Tips for Buying the Perfect Pair of Winter Boots

The winter season is marked by a crisp chill in the air followed by a light dusting of snowflakes and an array of glittering icicles.  However, in addition to the beauty of winter are some harsh weather conditions that include slush, ice, heavy snow and rain.

Boots are staple fashion item required this time of year and there are a variety of savvy styles and funky fashions to choose from.  When choosing a pair of winter boots there are a several things to consider.

Weather Proof and Warm

When stepping out the door and into unpredictable winter weather it is important to be wearing water proof, durable and warm footwear.

Choose boots that have thick rubber soles and solid traction to prevent slipping and falling.  In addition to well made soles a pair of winter boots should be fully lined with warm material to keep the feet warm in ice cold winter weather.  The boot itself should be long enough to cover the ankles and the calves. Boots that reach just below the knees are ideal for most winter weather conditions.  Boots that extend far above the ankles and are made with drawstring or zippered closures are ideal for keeping the snow from falling into the boots.

Comfortable and Durable

Footwear of any kind should always be comfortable to wear for long periods of time and winter boots are no exception.  Try on several styles and brands to find a pair that fit your feet comfortably.

When choosing a pair of boots take the time to consider where the boots will be worn.  If you are simply travelling to and from work by car, bus or train and are not walking for long periods of time you may want to purchase a pair of leather boots that are lined for warmth.

If you are going to be doing a lot of outdoor activity or planning on walking to and from work you may want to consider a sturdier and more durable weather proof pair of boots.  Choose a waterproof pair of boots with ample insulation.  Ideally, there should be enough room so that a heavy pair of socks can be worn comfortably with your boots.

Stylish and Fashionable

Winter boots can definitely be fashionable.  In fact, Ugg boots are one of the most coveted of all winter boots.  Ugg boots are created in such a way that they are both extremely fashionable and functional.  There are a variety of well made winter boots to protect your feet during the cold winter weather and keep you looking stylish and fashionable all season long.

When buying winter boots make it a priority to find a pair of boots that suits both your lifestyle and fashion style while remaining comfortable, durable and weather resistant.