What to Wear for Yoga Class

Yoga is a popular exercise for many of its followers because it is a fusion of the physical, the mental and the spiritual. This ancient practice originated in the Far East and its core philosophy is balance and harmony between the breath, physical movement and the inner chakras. To assist in achieving this goal, it is important for yoga practitioners to choose the right clothing for their yoga class.

Keep things loose
You will need to be able to move freely and not have movement restricted. Jeans, dress shirts or tight clothing are not suitable for yoga class. Instead, opt for track pants or tee shirts – loose items of clothing that will allow you to apply the correct breathing techniques. Yoga shorts, sweat clothes or yoga pants are also good choices.

Wick sweat away
Performance sportswear that have special sweat wicking properties are also helpful in yoga. You will break a sweat in yoga as some poses or movements can be quite challenging, so clothing that will keep you comfortable during your practice is advisable. Cotton tops are also sensible choices – however if they get damp you might need to keep a hooded sweater or a jacket nearby to keep you warm during meditation or “shivasana”.

Comfort matters
Each yoga practice is a wholly personal experience, so you should not feel like you have to wear what everyone else is wearing. Be comfortable in your own clothes; there is no competition in yoga and there should definitely be none when it comes to clothing either! You will need to be focused during yoga and you won’t be able to do so if you’re worrying about whether or not the shorts you’re wearing are unflattering.

Cut away distractions
Clothing should be minimal and not be distracting to yourself or your classmates. Shawls with jingly metal discs, bright neon colours and loud clashing prints may affect the atmosphere of your yoga class. Aim for tranquillity when you choose the colour of clothing you want to wear to yoga class. Ensure that you remove clashing bracelets or dangly earrings and other jewellery.

Keeping warm
Some yoga practitioners wear socks during their yoga class – this can sometimes work against you as socks may slip against your yoga mat. Instead, bring along a pair of socks to pull on so you can keep warm during meditation, but take them off during your actual practice. You might find downward dog a lot easier without them!

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  1. Rajsuman Jha says:

    Nice yoga tips you have given here. I hope you will post some more.

  2. Travel Harriet says:

    Wow,the information is so educative to both the practitioner and the learner,the tips are so incredible.To all yoga fun,take this serious and you will enjoy the activity.

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