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Being You Is Being Beautiful!

IGIGI have created a wonderful video, which just has to be shared. Besides this video featuring the gorgeous Fluvia Lacerda, that alone makes it great… IGIGI created this movie to remind women that beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and forms. Please watch the movie and send it to your friends to make them feel amazing and beautiful!

How to Create 2 Looks With 1 Outfit by Kiyonna

As announced last week Kiyonna have launched a curvy video series entitled Setting the Curve with Kiyonna. In last week’s video we took a sneak peak into what happens behind the scenes on a day to day basis at the Kiyonna offices. Today, in the second video from the series host Marcy Guevara takes 2 Kiyonna styles and shows you how to wear them for day or night! This video features the Nikki Ruffle Plus Size Maxi Dress and the Ellis Ruffle Sleeve Plus Size Top.

Charlotte Coyle – Plus Size Model Spotlight

Take a look at some shots of Irish plus size model Charlotte Coyle, in the video below. Isn’t she gorgeous.

Behnid The Scenes at Kiyonna

Kiyonna have recently introduced Setting the Curve with Kiyonna, a video series hosted by Marcy Guevara. Through Setting the Curve Kiyonna will be bringing us the latest plus size fashion trends from their collections, as well as style tips, fashion tips and all things Kiyonna.

Their first video from the series is entitle Behind The Seams, and through it we are given a closer look at what goes on at Kiyonna on a day to day basis. Watch below…

SWAK Designs Photo Shoot

Ever wondered what a photo shoot at an online plus size store is all about? Well check out the video below to find out… it features a recent photo shoot at SWAK Designs.

Be Beautiful, Regardless

This is a video I ran across whilst browsing around YouTube that I had to share with you all today. In this video the founder of IGIGI, Yuliya Raquel. shares her own story of self acceptance, and finding the beauty within herself. It is very thought provoking and puts things into perspective. I urge all women to watch this, whatever size they may be. We all have our insecurities, but are all these insecurities worth the worry and anxiety? Is life all about just trying to be something your are not? Think about it. Appreciate who you are. Appreciate your size, your figure and your individual beauty, and start living today! Watch the video, and you will know what I mean.

Thanks Yuliya for this message!

Who Inspired IGIGI, from Yuliya Raquel

Yuliya Raquel, the founder of IGIGI shares a little story about how IGIGI begun, and what her vision for IGIGI is for the future. Discover who inspired Yuliya to kick off the IGIGI collection. It’s definitely worth a watch!

Holiday Dresses for Every Body Shape: Tune Into Tuesdays

If you want to look your best this holiday season, but you’re on a tight budget, then make sure to watch this video for some tips on what type of dress to wear. In this clip All You magazine’s Amy Goodman showcases 5 different dresses, for 5 different body types, all under $100.

Budget Friendly Holiday Fashion Tips: Tune Into Tuesdays

This video from, showcases the latest fashion trends for the holiday season. Plus Claude Laframboise, from LouLou Magazine, gives women some essential tips on how to create the perfect look for the holiday season, without breaking the budget… because everyone is on a tight this season. He suggests adding a dash of color to your outfits, getting some cool accessories at affordable prices, and just changing your handbag! The it color this season is anything in the family of purple… love it! What to go from the office to a party? Watch the video to find out how you can do this in style.

Behind the Scenes of a Plus Size Fashion Show: Tune Into Tuesdays

You might recall that back in August, I wrote about the successful plus size fashion show City Chic put together during the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival. Well today, I wanted to post this video, which will give you a glimpse into what actually goes on behind the scenes of a plus size fashion show. This video in fact, shows all the City Chic team and the gorgeous plus size models preparing for the big day, during a rehearsals only days before the big event. You can sense the excitement, as well as some of the tension, though you can definitely see the beautiful style and the lovely fashions City Chic chose to showcase during the fashion show.

Check out these outfits, and more, at the City Chic online store. City Chic ship plus size clothing to Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada and the UK.

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