War and Remembrance

By on April 14, 2011
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by Janna Lutz

Take a deep breath.  Smell that crisp autumn air, the sweet caramel apples, those camo print tees.  That last one threw you, didn’t it?  Yeah, you are still sniffing the air for caramel.  Military style jackets and tops are marching into every women’s department from Dillards to Target.  One of my personal “must lust” items for the fall is Lane Bryant’s military denim jacket.  I dare say it can be sneaked into the office with a skirt and sexy camisole.  You could pair this bad boy with almost anything, from that skirt to bootcut jeans, even khakis. Fashion Bug also carries jackets with a military flare that will spice up you closet without putting a damper on your bank account.

In your quest to be army chic, you do not want to look like a kid playing in their dad’s hunting gear.  In other words, head to toe camouflauge only works if you are actually enlisted (and we salute those who protect us).  Put down that orange ski cap before I make you drop and give me twenty!  Where was I?  And pace yourself at the local army surplus store.  That authentic sailor’s hat may look like a perfect fashion accessory in the dim light.  But looks can be deceiving.  Better yet, step out of that musty building quickly and find your nearest Fashion Bug.  You can find some great looking camo print tops, many with floral screen-prints and rhinestone embellishments for an added feminine touch.  Cargo pants or a utility skirt can make a great addition to your outfit, and your closet!  Many come with belts, or substitute your own for an “only you” unique look!

Lane Bryant's military style plus size denim jacketWhat about boots, you may ask?  Boots can be tricky sometimes…the right pair can earn you kudos and envious glances.  The wrong pair, however, can have you looking like that army surplus mannequin’s (you know the one) groupie.  For ladies, I believe it is a safe bet to completely avoid combat boots, oh and black Converse All-Stars.  There was a time when finding any plus size shoes, not to mention boots was almost a fairy tale.  But now, online stores like www.zappos.com (free shipping and 365 day return) and www.bananashoes.com (sizes up to 14) offer so many varieties and widths.  For the ultra comfortable, ever popular Cloudwalkers you just need find the closest Avenue store, or visit www.avenue.com for all their styles.

When shopping for jackets and blazers, make sure to try on a few different sizes; so you can get the best fit.  Do not be afraid to ask a sales associate for assistance.  As a former retail employee I can assure you, we do not work on commission…we will be honest.  Regardless of what the current trend is, you always want to look your best.  Keep the rhinestones to a minimum and absolutely no whistles…that is just tacky..

Janna LutzAbout The Author
Residing in southern New Jersey, WaJanna Lutz has been a budding writer since she was very young. In addition to writing for Pasazz.net, Janna also showcases her unique sense of humor in a monthly column for “The Laughing Gas” online magazine.

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