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How to Wear Bright Colors

You definitely do not need to be a fashion expert to realize that this season is all about colors. And not just any old boring colors, but bright and vibrant ones.

Colors can add great style and flair to any outfit, but it is not just a matter of splashing colors here and there in what you wear, you need to pay attention to certain things to make sure you utilize bright colors in your outfits this season, to their best potential.

Read our latest plus size clothing tips article to get to know exactly how you should go about wearing bright colors. In this new article you can learn how to:

  • Choose the right shades
  • Choose the right accessories
  • How to wear bright colors with flattering shades.

So go on, learn how to wear bright colors.

Summer's Sexy Must-Haves

We all have different shapes and tastes and ideas about what flatters us. But there are some items that flatter every shape, and look amazing on just about everybody. These are those “fashion essentials” that no woman can go without – no matter her shape.

Fashion Essential 1:
A simple v-neck dress in a striking color. I love Kiyonna’s Lola Ruched Dress in Plum.

Fashion Essential 2:
A sexy and versatile wrap top, like the Short Sleeve Sophisticate Wrap Blouse in simple white.

Fashion Essential 3:
A special shape-flattering blouse, such as the Kelli Asymmetrical Top with ruched draping at the bust that really brings out an hourglass shape.

And don’t forget that Kiyonna’s summer sale is still going strong! They’re adding great new items to their sale selection all the time, so keep checking back. The best stuff disappears quickly, so you’ve got to be fast!

Find the Perfect Dress for your Shape

The key to finding the perfect outfit to flatter your curves? You’ve gotta know your shape! Want help finding dresses to flatter your figure? IGIGI customers like you have helped put together a selection of the best styles to flatter any shape, including:

  • Diamond
  • Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Hourglass
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Figure Eight

If you have a shape (and all of us do!), there is a selection of great dresses, tops, and bottoms to suit it. Just click on your shape to see some great selections chosen by women who know your shape… because they share it. It’s almost like shopping with a friend!

Friday Focus: More Tips for Selecting the Right Ballgown

In continuation to the video we showcased last Friday, the video we are featuring today talks about the contrast between wearing a gown that has more of a trendy look, to something which is more conservative, and yet of a similar style. The model featured today is wearing something more traditional, very different to what we saw her wearing last week. However there are still some similarities between the two dresses; this dress still has a lot of ruching to camouflage the tummy and it also has a flaired skirt as the bottom which helps to balance her proportions. Furthermore, this dress features width at the shoulder which helps to draw the eye up, balancing the figure proportions.

Dresses similar to the one featured in the video work great with a lot of plus size figure types. A shawl comes along with the dress featured in the video, which can be used to cover up in the evening.

* Update: Unfortunately for some reason this video can no longer be embedded within blog posts! Therefore you will be unable to view this video on this page. You can view the video here.

Friday Focus: Tips for Choosing a Plus Size Evening Gown

This video is part of an excellent series, focusing on giving women plus size clothing top, set up by Expert Village. Today we see Cindra from Abundance, talking about what to look out for when choosing a plus size evening dress. A very common problem is that most people do not think that as a plus size women you can wear something fabulous, like a ballgown. However Cindra, as well as, are here to tell you the exact opposite! If you are plus size, you can still wear a ballgown, and something wonderful and stylish.

She moves on to talk about how one style that works perfectly with apple shaped figures, where the weight is focused in the center/belly area, is ruching. Ruching actually camouflages the tummy really hides a multitude of sins! The model in the video in fact is wearing a gorgeous gown which has ruching around the center, and in addition to that it has a very intricate pattern, which together with the ruching works perfectly to disguise a lot of figure flaws. The particular dress has also a cute bolero style jacket so that your arms are covered, very handy for those women who are not comfortable with wearing strapless gowns. By adding the cute shrug to the outfit, you can wear strapless!

* Update: Unfortunately for some reason this video can no longer be embedded within blog posts! Therefore you will be unable to view this video on this page. You can view the video here.

Plus Size Fashion Tips from Reyhan Yazici

I ran across a very interesting article on a Turkish online publication today, which focuses on plus size fashion trends, issues, as well as top tips.

Drawn up up fashion designer Reyhan Yazici, this article first goes to explaining how plus size clothing is nowadays more readily available to women. Although in the past full figured women might have been restricted to boring, plain and dark colored clothes, this is no longer the case.

Plus size dress with print

Further on Reyhan gives some tips to plus size women, tips to take into consideration to make sure one looks chic and stylish. Reyhan suggest seeking out your own individual style, no matter what it is! Although you might think black and darker colors are a safer choice, curvy women should not stick to dark shades all the time. Choose colorful and vibrant designs to create an elegant look which accentuates you plus points, and hides those areas you’d rather keep discreet.

Surprisingly this Turkish fashion design also suggests never to use broad belts. He claims it is better to go for a low-rise version. I guess this belt issue boils down to tastes really. I myself do not feel comfortable wearing belts, I think that is the only accessory that I rarely wear. But that’s just me! However he does encourage larger ladies make use of V-necks, although with caution. Steer clear of very plunging neckline; one cannot give too much away! With this I concur.

All in all, pay attention to the details ladies! Even small changes can make or break your look, and definitely steer clear of very loose tops!

I thought this article by Reyhan was very refreshing, and it is always good to read up on what experts in the industry suggest for larger ladies. I’m always open to hearing new and interesting tips! It is also very positive to have a Turkish publication take up and publish plus size related articles. Well done guys, and keep it up.

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