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Vegas Bee Costume Out of Stock!

I have just received word from our dear friends at Hips and Curves, informing me that our number 7 pick in the Top 10 Plus Size Halloween Costumes list is now out of stock! It was that cute. As an alternative we suggest you check out cute Pink Organza Winged Fairy, which is currently also featured on the front page of Hips and Curves. If you want a really unique costume, mix and match a pair of fairy wings with any one of the plus size corsets or bustiers found at Hips and Curves.

Ulla Popken named October Store of the Month

I am very excited this month to name Ulla Popken as our Store of the Month for October. This is a great store, which I wanted to share with all the curvy ladies visiting Perhaps not at well known as it’s other online counterparts, Ulla Popken started off in Europe around 30 years ago, and now has over 500 specialist stores worldwide. The clothes you will find at Ulla Popken are synonymous with style and quality. Find out exactly why we named Ulla Popken as October’s Store of the Month.

Jean Paul Gaultier and Plus Size Velvet d'Amour Raise Debate

It is very interesting, and perhaps also somewhat expected, to see that the appearance of Velvet d’Amour on the runway during the Paris Fashion week is raising a hot debate.

I will be the first one to admit that I have never heard of Velver d’Amour before; however I already admire her. She is Jean Paul Gaultier’s US born and Paris based runway “star” who made one memorable exit during the 2006 Paris Fashion week.

In an interview held by The Sydney Morning Herald, one easily notices that the bubbly Velvet d’Amour’s one ane only mission is to push size acceptance along and help the diversity of beauty. This is her main goal in life; an honorable one indeed, and one that I myself share.

However when reading a related article over at entitled ‘Designer Jean-Paul Gaultier: No Friend to Fat Girl’, one might think whether this plus size model’s appearance on the Paris runways server another purpose. Writer Candy Kane argues that,

“Although Gaultier may have used her once to emphasize his outsider status, she was merely a punctuation mark to make an insider joke.”

Candy continues to argue that if our dear Gaultier really wanted to make a point and a statement, he would invest in his own plus size fashion line, instead of just parading plus size models on the runway.

Thinking about it, although I do admire Velvet d’Amour, I’m afraid Candy does have a point there! It is not enough, we’ll believe it all when top fashion lines are available also in plus sizes, and we can actually wear those clothes!

What do you think?

Curvy Halloween Costumes at Henry and June

Following our piece last week on the Top 10 Plus Size Halloween Costumes, we come back again this week to update you a little bit on the Halloween related plus size costumes available to us. This time we’re looking at Henry and June.

Although Henry and June is primarily a lingerie retailer, they have a great selection of Halloween costumes which are good for both those playful, intimate moments, as well at others! In fact Henry and June have over 200 Halloween costume style available, and I truly recommend you take a look at this selections! This so much choice we’re certain you will find something to suit your fancy!

New Website and New Collection from Monif C

Have you checked out the new collection available from Monif C and the new website Monif C have just released? If you haven’t yet, check the new and improved Monif C website today. It has been upgraded and revamped for a better customer experience. Plus, the new ‘Rebel Colors Collection’ is one not to miss. If you want to make a lasting impression, check these styles out! Monif C is also currently offering free domestic ground shipping… sound good to us.

IGIGI to Bring New Faces to Plus-size Modeling

IGIGI, today announced the launch of a brand new, national plus-size model search in partnership with Model Service Agency, LLC, scheduled to start today and end in September 2007. IGIGI will run the contest entitled National Model Search on its website in order to select the model of the year out of the twelve model-of-the-month winners.

Entrants will have a chance to apply on IGIGI website between 12:01 AM on the 1st of the month and 11:59 PM on the last day of the current month and the winner of the month will be announced by the 25th of the following month. For entrants who apply between October 1st and October 31st, the winner will be announced on the website by November 25th. More information can be found under promotions section at DeVoe Signature Events, and Divine Magazine will also be major contributors throughout the contest.

“We are extremely excited about this contest” said Yuliya Zeltser, IGIGI Founder. “At IGIGI, we have always been very conscious of using models that are truly representative of the curvaceous beauty out there in the community, and it has tremendously helped us establish and maintain a strong rapport with our customers. As a designer, I think it is very important that we continue to scout fresh, new faces that our customers can identify with.”

Furthermore, Model Services Agency will provide the model of the year with a one year modeling contract, a free photo test with a top photographer in New York, dinner for two, and theater tickets. IGIGI will award her with a $500 IGIGI gift certificate and participation in an IGIGI photo shoot with professional models, and run a feature article about the winner on its website. In addition, she will have a consultation session with model guru Catherine Schuller of, modeling coaching by DeVoe Signature Events and the opportunity to appear as a special runway guest in their Dangerous Curves Tour.

“This is a great opportunity for all aspiring models out there” said Anthony Higgins, Director of Model Services Agency. “There is a huge demand for plus-size models, and we are delighted to partner IGIGI to discover new faces for the industry.”

Based in the heart of San Francisco, IGIGI designs, manufactures, and distributes apparel and accessories for fashion-loving women sizes 14-32. IGIGI understands and strives to fulfill the needs and desires of the under-represented modern, voluptuous customer. IGIGI apparel and accessories can be found online at, as well as at specialty boutiques and stores.

Visit the IGIGI website today for more detailed information and to apply for this contest!

IGIGI Boutique Now Open!

IGIGI has this weekend opened a showroom / boutique in downtown San Francisco; IGIGI invite all curvy women in the area (and beyong) to give them a visit and see their new styles.

Here is the new IGIGI boutique’s address:

IGIGI showroom
1545 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

The showroom will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

Shown below is one of IGIGI’s models, Ofelia Slater, visiting the showroom; on this picture she is together with Megan (sales associate for the showroom) and Jenn (IGIGI graphic designer).

New Fall Precision Collection at Kiyonna

Kiyonna has continued adding more plus size fall fashion items to their stock… and the new sophisticated clothes are really worth a closer look! These new clothes have a structured look to them, a look which is dominating the fall fashion season, with military inspirations, smart tailoring and organic prints.

There are two items I have my eye on, and cannot seemt to coming to a decision… which one should I get?

I have fallen in love with the Poet Sleeved Faux Wrap Drap Dress. It is beautiul and romantic. Besides, the cut of the dress makes is a curve accentuator, which is exactly something I look out for in all my clothes.

Then there is the Military Wrap Dress in Merlot… I simply adore the color, it’s different and one which is not very common, therefore this dress is definitely made to make anyone who wears it stand out. It’s has an air of sophisticated chic-ness.

Help! I am undecided!

But I am sure I am not alone, anyone who looks at the new Kiyonna additions, is bound to be confused as to what to buy!

What Curvy Girls Should Wear on a Dinner Date

When preparing to go out, I often decide beforehand what I’d want to wear. However the times that I actually end up wearing what I had initially decided I’d wear are very very slim! Whilst dressing up, I start thinking that this and the other don’t go together, or these colors don’t match and so on an so forth. Sometimes deciding on what’s best to wear is an ordeal, and it’s even more of a nightmare when it’s an important occassion… like a date!

IGIGI’s lifestyle corner have recently published a very interesting article which gives plus size women style tips and ideas on what best to wear when going on a dinner date. Whether you are a working girl, a shopisticated cat, or an adventurous maven, check this article out as it has a ton of ideas, which will hopefully make your dressing up for a date ritual a more relaxed one!

New items available at SizeAppeal

Yeay! I love looking at new clothes, and SizeAppeal today have done a great job in satisfying my eyeballs and internet shopping habits. :-) In fact SizeAppeal have added a great selection of new plus size tops and dresses to their stock. They look good for the fall, and some look especially suited for the upcoming holiday season. This is my favorite of them all here on the left…

More new stuff at SizeAppeal.

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