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Dress Giveaway: Last Day!

Plus size maxi dressThis month I am giving away a stylish plus size maxi dress, and today is the last day you can enter to partipicate in this giveaway! To enter this giveaway, just subcribe to receive Plus Size Clothing Scoop updates via email.

To do so, just type in your email address on the box located on the top right hand corner of this page, just under ‘Subscribe via email:’ and hit the ‘Subscribe now!’ button. After doing so, you will receive an email in your inbox with a link which you must click on in order to activate your subscribtion.

Good luck to all! The winner will be announced tomorrow.

New Look

Although the Scoop had been revamped only a couple of months ago, I felt a change was needed! Things were looking too cluttered, and a lot of items were distracting attention from the most important content… the posts! So this weekend I rolled out a new template, giving a new look and feel to the Scoop, which I think is more fresh and sleek. Tweaks here and there will still be made over the next couple of weeks, until I iron out minor issues. I do apologize if you run into any problem. Of course, let me know about these so I’ll fix them right away.

Comments and feedback about the new look are most welcome!

Plus Band Already Making News

Plus Size BandAbout a month ago, I spoke about how a sizzling new band made up of just plus size women, was set up by curvy UK magazine Just as Beautiful. This band was set up, after the magazine organized a unique and successful contest, where they searched through loads of curves and talent, to make up a one of a kind curvy band, which they dubbed Plus.

Well it looks like the girls at Plus are already making a big impact! An ABC News article published a few days ago recounts how the band was created.

The article also features some further insight, and comments from the girls themselves. One group member, Hannah Lee, told ABC News, "As I am big, I just thought I am never going to properly get into the music industry."

So here’s a round up of all the girls who make up the curviest band in the music industry:

  • Hannah Lee
  • Rachel Faulkner
  • Shirley Slaymaker
  • Kate Newnes
  • Stacey-Lee Cuddy

Mo'nique's FAT Chance Premieres Today

I’m pretty sure that all of you are familiar with Mo’nique’s curvy beauty contest Mo’nique’s FAT Chance, which has been rocking the airwaves for the past 2 year, changing the way America defines beauty.

Well ladies, get ready for another dose of this great show! Today Saturday, 28th July at 8p/7C, premieres another season of the show, and this time things will be a little bit different.

In fact, Mo’nique and 5 curvy girls will be flying off to Paris, France: the fashion (and skinny) capital of the world. Over here, the curvy ladies will go through a boot camp that culminates in an exclusive high fashion runway show that will be attended by the Paris fashion establishment, including designers, models and the press.

Only one curvy lady, will be crowned the winner, Miss F.A.T.

So who will be the contestants this time round? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Ngozi Smith, 37, from Park Forest, IL
  • Ruth Cartagena, 24, from Chicago, IL
  • Jennifer Diluigi, 27, from Northridge, CA
  • Marcia Tarver, 31, from Dallas, TX
  • Arena Turner, 23, from Miami, FL

Want to be on Wife Swap?

Fashion Overdose is assisting in casting for the 4th season of ABC’s reality show Wife Swap.

ABC is currently casting for the 4th season and are looking for families with a strong female presence. If you have seen the show, you probably know that they pride themselves on casting a wide array of families… families from all different walks of life who would like the opportunity to educate the viewing audience about their particular parenting philosophy and their way of life.

This year ABC is specifically casting for a plus-size family; And Fashion Overdose would love to speak to you more about this project to see if you might be interested or if you might have suggestions about possible candidates.

If you are familiar with the show, the premise of Wife Swap is to take two different families and have the mom’s switch place to experience how another family lives. Half of the week, mom lives the life of the family she is staying with. She then introduces a “rule change” where she implements rules and activities that her family has. This is meant to be a positive experience for people to not only learn but teach about other families and other ways of life.

Families must consist of two parents and at least one child between 6 and 17. Also, families featured in an episode receive a $20,000 honorarium.

If you are interested, please contact Fashion Overdose at 858-248-8888 or email your phone number to .

Glamazons Rock the Stage

I had heard about the Glamazons previously, and although I thought they were a group of very sexy plus size ladies who are doing a great job at performing and in turn making big women feel good about themselves, I never really followed them closely. So I was luck enough today to find out through mo pie, about their amazing audition for the show America’s Got Talent.

Who are the Glamazons?
Ok first things first. The Galamzons girls are a group of buxom beauties hailing from a little place called East Village, who just love to sing, dance and perform. They perform a ‘hot helping of bawdy burlesque, striptease, go go dancing and sassy songs… serving it up with a sexy style all of their own’. Often times they have been described as the plus size Pussy Cat Dolls. Although members of the group have changed since the groups’ founding in 2002, the current ensemble includes Lady Finger, Candy Apple, Ginger Snap and Caramela. To find out more about these great ladies, and what they do, visit

Their Big & Successful Audition
A couple of weeks ago, on June 26th to be exact, the Glamazons auditioned to become part of season two’s America’s Got Talent, which is an American reality TV series featuring amateur singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and other performers of all ages competing for a top prize.

The actual audition performed by the Galamzons is currently available on for viewing, and I do urge you to take a look at it.

Watch it… Why?
First of all it’s a great performance, and will give you a very good idea of what the Glamazons are all about. It’s simply great and very refreshing to see a group of lovely and large girls doing their thing on stage, in front of basically a whole nation! If you’re having a bad day, and maybe you’re feeling low because of some figure issues, watch this video right away as it will definitely boost your morale. These girls will make you feel proud of your curves.

Secondly, watch it to see the incredible reactions the members of the panel have to the girls’ performance. Dear old David Hasselhoff loves their performance, as well as all the other panelist, and much to the girls’ surprise the Glamazons make it to participate in the show.

This will definitely be a very interesting season 2 of the show, which I will be definitely following closely.

Avenista – Avenue's New Blog

The AvenistaAvenue, one of the leading plus size clothing stores (both off-line, and online), has recently launched a brand new fashion blog: the Avenista. The new addition to their website is very refreshing, and will add a new venue for full figured women to refer to for fashion tips, advice and Avenue news.

One of their latest blog posts if found very interesting, and fun! It includes an interview with talented singer and Avenue shopper Angie Stone. She shares with readers her plans for the future, as well as her own personal style and favorite items of clothing at the moment.

Kudos to Avenue for creating this interesting blog, the Avenista – it will definitely be included in my daily reads from now on!

Nikki Blonsky wears IGIGI

Nikki Blonsky, plus size rising star, could this weekend be seen in London wearing a beautiful IGIGI dress. Nikki is new to the big screen, and is starring the new version of an old favorite movie, Hairspray.

Originally a John Waters film released in 1988, Hairspray also became a leading musical. The 2007 version of the movie features John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Queen Latifah, and a new face – Nikki Blonsky.

During the premier this weekend, Nikki strutted her stuff on the red carpet wearing the beautiful Maya Chiffon Dress in Black/Coral by leading plus size fashion house, IGIGI.

Queen Latifah Sportswear Line

Queen Latifah - Shop CurvationTowards the end of last week I receive some pretty exciting news, which will continue to add more choice to our plus size clothing options… this time specifically within the sportswear range.

I’m sure you have heard of the new plus size collection Queen Latifah launched recently at This range includes exclusive designs inspired by Queen Latifah. Besides casual wear and formal wear, this collection now includes a plus size sportswear line!

Visit today to check this new addition out. I am in the meantime digging for further information about the new addition to the line. I will of course, update you as soon as I have more info!

Voluptuous Woman Company’s 10th Anniversary

It’s the Voluptuous Woman Company’s 10th Anniversary this year and in order to celebrate this special occasion, they are iniviting plus size women to attend their Anniversary Fashion Show and Gala which will be held on Saturday, November 10, 2007 at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC.
Further details will be given in a couple of months, so stay tuned for more details on the event!

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