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Nikki Blonsky wears IGIGI

Nikki Blonsky, plus size rising star, could this weekend be seen in London wearing a beautiful IGIGI dress. Nikki is new to the big screen, and is starring the new version of an old favorite movie, Hairspray.

Originally a John Waters film released in 1988, Hairspray also became a leading musical. The 2007 version of the movie features John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Queen Latifah, and a new face – Nikki Blonsky.

During the premier this weekend, Nikki strutted her stuff on the red carpet wearing the beautiful Maya Chiffon Dress in Black/Coral by leading plus size fashion house, IGIGI.

Monif C. Updates Nouveau Riche Collection

After her successful boutique grand opening, Monif C. has this week added some new gorgeous pieces to her unique Nouveau Riche Collection. Vibrant and fresh colors dominate this new collection, which includes some beautiful pieces perfect for the summer months. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, through shopping around these past few weeks, this summer season is all about colors. Monif’s Nouveau Riche collection definitely does a great job in combining sexy, figure flattering styles and fresh colors into stylish plus size apparel.

If you weren’t present at the grand opening, fear not as you can check all the action in some pictures from the event, which have just been added to the Monif C. website.

Remember that, with the addition of the boutique, their are now three ways to shop the Monif C. collection:

  1. Shop online at
  2. Shop by calling 212-842-1641
  3. Shop at the Monif C. Manhattan Boutique, 325 W. 38th Street, Suite 1007, NVYC

SWAK Designs Named Store of the Month

June is here and the heat is on! To follow suit, there is definitely something hot about this month’s Store of the Month: SWAK Designs.

The fresh and new online plus size clothing store has been around only 6 months, but we are sure that it will become on every curvy lady’s favorite list. SWAK Designs offers plus size women a great shopping experience. Stocking up on stylish, fashionable and chic clothing in size 14 to 26, SWAK Designs tops the charts in clothing quality and customer service. You will love this new store, and adore the affordable prices.

Take a look at why we have named SWAK Designs June’s Store of the Month, and also visit their store to take a look at their great clothing and prices.

10 Hottest Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

The resident women’s fashion expert over at, Cynthia Nellis, always posts interesting and very useful write ups. I find her writing very ‘applicable’ to th day to day life of women. What I mean to say is that the advice and tips she gives can easily be applied by women through their daily lives, so that better fashion choices are made. Although Cynthia’s writing are not targeted specifically to plus size women, her tips can still be applied to the curvy fashion world.

Recently Cynthia highlighted 10 wearable spring fashion trends, and I thought it would be very beneficial to touch upon them briefly here, so that plus size ladies reading this post can get some ideas and get to know what the hottest trends are this spring… and summer:

1. Daytime dresses – Just shopping around will make you notice this hot trend, it’s a dresses invasion. And I love it. It gives us a chance to be feminine, comfortable and fresh! Dresses range from printed wrap dresses, to floral ones with a very country feel.

2. Sporty chic – Not completely casual. Yet not completely formal. The trick to getting this right is getting the right combination and mix in there.

3. The little white dress – I love whit, but to be completely honest, I am not brave enough to just wear a completely white outfit or dress. That’s just me and white. So if like me, white puts you off to a certain extent, there is a workaround with this trend. Pair it up with a chunky colorful belt to define your waist. Or perhaps focus on colorful accessories such as a nice necklace with matching bangle (which is also in this list of top 10 trends!).

4. Animal prints - As previously discussed plus size figures and prints can definitely be combined to create a fusion of figure flattering style. So another hot trend this season is animal prints, which you can include in your outfit not just in the clothes but also in the accessories you choose. Ever considered a bold pair or leopard pumps, with matching bag?

5. Fun florals – As with the above, another way to bring in prints into your outfit is through going for floral items. I’m seeing florals everywhere in shops, both on the high strets and online. This is one big trend which is set to roll on through summer. I must say I love it. It’s fun and feminine.

6. Patent – Again, as with animal and floral prints, patent is all over. Be careful how to incorporate patent into your outfit. I believe less is more with this trend. Perhaps a nice pair of red patent sandals to go along with that little white dress?

7. Metallics - Very bold, and made for standing out of the crowd. There are several different option you can throw in a touch of metallic into your look. You can go for the all out look, like a metallic styled dress, if you’re really adventurous. Or perhaps, if you’re less daring, you can just incorporate metallic in small items and accessories.

8. Minidresses – Great for those hot sunny days, you can get a minidress to use at the beach perhaps?

9. Slim Pants – Perfect if worn with stylish and funky tunic tops. Pair up with some nice heels this makes a great outfit. Great to show off your slim legs and sexy ankles.

10. Bold bangles – Accessories are so essential to your look this season, and there is no room for being shy about your accessories. Be big and bold. Go for big bangles to match your outfit.

Win $500 Shopping Spree from SizeAppeal

Since summer is on the way, we know this time of year means a lot of your will be shopping around (perhaps more than usual) to update your summer wardrobe and be ready to stroll in curvy style all throughout the hot and sunny days.

So has teamed up with the lovely team at SizeAppeal to bring you one great contest: a chance for you to win a $500 shopping spree from SizeAppeal!

Entering yourself into the lucky draw is very very simple. All you have to do it subscribe to the monthly newsletter Loving My Curves, which of course is free of charge. Once you have opted in and subscribed, you will be in the lucky draw to win the fantastic $500 shopping spree from SizeAppeal.

This is a great chance for you to upgrade your wardrobe just in time for summer… all for free! So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Loving My Curves, and start shopping around at SizeAppeal today.

Contest ends June 10th, so hurry!

New Store Listing: SWAK Designs

I have already introduced you to SWAK Designs in a previous post here on the scoop, however I felt the need to remind you on this great new finding of mine. It’s also good to note that SWAK Designs is now part of’s list of recommended online plus size clothing store, with a full store profile included.

As was previously noted SWAK Designs is a great little plus size clothing store which is slowly but surely growing to become quite popular choice with the online curvy audience. Besides the stylish options available here, and the great affordable pricing, I love the store’s name. Sealed With A Kiss! Now who wouldn’t want anything that is sealed with a kiss?

Find out more about SWAK Designs by reading the full profile at, and also visit them to see what they have to offer!

Get 15% Off Your Order
SWAK Designs currently have some great offers going on! They are currently offering free domestic shipping on all orders. Plus, use coupon code PASAZZ1550 and in addition to the free shipping you will also receive a 15% discount on the order subtotal if the order if $50 or more. Sweet deal! Remember, it’s coupon code PASAZZ1550.

This coupon code is valid until 10th June, 2007.

Shipping Costs: A Thing of the Past at Kiyonna

Paying for shipping at Kiyonna is so 2006! Now until May 31st, Kiyonna are offering free ground shipping to all customer orders of $100 or more. This offer applies to domestic order only, and no coupon code is needed.

Here’s what Teresa from Illinois had to say about shopping at Kiyonna:

“I located Kiyonna by accident when searching for a dress for my girlfriend’s wedding. Their clothes match the website’s presentation and I was not surprised by the beauty of the dress. I actually wasn’t sure which size would fit bet so I purchased both possible sizes. I love the dress I kept. I finally found a beautiful dress that I know I will wear more than once.”

So if you’re looking for quality plus size dresses, and would like to get them shipped to you for free, check out Kiyonna all throughout May.

Plus Size Clothing that is Sealed with a Kiss

SWAK Designs is one of those plus size clothing stores which I recently had the pleasure of surfing into. If you’re wondering SWAK stands for… let me unveil the mystery: Sealed With A Kiss… isn’t that just a great name for a clothing store?! :) I love it.

SWAK designs is an online clothing store specializing in full figured fashions. It carries a wide range of items including tops, skirts, dresses and accessories both ideal for casual and formal occasions. Sizes range from 1X to 5X on most items, and one of the things you will mostly love about SWAK Designs are the great prices. The stylish plus size clothing offered here is truly within reach!

The online store is designed in a way which is very easy to navigate, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble just shopping around the SWAK Designs online store, or finding that particular item you are looking for. The clothing found here is trendy and stylish, mostly geared toward younger plus size women, however I’m sure mature full figured ladies will find some items here which will suit their tastes… definitely.

A lot of Spring and Summer items are available right now, and I’m sure more items will be added to SWAK Design’s inventory in the coming weeks. In the meantime do take a look at the items available as most prices have this week been lowered… store-wide! Also, SWAK Designs is offering free standard shipping on all U.S. orders! Whether you live in Los Angeles, Manhattan, Columbus, Nashville or any other city in America, you can now receive free standard shipping when shopping st SWAK Designs. No coupon code needed!

IGIGI's Latest Masterpiece – The Sarafan Dress

IGIGI have done it yet again. They managed to create simple yet chic and classic elegance made for the full figured body. The latest addition to their wonderful range of plus size dresses is the Sarafan dress, a dress which is set to win the hearts of many curvy women! It will also definitely be responsible for setting men’s hearts racing when they see full figured women looking gorgeous in this perfect summer dress.

Available in brown, magenta and fiery red the Sarafan dress from IGIGI is a chic yet daring dress. It incorporated adjustable, self-tie straps to ensure a perfect fit: you can set the straps as tight or loose as your desire. A plunging neckline dominates this dress, which gives it a very sexy feel and that is however not overly done. The key to a sexy and chic look is to always leave something to the imagination, and the Sarafan dress does this perfectly. It shows off a bit of leg, which you can help enhance further by wearing some nice sandals or mules with heels. The plunging neckline accentuates the bust area, and the V-neck back show off some more of the right skin. The rest of the curves are hugged to perfection.

This dress can be worn in two ways. With a belt (which is comes along with the dress… yes!), or else without the belt. I personally have a fear of belts… well not quite. I just never seem to be convinced they look good on me for some reason. Though I can see why this dress would make more of an impression if worn with the belt: besides giving the curvy figure a more defined waist, the belt also helps add that extra sense of style.

So why do I like this dress so much?

  • It is very simple yet very elegant. The simplicity helps flatter the curvy figure, and makes it very versatile.

  • Also, in my opinion this dress has a slight retro vibe to it. Is it the colors perhaps?
  • The color choices are vibrant and so fitting for that Spring/Summer feeling. I personally am not very fond of the brown version of this dress, then again this boils down to tastes.
  • Any plus size women wearing this dress is bound to stand out… for all the right reasons!

So ladies, I am off to buy my own Sarafan dress. I am still undecided on whether to buy the Magenta version or Fiery Red. What do you suggest?

I will definitely update you on my choice very soon! In the meantime take a closer look at the Sarafan dress at IGIGI.

Spring Clearance Sales

I truly hate reiterating news here at the Plus Size Clothing Scoop, though these are two fantastic plus size clothing focused sales going on this week which you girls must be updated on!

The favorite with many trendy plus size fashion store Torrid is once again running the even popular 50% off clearance sale this week. This is when Torrid make available some great curvy fashions are dirty cheap prices. All items in their clearance section have their already low prices slashed by 50%! Sounds good to us. This clearance sale is running until April 22nd… so ladies visit Torrid’s clearance section today.

Another excellent plus size clothing spring clearance sale, which has just kicked off today is going on at IGIGI! I know some of you have been looking at the gorgeous fashions available here, but perhaps you have never made a purchase because something was out of budget, so this is your chance. Now until April 23rd, IGIGI have taken 50% off most items. Visit IGIGI today to check out this other excellent curvy clearance sale.

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