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Friday Focus: More Tips for Selecting the Right Ballgown

In continuation to the video we showcased last Friday, the video we are featuring today talks about the contrast between wearing a gown that has more of a trendy look, to something which is more conservative, and yet of a similar style. The model featured today is wearing something more traditional, very different to what we saw her wearing last week. However there are still some similarities between the two dresses; this dress still has a lot of ruching to camouflage the tummy and it also has a flaired skirt as the bottom which helps to balance her proportions. Furthermore, this dress features width at the shoulder which helps to draw the eye up, balancing the figure proportions.

Dresses similar to the one featured in the video work great with a lot of plus size figure types. A shawl comes along with the dress featured in the video, which can be used to cover up in the evening.

* Update: Unfortunately for some reason this video can no longer be embedded within blog posts! Therefore you will be unable to view this video on this page. You can view the video here.

Friday Focus: Tips for Choosing a Plus Size Evening Gown

This video is part of an excellent series, focusing on giving women plus size clothing top, set up by Expert Village. Today we see Cindra from Abundance, talking about what to look out for when choosing a plus size evening dress. A very common problem is that most people do not think that as a plus size women you can wear something fabulous, like a ballgown. However Cindra, as well as, are here to tell you the exact opposite! If you are plus size, you can still wear a ballgown, and something wonderful and stylish.

She moves on to talk about how one style that works perfectly with apple shaped figures, where the weight is focused in the center/belly area, is ruching. Ruching actually camouflages the tummy really hides a multitude of sins! The model in the video in fact is wearing a gorgeous gown which has ruching around the center, and in addition to that it has a very intricate pattern, which together with the ruching works perfectly to disguise a lot of figure flaws. The particular dress has also a cute bolero style jacket so that your arms are covered, very handy for those women who are not comfortable with wearing strapless gowns. By adding the cute shrug to the outfit, you can wear strapless!

* Update: Unfortunately for some reason this video can no longer be embedded within blog posts! Therefore you will be unable to view this video on this page. You can view the video here.

How to Create a Curvy Clubbing Outfit

Plus Size Clubbing Outfit

You’ve got the attitude. You’ve got the curves. All you need now is a winning outfit for you to wear, to hit the clubs on the weekend with your best girls. If you feel stuck for choice, I have some ideas for you. Among Torrid’s ‘New Arrivals’ section lay some very interesting and funky options, perfect for the curvy girl wanting to make a lasting impression.

Here is my suggestions on what items to pick to create a winning clubbing outfit, from top to bottom:

  1. Black Yellow and White Geometric Floral Halter Top at $44.00
  2. Torrid Basic Black 32″ Pant at $44.00
  3. Large Hammered Silver Teardrop Earring at $7.50
  4. Turquoise Mirror Bangle Bracelet 12-Pack at $9.00
  5. Black Pointed-Toe Kitten Heel at $28.00
  6. Torrid diva 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray at $29.00

Plus Size Fashion Tips from Reyhan Yazici

I ran across a very interesting article on a Turkish online publication today, which focuses on plus size fashion trends, issues, as well as top tips.

Drawn up up fashion designer Reyhan Yazici, this article first goes to explaining how plus size clothing is nowadays more readily available to women. Although in the past full figured women might have been restricted to boring, plain and dark colored clothes, this is no longer the case.

Plus size dress with print

Further on Reyhan gives some tips to plus size women, tips to take into consideration to make sure one looks chic and stylish. Reyhan suggest seeking out your own individual style, no matter what it is! Although you might think black and darker colors are a safer choice, curvy women should not stick to dark shades all the time. Choose colorful and vibrant designs to create an elegant look which accentuates you plus points, and hides those areas you’d rather keep discreet.

Surprisingly this Turkish fashion design also suggests never to use broad belts. He claims it is better to go for a low-rise version. I guess this belt issue boils down to tastes really. I myself do not feel comfortable wearing belts, I think that is the only accessory that I rarely wear. But that’s just me! However he does encourage larger ladies make use of V-necks, although with caution. Steer clear of very plunging neckline; one cannot give too much away! With this I concur.

All in all, pay attention to the details ladies! Even small changes can make or break your look, and definitely steer clear of very loose tops!

I thought this article by Reyhan was very refreshing, and it is always good to read up on what experts in the industry suggest for larger ladies. I’m always open to hearing new and interesting tips! It is also very positive to have a Turkish publication take up and publish plus size related articles. Well done guys, and keep it up.

Tips for the Plus Size Woman: Coping with Large Breasts

The following is a guest post by Jennifer Wasilewski.

Being well endowed up top isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Although tons of women are envious of your breasts, you don’t share the same sentiment. Being "busty," can take an emotional as well as a physical toll on a women. Your clothes never seem to fit right and you can’t pull off certain looks the same why your medium to flat chested friends can. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help make the most out of what you were given. The worst thing a large chested woman can do is be embarrassed or hide her breasts.

The best place to start is with a properly fitting bra. Nothing can help you more than a bra that was made just for you. Invest in a few quality bra’s that offer you the support you need and you’ll feel better about your body immediately. Although a quality bra can cost you a pretty penny, you should think about it as a foundation for all your other clothes. Buying the right bra will instantly change the way your every day clothes fit you, making it a worthy investment.

When it comes to bra’s you may also want to consider investing a sports bra. Though the name may suggest you need to playing sports or running marathons, your action packed daily routine is enough to qualify you for one of these bras. Sports bra have come a long way from the supportive yet uncomfortable and unattractive bras of the past. Leading women’s apparel companies are marketing sports bras that are no only supportive but just as comfortable and attractive as regular bras. For women with a large bust, sports bras can offer you the comfort and support you need to keep your biggest asset in place while at work or at play.

Now that you have the right foundation the next challenge is finding clothes that accentuate your positives while helping you feel more comfortable. For women with a large bra size this can be a frustrating quest. When it comes to finding tops, keeping this tips in mind will make your search go smoothly:

  1. Look for shirts that accentuate your breasts in the right way. Stay away from shirts with extra ruffles and bows on the top. These will draw attention to your chest by making it appear even larger. Instead look for tops that that accentuate your breasts without making them appear larger. Scoop top and V-neck shirts are very flattering for large chested women. These shirts work to create an invisible line from your neck down to your torso, creating a slimming appearance while maximizing your breasts.
  2. Find shirts that are made of a stretch material. Since your breast are above average, you may find that shirts don’t always fit. They may stretch and pucker in all the wrong places doing a disservice to your natural figure. Shirts, especially button downs, that are made of a stretch material give you the extra room you need without going for the next shirt size.
  3. When it comes to tank tops, always choose ones that have a built in bra. While this may not act as a sufficient support alone, it can help create a smoother appearance when worn with a bra. Tank tops that have seams directly under the bust line also help to create support and are visually appealing.
  4. Many women are tempted to hide their large chest with over sized tops. Instead of helping your appearance these actually work against you. The larger top leaves you without anything to break up your upper half. Tops that are too large make your entire top look big instead of just your chest.
  5. For those who have them, large breasts can be a curse. However, the best way to look great is to embrace the body you have been given. It’s important you see your chest as a beautiful and normal part of the female anatomy.

Bigger bra’s meets the needs of all women by offering quality undergarments in all sizes including plus size swimsuits, and full busted swimsuits.

Plus Size Fashion Tips For Teenagers

The following is a guest post by Sara Johnson.

Just because you are a plus-sized teen doesn’t mean you can’t be a fashion queen! Check out some of these style tips:

Don’t Hide Under Baggy Clothes
The biggest fashion mistake that plus-sized teens make is hiding themselves under layers of over sized, baggy clothing. The intention is to conceal their extra pounds by covering themselves up. Unfortunately, wearing baggy clothes only makes you look bigger, and it hides the shape and figure that you do have. A baggy, long shirt will mask your waistline and make your body look much wider than it actually is. Plus girls actually need a more tailored, well fitting wardrobe than their smaller counterparts! Get clothes in your size, or one size larger if you like a slightly loose fit – but no more than one size above your actual size. Remember, your curves are beautiful!

Plus size teens

Accentuate the Positive
Being a teenager is all about being fashion forward. Develop a personal style, and always accentuate your favorite attributes. For example, if you’ve got great calves, don’t be afraid to wear a skirt that is cut above the knee to show them off. Just because you’re not a size four doesn’t mean you can’t wear stylish outfits. A beautiful, voluptuous shape is entirely worth showcasing!

Be Colorful
You’ve probably heard that black is slimming, and while this can be true, why would you want to look like you are going to a funeral every day of you life? Come out of mourning, and add some splashes of vibrant color to your life. Not only will you look better, but you will feel better. Bright colors can actually lift your spirits. Also, when you wear black, you blend into the background of things and when you wear color, you stand out – and yes, that is what you want! If vibrant colors just aren’t you, consider deep jewel tones, like teal, burgundy and plum. While it is advisable to avoid horizontal stripes if you’re trying to look more slender, you shouldn’t shy away from patterns.

Fashion isn’t just about clothes. It’s also about the accessories, as every fashionista knows. Plus girls can pull off bold, stylish looks with ease! You should coordinate your outfit with your shoes, jewelry, and handbag. Your hair and makeup are also integral to your style. So many plus-sized teenaged girls simply ignore their appearance because they feel that if they’re not skinny, there’s no use in trying. This could not be further from the truth! Take care of yourself and nurture your appearance. An ample booty doesn’t mean you can’t also have the hottest hairstyle. Look through celebrity hair style magazines, and ask your hairdresser to replicate the style for you – be sure to bring along the picture. Also, make sure that you ask your hairdresser to walk you through the techniques that he or she used to create the style – so that you can do it yourself at home.

Plus-sized young women can be fashion mavens! It’s all about accentuating the positive and developing your own personal style.

Who is Sara Johnson?
Sara Johnson is the co-owner and product buyer at – A posh plus size clothing boutique for curvy girls. She currently works as a fashion consultant for curvy women worldwide. Come see what everyone is talking about!

Plus Size Denim Jeans A Style And Fit Guide

The following is a guest post by Sara Johnson.

The right pair of denim jeans may be the single most important piece of clothing in your wardrobe and will without a doubt be the most versatile piece in your collection. Plus size denim lines are ever increasing and the trend focused options available in standard sizing are rapidly becoming available for the plus size community. From your favorite tee to a kimono top, your entire look can be changed without ever taking off your denim. However, what looks stylish and sexy on one woman, makes another one look frumpy or outdated. So, how do you know what’s right for you? Below are some basic guidelines to follow when shopping for the perfect piece of denim.

Plus Size Jeans

The golden rule is: Know what thyself is workin with! If you got it flaunt it, accentuate the positives. Booty like J Lo? Mile long legs? These are the features you want to accentuate. Work with different washes and of the minute denim shapes like boot-cut and wide leg that enhance your favorite features.

What is your body style? Wide Hips, avoid the temptation of drowning yourself in relaxed fit jeans, they will only add inches where you’re trying to lose them. Instead draw the eye down and balance the body with a pair of slight flare boot-cut jeans in a mid rise that’s fitted throughout the hips. If you have short legs, make sure you pay attention to the length; this is one of the most important aspects when choosing a pair of jeans. Denim should be about a half of an inch above the ground when wearing heels or flats. Darker washes, with a front crease from the knee to the hem, also elongate your legs. A new option re-emerging is the higher waist trouser jean, which not only slims, but creates the illusion of mile long legs. Girls with a boyish figure or a body style considered to be rectangular will want to opt for a cut that will add the illusion of having curves, such as a mid-rise flare leg jean, where the denim is fitted through the hips and thigh, with the flare beginning above the knee.

The devil is in the details; you will want to consider different details of the jean itself. A fan of distressing and aged denim? Make sure not to go overboard. Extreme fading or jeans that appear to be destroyed may be popular with 15 year old pop tarts, but in reality can look tacky and dated. Dark denim in a crisp shape is always chic, as is a medium wash with well placed whiskering. Pay attention to pocket shape and angle. Hexagonal shapes that angle in towards the center tend to work best in creating a heart shaped booty for any body. Pockets placed slightly higher on the tush tend to make a flat booty look perkier and higher. Flap, or cargo pockets, also add some oomph to a small tush. Long pockets that pass the bottom of the tush are fantastic for shaping and lifting an ample booty. Avoid excess fading on the butt and the thighs, as they will make these areas look larger. Also pay attention to a lot of whiskering around the zipper area, which can also accentuate the hips. When considering rise, most women will be best served by a mid rise (a few inches below your belly button).

When choosing the right pair of plus size denim know your body type first and foremost, it is the basis of your search. Know which styles will work with your type and most importantly, what makes you feel fabulous.

Who is Sara Johnson?
Sara Johnson is the co-owner and product buyer at – A posh plus size clothing boutique for curvy girls. She currently works as a fashion consultant for curvy women worldwide. Come see what everyone is talking about!

Find Out What Flatters Your Shape

Just a short post to let you know about an interesting, and free, online stool which I came across today called MyShape. This new site, which I’ve just registered to and I’m currently finding my way around, helps you identify what type of shape your body is, and based on that gives you fashion suggestions. It helps you find out which particular clothes will fit well and flatter your figure, and also those which don’t.

I’m rushing off to continue experimenting with the site a little bit further, and will give you a more detailed roundup on my take on it later on, but so far it looks like an essential fashion tool, especially as an online shopping aid.

Hat tip to Meieli at for this!

Ideal Stores for Mother of the Bride

Plus size mother of the bride outfitThe carried a plus size related fashion Q & A recently, which I wanted to point out to you ladies, as I am sure it will come in handy to some.

In this feature, Jane is asking for some tips on choosing the perfect plus size mother of the bride dress. Fashion writer Deborah Friedman answers responds to her dilemma and suggest taking a look at jackets from Nordstrom (within their plus size department), as well as items from Belk at Carbtree, Eileen Fisher, Karen Kane, Anne Klein or Ralph Lauren.

These are great suggestions, though I would like to add my own two cents to this. Sydney’s Closet has a wonderful ‘Mother of the Bride/Groom‘ section within their online store, which includes some beautiful choices. So Jane, if you are reading this, do take a look at this collection as well, as you might find the perfect outfit here, at a great price.

5 Core Pieces For The Ultimate Plus Size Wardrobe

The following is a guest post by Sara Johnson.

Several fabulous core pieces are essential for any fashion maven’s wardrobe and for plus size women the devil’s in the details…The selection of a few core pieces, that most importantly fit one’s body and work harmoniously with one’s lifestyle will carry their wearer seamlessly through any occasion. The following are five absolute "Must Haves" in your plus Size wardrobe.

A Good Bra:
When the girls are drooping or bulging out of your current bra, you look heavier regardless of your size. 60% of American women wear the incorrect bra size, which while aesthetically unpleasing, more importantly "especially in larger busted women" means many are subject to shoulder, neck and back pain/chaffing/skin abrasions. Get fitted by a professional! Nordstroms has knowledgeable staff and free fitting services, or visit a local lingerie boutique in your area. Be prepared to make a small investment, high quality lingerie can be pricey. Pleasantly, you’ll find after choosing a quality, well fitted bra that even your least expensive garments look divine.

Wrap Sweater:
Plus size women are blessed with fab curves, but often cover them up with far too much fabric for fear form-fitting items will make them look bigger. Not so curvy girls! Oversized knits make your silhouette bigger, while curve skimming styles show off the feminine form. Skin tight styles are not flattering on anyone, but wrap sweaters that clearly cinch at the waist and have a v-neck to elongate the torso and flatter the bust, creating a gorgeous hourglass shape on curvy frames.

Dark Denim:
Dark denim, in a slight boot cut with a mid-rise is a chic essential wardrobe staple. Jeans should fit well at purchase through the hips and thighs; you can always have the waist taken in, but you can’t have the thighs let out. The mid rise (just below the belly button) emphasizes your waist and the dark rinse elongates the leg. Regardless of how popular skinny jeans may be, please AVOID! Tapered styles make most women look like an olive on toothpicks. The same is said for Capris and cropped styles; they do nothing but shorten and widen the appearance of the legs. Denim should always be approximately an inch off the ground, so consider your preferred heel height when shopping.

A Proper Fitting Winter Coat:
Time and again, women pull together a fab outfit, only to top it with a ski parka from four seasons ago. Go the extra mile and find a coat that fits and flatters your frame and style. A properly fitting coat never pulls at the bust and is most certainly "buttonable". The shoulder seams should fit AT your shoulders, not between your shoulder and elbow. The sleeves will hit you no lower than where your thumb joins your palm, however if your sleeves are long at purchase this is an easy fix for a tailor. Style-wise, chose a coat with a long line and a V-neckline, as well as an optionally cinchable waistline. Three quarter length (just above the knee) is typically the most flattering, car-length (just below to tush) is lovely on women with great legs and full-length styles create a statement look on tall women. Avoid puffy anything or fur-trimmed hoods, which just add bulk.

Slim Skirt:
The slim skirt, like the wrap top, may seem risky, but when you wear a plus size, more is not better. A full skirt will indeed cover your hips and thighs, but the extra volume will also make them look larger than they really are. Opt instead for a slim skirt, or slight a-line, fitted at the waist and hips then falling to a straight or slight a-line shape. Chose a thick, quality fabric in a neutral charcoal, tweed, black pinstripe or brown color.

The afore mentioned basics, in well tailored shapes create the beginnings of a timeless, sophisticated wardrobe, well-suited to show off a curvy physique. Add pops of color and trend focused accessories and shoes to update a timeless, chic look for any occasion!

Who is Sara Johnson?
Sara Johnson is the co-owner and product buyer at – A posh plus size clothing boutique for curvy girls. She currently works as a fashion consultant for curvy women worldwide. Come see what everyone is talking about!

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