IGIGI's Quick Guide to Dating Looks

IGIGI Casual DateAlthough my closet always is pretty full right now, when preparing for a night out I often stare at my open closet wondering, ‘What shall I wear?’. That statement is usually followed by many outfit changes, huffing, pudding, a bed with a bunch of clothes piled up on it, and dinally a late arrival from my end to wherever I needed to be that night!

Perhaps a little planning ahead might do the trick, helping to eliminate stressful and hasty choices! I’m sure many women can relate to this situation, especially on days when an important event is happening, like a date.

Although it’s good to be fashionably late, when you have a date you need to arrive relaxed and on time. Therefore it is important to plan ahead what to wear on the special night.

But what on earth to wear on a date to create the perfect look? IGIGI have come nice suggestions, depending on what type of date you are going to, which are well worth a look!

IGIGI Cocktail DressFor a Casual Date:

  • Brigitte Dress in Ocean Blue
  • Polka Dot Dress in Red
  • Sarafan w/Ties in Magenta
  • Asymmetric Hem Tunic in Cobalt

For a Cocktail Date:

  • Beatrice Dress in Black
  • Francesca Asymmetric Dress in Black
  • Lorena Beaded Dress in Charcoal
  • Callie Cocktail Dress

IGIGI Formal DateFor a Formal Date:

  • Shimmering Dress with Shawl in Liquid Copper
  • Novella Gown in Red
  • Marilyn Halter Dress in Red
  • Exquisite Evening Gown in Blue/Magenta

So keep this post handy, bookmark it perhaps, for ideas on what to wear on your next date to ensure that you prepare for it in a relax manner, and make a stunning appearance that will take his breathe away!

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