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Plus Size Travelers, Rejoice

Plus size folks will definitely agree that traveling can often times be a pain. If tales of limited leg space and small seats are familiar to your, then you will definitely welcome a new travel service, which has been created primarily to make traveling for plus size people a more comfortable experience.

Owner and President, Charles Brossman, said

“Travel today in general is uncomfortable, but even more so for large and/or tall people. Sitting in a coach seat for a transcontinental flight or an international flight can be unbearable for those who need extra room, which is why we started Big & Tall Travel”.

Big & Tall Travel, which is a Dallas based speciality travel company, offers a discreet service where large or tall travelers can feel comfortable about buying a second airline seat, and can also take advantage of special rates in business and first class airfare.

Visit their official website at for more information and to check out their services.

IGIGI Dresses Award-Winning Author Chamein Canton

We have seen IGIGI being worn by a number of celebrities in the past, Nikki Blonsky for instance was seen wearing IGIGI fashions on more than a couple of occasions. Well, IGIGI will be expanding the list of well known people it has dresses, as it has lately provided a dress for an award-winning author.

Chamein Canton, the 2007 Reviewers Choice Award-winner for African American Romance, in fact wore a lace short dress in black/red at The Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention on April 18th, 2008.

At the convention, Canton received the award for her book “Not His Type,” a romance novel about a full-figured, size-16 woman who finds the love of her life in a New York Yankee, no less.

“I’m wearing IGIGI’s sexy and romantic red lace dress for a sexy redhead like me and Cathy Chambers, my main character in my book. Red is for dangerous curves ahead!” said Canton.

I’ll be giving you more information about Chamein Canton, and her achievements in a future post.

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