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Crystal Renn on Good Morning America: Tune Into Tuesdays

In this week’s edition of ‘Tune Into Tuesday’s we see plus size model Crystal Renn appearing on Good Morning America, where she discussed her recent book, “Hungry,” and her transformation from an anorexic 90-pound model, to a beautiful, happy and healthy plus size model.

Real Fitness for Real Women: A Unique Workout Program for the Plus-Size Woman – Book of the Week

In just one session a week, Rochelle Rice takes you through a series of special routines that can boost your metabolism, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and make your body more firm – no matter what you weigh.”Women don’t have to be thin to be fit,” writes Rochelle Rice. Fitness is not about weight, but about the body, mind, and spirit. Her exercise program, designed for the physical and psychological needs of plus-size women, aims to empower women to get active and reclaim the joy of mo

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List Price: $ 9.99


Plus Size Models Take Charge: Tune Into Tuesdays

This week’s video features Michelle Miller, who takes a look at what might just be the golden age of plus size modeling. What do you think? I surely hope there are much more bigger things on the way for plus size modeling, and plus size fashion in general, but although a lot of press has been given lately, I think there still is a long way to go!

Plus Style: The Plus-Size Guide to Looking Great – Book of the Week

Plus Style: The Plus-Size Guide to Looking Great

Practical, personal and easy to use, Plus Style is an indispensible guide to looking and feeling great for the millions of plus-size women who now demand fashion as well as fit. Suzan Nanfeldt is a leading consultant on plus-size fashions. With an informative blend of upbeat text and attractive illustrations, she highlights the basic body types and shows how to turn well-chosen clothes into a signature style using color and accessories.

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List Price: $ 19.95

Price: $ 26.77

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