Friday Focus: More Tips for Selecting the Right Ballgown

In continuation to the video we showcased last Friday, the video we are featuring today talks about the contrast between wearing a gown that has more of a trendy look, to something which is more conservative, and yet of a similar style. The model featured today is wearing something more traditional, very different to what we saw her wearing last week. However there are still some similarities between the two dresses; this dress still has a lot of ruching to camouflage the tummy and it also has a flaired skirt as the bottom which helps to balance her proportions. Furthermore, this dress features width at the shoulder which helps to draw the eye up, balancing the figure proportions.

Dresses similar to the one featured in the video work great with a lot of plus size figure types. A shawl comes along with the dress featured in the video, which can be used to cover up in the evening.

* Update: Unfortunately for some reason this video can no longer be embedded within blog posts! Therefore you will be unable to view this video on this page. You can view the video here.

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2 Responses to “Friday Focus: More Tips for Selecting the Right Ballgown”

  1. Allura says:

    Neither this video nor the last are available anymore. :(

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh no! :( I wonder why that is… I’ll look into this issue, maybe they moved the videos? Hmmm… I’ll write up an update very soon. Thanks for pointing this out Allura, and apologies to anyone who’s trying to access tihs video. For some reason it has been removed from YouTube.

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