Jean Paul Gaultier and Plus Size Velvet d'Amour Raise Debate

It is very interesting, and perhaps also somewhat expected, to see that the appearance of Velvet d’Amour on the runway during the Paris Fashion week is raising a hot debate.

I will be the first one to admit that I have never heard of Velver d’Amour before; however I already admire her. She is Jean Paul Gaultier’s US born and Paris based runway “star” who made one memorable exit during the 2006 Paris Fashion week.

In an interview held by The Sydney Morning Herald, one easily notices that the bubbly Velvet d’Amour’s one ane only mission is to push size acceptance along and help the diversity of beauty. This is her main goal in life; an honorable one indeed, and one that I myself share.

However when reading a related article over at entitled ‘Designer Jean-Paul Gaultier: No Friend to Fat Girl’, one might think whether this plus size model’s appearance on the Paris runways server another purpose. Writer Candy Kane argues that,

“Although Gaultier may have used her once to emphasize his outsider status, she was merely a punctuation mark to make an insider joke.”

Candy continues to argue that if our dear Gaultier really wanted to make a point and a statement, he would invest in his own plus size fashion line, instead of just parading plus size models on the runway.

Thinking about it, although I do admire Velvet d’Amour, I’m afraid Candy does have a point there! It is not enough, we’ll believe it all when top fashion lines are available also in plus sizes, and we can actually wear those clothes!

What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Jean Paul Gaultier and Plus Size Velvet d'Amour Raise Debate”

  1. Schadelmann says:

    I’d suggest you read the response Velvet wrote in regards to Ms. Kane’s rather uninformed crticism. Ms. Kane takes a lot of liberties with the truth, as she never bothered to ask Velvet anything about the show.

    Plus, JPG has always used plus sized models, and the show was haute couture – meaning if you have the money, they’ll make whatever it is in any size you like.

  2. Schadelmann says:

    URL of Velvet’s Response:

    URL of Velvet Video

  3. Sassy Sarah says:

    Thanks for the link schadelmann! This is definitely a great read and I urge all Plus Size Clothing Scoop readers to subscriber to Velvet d’Amour’s Yahoo! Group to read her reply. Definitely some interesting views and does give you the other side of the coin! Keep it up Velvet!

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