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How to Wear Bright Colors: Plus Size Clothing Tips

Summer 2008 fashion is alive with color! From brilliant fuchsia to bright yellow, youíll see color everywhere as warm weather approaches. Some people have the skin and hair to compliment these colors beautifully while others look pale and washed out when matched with these brilliant shades. If you fall into the latter category but still love the look, here are some ways to wear bright colors even if you arenít a physical perfect match:

Wear them with more flattering shades
One alternative is to buy a printed blouse that has splashes of bright color against a background of more muted colors that are flattering to you. Using this approach youíll get a hint of color while avoiding that washed out look. Another strategy is to wear a bright color away from your face, such as a fuchsia shade of skirt teamed with a blouse in a more neutral shade such as navy, black, cream, or white. This will give you a hint of color without overpowering your complexion. Another colorful fashion idea is to wear a brightly colored top with a jacket or blazer in a shade youíre already accustomed to wearing. This will give your current wardrobe a nice color update without spending a lot of money.

Choose the right shade
Sometimes being able to wear a certain color involves choosing the right shade. Donít assume because you canít wear one shade of yellow, that yellow is off limits to you from a fashion standpoint. Experiment with different shades and see if you can find one thatís colorful, yet flattering to you.

Choose bright accessories
If you donít feel comfortable wearing this seasonís colors as clothing, choose a colorful belt and matching pair of shoes to dress up your black pantsuit. Add a handbag in the same color and youíll be right in style. Colorful scarves are also an excellent way to experiment with a new color and look for the season.

Donít overdo it
Even if bright colors look fantastic on you, resist the urge to overdo the look. Too much color can be fashion overkill. Intermixing bright colors with more subdued shades gives a classier, more elegant look. Even a small touch of bright color can be enough to carry the look. Plus, youíll probably grow weary of seeing those bright colors in your closet once the trend passes so resist the urge to overbuy.

You can stay on top of the spring 2008 fashion trends by adding a touch of color to your wardrobe. That little splash of color may be just what you need to lift away the winter doldrums.

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