walking to and from work you may want to consider a sturdier and more durable weather proof pair of boots.  Choose a waterproof pair of boots with ample insulation.  Ideally, there should be enough room so that a heavy pair of socks can be worn comfortably with your boots.

Stylish and Fashionable
Winter boots can definitely be fashionable.  In fact, Ugg boots are one of the most coveted of all winter boots.  Ugg boots are created in such a way that they are both extremely fashionable and functional.  There are a variety of well made winter boots to protect your feet during the cold winter weather and keep you looking stylish and fashionable all season long.

When buying winter boots make it a priority to find a pair of boots that suits both your lifestyle and fashion style while remaining comfortable, durable and weather resistant.

New Colorful Arrivals at IGIGI

Many new items have been added to IGIGI’s collection recently, and the things many of these new items have in common is: color. Fresh color and bold styles is the order of the day for IGIGI. Take a look at the video below from a quick look these new items, and of course visit IGIGI to take a close look at their whole collection.

Hot Winter Fashion Trend: The Tunic

This year, one of the hottest trends is tunics. The tunic is versatile, comfortable and figure forgiving. Whether short or tall, finding tunics in the perfect length is a cinch, making it easier than ever to acquire this year’s new must have wardrobe piece. Fall and winter trends are seeing long sleeves, either straight or flared. Beautifully flowing knit fabrics such as Modal and jersey, add grace and movement. Not only do they provide easy laundering, but solid colors such as black, instantly slim. Monochromatic themes are detailed with opaque leggings and over the knee boots, preferably high heeled. This lengthens the overall line. This is great for the vertically challenged woman. Adding an over sized handbag and thin scarf complete the look.

For a more boho or global look, woven fabrics detailed with elaborate embroidery, sequins or other embellishments add extraordinary detail. Wear layered over a cami and jeans. Finish the look with matching high heeled booties and complimentary jewelry. For instance, if the embellishments on the tunic have shell or wooden beading, jewelry should be of similar elements with a simple yet slightly bold styling. For tunics with metallic embroidery, sequins or glass beading, jewelry should be simple yet visible such as large thin hoop earrings. The point is not to take away from the tunic, allowing it to be the statement piece of the ensemble.

The tunic dress is this year’s answer to the mini. For added sexiness, wear with high heeled low boots or a high heeled gladiator sandal. Wider boat like necklines exposing the collarbone detailed with a thin scarf or choker necklace keeps the look sexy yet fresh. Wear the tunic dress alone or with a low belt. If a head turning dramatic look is desired, wear with over the knee high heeled boots.

What would fall and winter be without sweaters? And this year, sweater tunics are the best of style and function. While the sweater tunic can be worn belted, wearing it sans belt is recommended for a slimming line. Cowl necks and long straight sleeves provide a classic look. Adding tights and over the knee boots make it chic. If opting out of the cowl neck, try adding a scarf for flawless detail.

With tunics being the piece de resistance this fall and winter, looking your best while being comfortable has never been easier.

Over 300 New Items at Jessica London

Jessica London have recently added over 300 new items to their online store, as part of their Spring Collection for 2010. They have added a variety of items from sweaters, to dresses, to tops and jackets, to skirts and much more. With over 300 new items, there’s definitely a lot to shop through. Though was definitely stands out most in their new collection are the fresh colors and the bold styling. Have a look at the video below from Plus Size Fashion TV, which goes through some of the new items at Jessica London, and also updates you on the new size guidelines.

As can be seen in the video, Jessica London have just announced some slight changes in their sizing. After listening to customer feedback, they have updated their sizing to better suit the plus size woman, and create a much more flattering look through Jessica London designs. A new size chart with guidelines of the new measurements has obviously been made available, so definitely check this out to update yourself with the changes.

The Hottest Fashion Trends for Winter

Winter is an inspiring time of year when new and exciting fashion trends kick into gear. With a slight chill in the air and winter weather nipping at our heels, there are a variety of fun and savvy styles that will help us hang on to our sunny disposition for many months to come.

BPlus Size Belted Wool Coat from SWAK Designsooties are also known as ankle boots and are a chic way to add appeal to any look.  From boyfriend jeans to business suits booties add an element of style and creativity that will make it look as though you just stepped off the runway.

Graphic Lines and Bold Prints

Stay inspired by wearing a variety of bold and graphic prints.  Pick one piece and take it to the next level by pairing it with a graphic or bold design.  A vest, blazer, jacket or skirt with a unique pattern will give your look some pep and help boost your style from trendy to trend setting.

Fun Accessories
Pull an outfit together by adding a funky pendant, bangle bracelets or a pair of dew drop earrings.  The key to accessorizing is originality.  Look for new and original pieces or find some fabulous and fun costume jewelry.

Eco Friendly Shoulder Bags
Chic and environmentally friendly handbags are a surefire way to look fabulous while remaining eco-conscious.  If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd try a handbag made from recycled chopsticks, candy wrappers, felt, bamboo, truck tarps and inner tubes.  While this may not sound fashionable – one look at these eco friendly handbags will show you just how fun and fashionable recycled products can be.

Belted Coats
Cream colored belted coats with large collars and ¾ bell sleeves are the must have of the fall and winter season.  The ¾ bell sleeves add a feminine touch while the belt allows the coat to be tied at the waist creating a lovely v shape.  The length and fabric used to create a belted coat varies as do the price ranges.  Pick one coat in a cream color to last for many seasons to come.

When it comes to creative style and fashion flare don’t be shy!  Style is an expression of one’s inner self but it doesn’t mean you can’t try something new or out of the ordinary.  Pick one or two fashion trends and add your own spin on it or embrace something new, unique or visionary and add it to your wardrobe.

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