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SWAK Designs [5/5]
Store of the Month - June 2007

This monthís plus size clothing store of the month is as hot at the month of June: SWAK Designs. A name which perhaps is still rather new and unknown to many curvy online shoppers, but it is a name which I am sure will become a very popular and synonymous with stylish and affordable plus size clothing.

So whatís so special about SWAK Designs that is deserved to be awarded Juneís store of the month title? Well first of all, the clothing SWAK Designs carries are special, as they are all sealed with a kiss! Yep that is correct. SWAK in fact stands for Sealed With A Kiss; and what better way to send off a package to a customer than with the affection of a kiss? Shopping at SWAK is truly a breeze and it will fee like Christmas when you open up your SWAK order to reveal the great curvy fashion inside.

SWAK Designs offers full figured women chic, stylish and fashion forward clothing. Quality clothing and customer satisfaction are top priorities for the fabulous team behind SWAK Designs. Sizes available at here range from 14 to 26.

SWAK Designs

There are two major factors that made me want to name SWAK Designs as store of the month:

1. Choice: This online plus size store offers a very wide variety of choice. Whether youíre looking for something to wear at work, something to hang out with at the beach, or something to wear at a party, youíll definitely find something to satisfy your needs at SWAK. It is very rare to find a plus size clothing store which offers such a wide array of apparel, which basically satisfied all your needs. SWAK is practically a one stop plus size clothing shop.

2. Price: The prices at SWAK Designs in my opinion are affordable and exceptional. Do not get the wrong impression by the good prices however! Quality is definitely not sacrificed. Go ahead and make your first order at SWAK and youíll definitely be pleased.

Visit this fresh and new plus size clothing store today. Iím sure you will be adding it among your list of favorites! SWAK Designs are currently offering FREE shipping on all U.S. order over $50. All throughout the month of June, SWAK Designs are also taking off $10 off your order of $100 or more. Just use coupon code CELEBRATE to take advantage of this great sale.

Shop SWAK Designs today.

SWAK Designs

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SarahSarah Testa is the Founder and Executive Editor of, the plus size clothing directory. A plus size lady herself, Sarah strives to provide plus size ladies with a place where they can find the latest plus size fashion and lifestyle tips, news and advice.