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Flattering Plus Size Swimsuits: Large Busts

This month we are looking at select plus size swimsuits which address particular ‘problem areas’ women often are faced with when choosing swimwear. Last weed we looked at specific plus size swimwear to go for, if your main concern is your hip area, and you want to take the attention off that problem area.

Today we are addressing those plus size women who have been very lucky with the bust area. Having a large bust may sometimes hinder you from easily finding the correct swimwear. The ideal swimsuit should have enough support for your back, and should of course fit very well so that you are neither over-emphasizing your bust, but of course not completely concealing it. So here are our top choices for plus size simwear perfect for large busted full figured women.

Beach Native® Dream Girl Plus Size Halter Skirtini Swimsuit

Beach Native® Evening Tide Plus Size Keyhole Back Swimsuit

Longitude® All That Glitters Plus Size Swimsuit

Longitude® Fountain Blue Plus Size Ring Front Swimsuit

Longitude® Dot Darling Plus Size Swimsuit

Flattering Plus Size Swimsuits: Hide Your Hips

Although the weather is getting colder every week now, and the Christmas Holiday season is fast approaching, this week I would like to look back at the hot summer months and revisit some plus size swimwear style essentials. Besides, cruising season has just kicked off now, so some of you might be looking for a new swimsuit to take with you on your well deserved vacation. So take a look at the suggestions I will be presenting to you this week, which tackle various ‘problem areas’ affecting most women.

Today we’re looking at five different swimsuit styles that are perfect for hiding hips, or perhaps ‘minimizing the attention to the hips’ is a better way of putting it, in my opinion anyway.

Virgin Islands Plus Size Assymetrical Cami Tankini Top

Liz Claiborne® Beadwork Plus Size Swimdress Swimsuit

Delta Burke® Let It Shine Plus Size Keyhole Back Swimsuit

Longitude® Cheetah Plus Size V Plunge Swimsuit

Sweetheart Plus Size Bandeau Swimdress Swimsuit

Plus Size Swimsuits that Fit and Flatter

Finding the right plus size swimsuit, which you like and flatters your figure is no piece of cake if you are a plus size woman like me. There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing swimwear, after all you are going to be showing off a lot of flesh, so you do want to feel comfortable, stylish and at the same time confident that your figure is looking its best in the swimsuit of your choice.

Everyone has their own different tastes when it comes to choosing swimwear, but sometimes some guidance it all that is needed to make sure we choose a style which fits and flatters our unique body type. And that is exactly what are currently doing. They have created specific sections within their online store, which inluce style suggestions for different body types.

  • Do you want to hide your hips?
  • Do you have a large bust?
  • Do you have a long torso?
  • Are you looking to minimize your rear?
  • Do you have a small bust?
  • Or perhaps a slim tummy?

If one of the above sounds familiar to you, then head on to to find the swimsuit that flatters your unique and curvy figure.

What’s even better than finding a plus size swimsuit that flatters and fits? Finding it on discount! And there is a great chance of that, as right now and having a massive clearance sale, where you can save up to 70% off select styles. So head on there today, to find this swimsuit your curves have been craving for, at a price that will not hurt your wallet.

Get a Free Tote Bag

It’s a good time to get a new swimsuit from! Shop today, spend $50 or more and receive a free tote bag worth $15. You can choose from 4 different colors, so you can choose a tote to match your new swimsuit. Not a bad deal.

To get your free tote add the tote bag of choice to the shopping cart, then enter the code TOTE at checkout, and voila you’ll receive your free tote.

I’m sure this offer runs only until stocks last, so if you’re interested, act fast.

The Top Selling Swimsuits of 2008!

Some of us are a little gun-shy when it comes time to buy a swimsuit. Sure, it looks good on the model, but will it flatter our shape and keep everything in its place? No matter how much you like it, there’s always that nagging doubt that you’re taking a risk when you buy a new suit.

Well, get rid of the risk and buy one of SwimsuitsForAll’s bestselling plus size swimsuits of 2008. These suits suits tried and tested by curvy women like you – swimsuits which were so pretty and flattering that word of mouth alone shot them to the top of the sales list. Hey, ending up with a great suit is pretty easy if you let thousands of other full figured women recommend it to you before you buy.

Among the list of bestsellers is my favorite, the South Beach Border Liz Claiborne Tankini. I know I’ve mentioned this suit before, and have to admit that I did give in and buy it (and though I didn’t pay full price, it wasn’t as cheap as it is now, marked down from $112 to just $69). And I can tell you that this adorable little suit looks as good (okay, almost as good) on me as on the model.

Psst! Want to Take Part in a Secret Sale?

At SwimsuitsForAll, they usually shout about their sales from the rooftops. With thousands of swimsuit styles, they want everybody to know when they have a deal going on.

This sale is a little different… because it’s a secret.  Until August 31st, you can take 10% off your order, choosing from items throughout their entire online store. How do you get your 10%?  Just use the coupon code “PRIVATESALE” at checkout. But use it wisely… and only tell who you have to. (Just kidding!)

If there’s a particular item you’ve been eyeing that just refuses to go on clearance (like this ridiculously cute Mod Squad Two-Piece Plus Size Bikini), now is the time to go for it!

Wanna Go Designer? Up to 70% Off on Liz Claiborne!

Yep, you read that right. Here in the middle of summer, SwimsuitsForAll is offering up to 70% off on its selection of super cute, super sexy, and of course super flattering plus size swimsuits… including the designer brands!

South Beach Border Two Piece Bandeau Skirtini Plus Size Swimsuit by Liz Claiborne

While I of course suggest you browse around their clearance section to see what they’ve got on sale, you don’t want to miss out on their selection of inexpensive Liz Claiborne suits. These are the suits that you’ll be excited to show off every summer… and that you’d normally pay and arm and a leg (or two) for. But now, even the “most wanted” Liz Claiborne suits, like the South of the Border Two Piece Bandeau Skirtini, are marked way down.

You want to go designer? What are you waiting for? These are some very cute, very sexy, suits, and they’re going quick.

12 Sexy Plus Size Swimsuits Under $40

Life if not a piece of cake these days. With gas prices always rising up, and pretty much everything else getting more expensive everyday, every penny really counts. So what is a plus size fashionista to do in order to look good on the beach (or by the pool), whilst not breaking the bank?

Find bargains! Though this is easier said than done often times. Though truly with some time and research you can find gorgeous plus size swimwear, the good quality kind, at really great prices. Since I know you’re all very busy, I’ve taken the time to look through all the offerings from the leading full figured swimwear retailers, and below I present to you 12 excellent choices of swimwear, available to you at under $40.00! The lowest prices swimsuit in this list is $19.98. How great is that? You can add a brand new, figure flattering swimsuit to your wardrobe for just $19.98.

1. Malaysian Jungle One Piece Plus Size Swimsuit
Price: $19.98

2. Malaysian Goddess Two Piece Plus Size Tankini
Price: $22.99

3. Sandy Beach Two Piece Plus Size Skirtini
Price: $29.00

4. Dot Darling One Piece Plus Size Ruffle
Price: $29.99

5. Pompeii One Piece Plus Size Square Neck
Price: $29.99

6. Swirls One Piece Plus Size Surplice
Price: $29.99

7. Butterfly Two Piece Plus Size Halter Tankini
Price: $31.99

8. Gypsy Floral One Piece Plus Size Sarong
Price: $34.50

9. Always For Me Sport One Piece Tank Swim Suit
Price: $39.00

10. As seen on The Today Show: Snakeskin Twist Front Bandeau One Piece Bathing Suit
Price: $39.50

11. Always For Me Chic Hera Two Piece Tankini
Price: $39.50

12. As seen in Glamour Magazine: One Piece Wrap Front Maillot Bathing Suit
Price: $39.50

Most of these prices are discounted, so if you’re looking for a swimsuit and you like one of the above, I suggest you act quickly and grab it at this great price. I have no guarantee (nor information as yet) on how long these prices will last.

Ridiculously Cute & Cheap Plus Size Swimsuits

I hope you have a little time between now and August 1, because you’re going to want to set some aside to do some shopping at SwimsuitsForAll. Why? Not just because they have some of the most ridiculously cute plus size swimsuits on the net. But also because they’re ridiculously cheap.

Right now, they have lots of new arrivals on sale, marked waaaay below department store prices. They’ve also deepened their summer swimsuit clearance, with some of their cutest suits now available for incredibly little. I mean, their black and berry swirl plus sized tankini is $22. No, that’s not a typo. A quality plus sized swimsuit for $22. Crazy.

And that’s not even the biggest thing.  Because until August 1, they also have a buy one, get the second 50% off promotion. Just use the coupon code “HALF” to get two swimsuits for less than you might expect to pay for one. Everyone likes variety!

Oh-so-Sexy Top Selling Plus Size Swimwear

None of us can resist a swimsuit that is sexy, flattering, and actually makes us feel good.  At, their best sellers are flying off the shelf.  These adorable swimsuits are the best of both worlds… comfy and flattering, they’re also on-trend and sexy as could be.

There’s a reason why these suits are the best selling plus sized items on the site… these are the suits that really flatter curvy figures and feel great on.  Looking for a flirty style? Check out the Cobalt Two-Piece Cross Back Skirtini. With a fun and feminine print on top and a minimizing black on bottom, it really stands out.  Plus, the cross back style both looks super sexy and gives you plenty of support.

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