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How to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank – Part 2

Red Cable-Knit Leg WarmersLast week we started sharing with you some handy tips on how you can update your wardrobe, giving it a summer look, without spending too much money… if any at all actually. Amongst the tips shared, we suggested you look at what you’ve already got in your closet, as well as looking for trendy accessories to spice up an outfit.

Today we’re sharing another 3 tips, which can further help give you ideas on how to give your existing wardrobe a breath of fresh air!

4. Look for Styles That Have Come Back in Fashion
They say that everything comes back in fashion eventually, and it is certainly true that many old styles are in again.  From bell bottoms and leg warmers to clogs and boots, many old fashions have come and gone throughout the years.  You may be able to find some hip and fashionable clothes in the back of your own closet.

5. Make a Few Small Repairs
Investing in a sewing kit can pay some big dividends when it comes to your wardrobe.  Simply mending your old clothes can save you hundreds of dollars, so gather up those clothes that you have been meaning to repair and put your needle and thread to work.

6. Put Your Old Clothes to New Use
Your old clothes can enjoy a whole new life with just a few quick updates.  From adding a new accessory to pairing a different blouse with your favorite skirt, there are plenty of ways to create new outfits with the clothes already in your closet.  Putting your old clothes to new use can save you hundreds of dollars season after season.

By making these simple changes in the way you view your wardrobe you can save yourself a ton of money and still look like a million bucks. So before you head off to the mall head into your own closet. What you find may just surprise you.

Summer's Top 9 Plus Size Dresses

Be Summer’s best-dressed curvy girl, with one of our top picks for the season. Nothing beats a dress for a beautiful silhouette. From basic black, to bolg geometrics, short to maxi, choose a dress to suit your style and your size.

Violet Halter Dress
1. Violet Halter Dress
A blooming floral design and flattering empire shape make this little dress a feminine pick for summer dress up! Features an adjustable tie halter and crossover neckline.

Sosie Geo Print Dress - ORANGE COM
2. Sosie Geo Print Dress
A bright and bold geo skirt is the focus of this modern summer dress. This is a sleeveless dress with U-neckline and wide straps for support.

Scarf Print Banded Dress - BLACK PINK
3. Scarf Print Banded Dress
A colorful print and ruched detail makes this summer sundress a flattering and trendy. This dress is also sleeveless and features a crossover neckline, and ruched banded empire waist.

4. Sleeveless Knit Dress
Featuring sturdy binding at the neckline and sleeves, this dress comes in an easy-care stretch cotton/spandex. You can wear it with a belt for a more dressed up look. It’s also a great cover up over swimsuits too!

Ruched Floral Maxi Dress
5. Ruched Floral Maxi Dress
This floral printed maxi dress is boho style with a touch of romantic style. Comes with elasticized cap sleeves and an elasticized neckline with ruffled trim.

6. Smocked Maxi Dress
The must-have long and flowing dress of the season in a vibrant splash of hot color. A flirty style to wear on or off the shoulder.

Smocked Maxi Dress
7. Black Smocked Maxi Dress
This simple smocked maxi dress is an always appropriate summer staple. Make it fresh with some colorful Summer accessories! Features tank straps and smocked bodice with ruffle trim.

Flower Power U-Neck Dress - GREEN COMBO
8. Flower Power U-Neck Dress
A bright blooming flower is the centerpiece of this retro-inspired U-neck dress. It’s sleeveless with a banded U-neckline. It’s slightly ruched throughout to flatter the figure.

Candice Hibiscus Splashed Dress
9. Candice Hibiscus Splashed Dress
A bright hibiscus print is splashed on the border of this flattering dress. Again, this dress is sleeveless and features a pleated empire waist and crossover neckline with slight ruching at shoulders and bustline.

How to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank – Part 1

Paris Back Flap Pocket JeansAs summer finally rolls around many of us are looking for ways to update our wardrobes without busting our budgets.  Buying new clothes can be expensive, and few of us have the extra money to spare these days.  But how are you supposed to look your best this summer without spending hundreds of dollars on a new wardrobe?

Fortunately there are some simple steps cash strapped shoppers can take to look their best without sacrificing either style or economic well being.  Updating your wardrobe on a budget is easier than you think – the key is to plan your new wardrobe around the clothes already in your closet.

1. Take a Look at What You’ve Already Got
Before you head to the mall or department store, take a good look at the clothes already in your closet.  Chances are you already have the makings of a wonderful summer wardrobe – and it won’t cost you a dime.

Take a look at the clothes you already have, and think about how those existing pieces can be used to create stunning new outfits.  From mixing and matching colorful blouses and skirts to accessorizing your favorite summer dresses, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your current outfits in a whole new way.

2. Look for Low Cost Accessories
Speaking of accessories, the right ones can make any outfit look better.  There are plenty of low cost accessories available, from inexpensive costume jewelry and lapel pins to stunning scarves in bright summer colors.

Chances are you already have some of these accessories in your jewelry box.  If it has been awhile since you looked at your everyday jewelry take another look and think about how those pins, pendants and necklaces can be paired with your existing wardrobe to create a great new look.  You may discover dozens of new combinations – at no cost to you.

3. Trade Clothes With Your Friends
Trading clothes and sharing wardrobes is not just for teenagers.  In fact sharing clothes is a great way for friends to cut down their clothing budgets while expanding their wardrobes.  If you have friends who are your size, why not ask them if they would be interested in sharing their clothes.

You may even want to start a new tradition by choosing a new piece of clothing each season and having your friend do the same.  That way you can expand your wardrobe at half the cost.  You loved sharing your clothes with your girlfriends when you were growing up, so why not rediscover the fun?

We have more coming up! Next week we’ll share with you the final 3 tips to help you update your style without negatively updating your bank account! So keep on reading the Plus Size Clothing Scoop!

How to Select Flattering Summer Jewelry – Part 2

Lime Shell Teardrop EarringLast week we too a look at how charms and accessories made from natural material can be great choices for your summer jewelry. In this second part of this article, today we’ll be giving you other suggestions which can be great picks for the summer.

Natural Stones
There’s something about wearing natural stone jewelry that feels right for summer. All natural stones such as turquoise and coral are always a popular choice and look stunning paired with cool, cotton tops and summer shorts. Don’t forget that natural stones such as turquoise and coral can be combined with other materials such as wood and ceramic for an eclectic look. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Head down to your local bead store and make your own.

Natural Shells and Sea Glass
Shell pendants and bracelets feel good to the touch and look stunning against gently sun kissed skin. Choose from paua shell, abalone shell, conch shell, hammer shell, or puka shell, among other shell types. You can even collect your own small shells on the beach along with some sea glass that’s been gently molded by the waves and create your own unique summer necklace or bracelet. Shells can be combined with other natural materials such as stones and rough wooden beads and strung onto hemp or leather for truly one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

Have fun choosing and creating your own special summer jewelry!

How to Select Flattering Summer Jewelry – Part 1

Gold Butterfly Bird Cluster Charm NecklaceWhen the temperatures and humidity rise and coats and sweaters are retired to the back of the closet and replaced with sheer tops and dresses, it can feel cumbersome to wear heavy jewelry. When summer arrives, it’s time to go for a lighter look in jewelry especially when wearing sheer tops and dresses. A heavy necklace can look awkward when worn with light breezy summer clothing and the metal can heat up right along with the weather, making it uncomfortable against your skin. Here’s how to choose summer jewelry that’ll look and feel good when the temperatures rise.

Choose Jewelry Crafted from Natural Materials
Summer is the perfect time to take a break from metal and experiment with natural materials. Wood is always a popular summer jewelry material. Pile on a few wooden bangles to show off a lightly tanned arm or wear a simple wooden pendant on leather cord for an earthy, natural look. A popular new jewelry material for warm weather is bamboo. Beads made of bamboo are hollow and very light to the touch making them a perfect choice for warmer temperatures. The beauty of bamboo jewelry is that each piece is a work of art with its own unique ring structure and design. Plus, bamboo is considered to be a symbol of strength and of good luck. It’s also an eco-friendly jewelry material you can feel good about wearing. Don’t worry if the wood and bamboo pieces you wear are a little rough around the edges, it only adds to their charm.

Be Charming
Charms are a hot jewelry trend and an easy look for almost anyone to wear. Carefully selected charms and small pendants are a way to show the world who you are and what’s important to you. Charms are available in a variety of materials and themes ranging from symbols to engraved words and figurative images. Although you can overload a bracelet with charms or wear multiple charms on a necklace, keep it simple when wearing light, sheer clothing. Try wearing a small metal charm on a thin metal chain with swim or beach wear. For evening, layer them on for a more dramatic look. They’re a great way to express yourself.

Keep on reading the scoop, and watch out for part 2 of this article, coming up next week!

How to Make your Plus Size Business Suit Extra Feminine

If you work in an office or business setting where you’re expected to dress in a conservative manner, it can feel a bit stifling. While you may long to wear flowing dresses with a soft, feminine touch, the dress code may dictate that you wear a woman’s dress suit or other conservative attire. The good news is a woman’s business suit can look decidedly feminine if accessorized correctly. Here’s how to make a woman’s business suit more stylish and less masculine.

1. Wear it With Heels
Nothing takes a business suit out of the masculine realm more quickly than pairing it with sleek stilettos. After strapping on your stilettos, add a pair of softly textured hose in a matching color and you’ll turn even the most conservative woman’s business suit into feminine, but professional, office wear. If stilettos are too uncomfortable to wear during your busy day, choose a feminine pair of pumps with a wider, more moderate heel.

2. Add Some Silk
To enhance the look of a woman’s dress suit, skip the turtleneck and pair it with a soft, silky tank top instead. The contrast of soft silk against the heavier fabric of the business suit will remind the world that you’re still a female even if you are “the boss”. Plus, the silk will feel sensual brushing against your skin.

3. Add a Silk Scarf
Spend some time shopping for beautiful silk scarves to wear with your conservative woman’s business suits. Look for ones with lots of color and interesting detailing. They’ll add a beautiful splash of hue that will soften the angular lines of your suit. Learn new ways to tie the scarves you select so you’ll never run out of feminine looks.

4. Add Some Color
Who says a women’s dress suit has to be in basic brown, black, or neutral? When shopping for suits for work, look for ones in more unusual colors such as soft, pastel pink or a muted yellow or gold. This can be a welcome change from darker, more conservative suit colors, particularly in the spring and summer months.

5. Get it Fitted
Another way to make a woman’s dress suit more feminine is to have a tailor alter it so it fits perfectly. A poorly fitting woman’s business suit has a tendency to look dowdy. It may cost a little extra to get it altered but you’ll be rewarded with a suit that’ll look like it was custom made for you.

6. Add Some Glitter
Jewelry is another way to soften the look of a business suit. Add a beautiful antique brooch to the lapel of your suit jacket or wear a pair of eye catching earrings with an artsy touch. Concentrate on one accessory and make it a statement piece rather than weighing yourself down with a bunch of smaller pieces.

When you add the right accessories, a woman’s business suit can be transformed from masculine and boring to chic and feminine. Have fun experimenting!

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Jeans Too Short? How to Avoid the “Waiting For the Flood” Look

Cate Wide Leg Trouser JeanSo you’ve haphazardly thrown a pair of your beloved denim jeans into the dryer only to discover that upon the next wear you look like you’ve grown three inches. Your most comfortable and flattering jeans that once rested perfectly just below the ankles have undeniably shrunken to an awkward, unflattering length.  After tugging, jerking and wrenching in vain, it’s apparent the jeans that once made you feel like a million bucks are now making you feel like you’re waiting for the flood.

Before you toss your beloved denims into the trash, or even worse, cut them into shorts (which by the way has been a bad idea since 1989…) know that you can gain two or more inches in length with some strategic stretching.  With a little tugging action you’ll have your favorite jeans back – and you’ll be manipulating the length of all your shrunken denim without having to call grandma to whip out her infamous sewing machine. (Note: Call grandma anyway to tell her how you’ve magically revamped your entire wardrobe; she’ll think you’re a genius).

First and foremost, let’s touch on jean care as to prevent the costly damage of any future denim purchases.  Denim, which is made of cotton or a cotton blend, will undoubtedly shrink when exposed to hot water or a hot dryer.  If your new jeans already fit perfectly, be sure to always wash them in cold water with “like colors” to keep the color from fading, and hang them to dry to keep the fibers from shrinking.

If your jeans were mistakenly exposed to damaging heat, and they’ve crept up an inch or two, follow these simple steps:

  1. Toss your jeans back in the wash (this time in cold water) and begin the stretch immediately after the spin cycle has completed.
  2. Either by yourself or with a friend (you’ll gain more length with the strength of two people), stretch one pant leg at a time, one seam at a time.  Begin by placing one hand at the crotch of the jeans, and the other at the hemline of the inseam and pull slowly and steadily.
  3. Repeat the same stretch on the outer seam, directly across where the initial stretch was performed.  Finish the stretch by performing the same steady, pulling action in the middle of the jean leg, holding the jean material at crotch level with the other hand firmly on the hem.  Repeat the same steps with the other leg.

Torrid Grey Vintage Style Bootcut Denim Jean RegularBe careful not to tug too violently as weak, damaged denim can separate and tear.  Denim with lycra/spandex blends can gain three to four inches through stretching, so carefully stretch a little at a time until you come to the ideal length.

To accurately measure your progress without trying on the wet jeans, hold the crotch seam of the jeans to your own while standing, and observe where the hem falls around your ankle.  Additionally, fold the jeans in half on a flat surface, and line up the seams to ensure both legs are equal in length.

Most denim jeans can be safely altered using this simple method. Some jeans can also be stretched for additional width (depending on the direction of the threading) to gain an extra inch in the thigh, hip, waist, and lower leg.  Not only will denim stretching save you some money, you might even gain a little muscle in the process.  Five minutes is all it takes to revamp those jeans – and to avoid that “waiting for the flood look” forever!

OneStopPlus Updates Summer Options

So what’s new at OneStopPlus? Quite a bit this season! Browse through their sensational summer fashion options and you will find lots of new items from top brands we all know and love. From sleeveless tanks to the cutest capris, summer’s waiting to be taken by storm!

Here’s a pick of our favorite new arrivals from OneStopPlus:

1. Crossover Stretch Tank

2. Tank Top With Paillette Trim

Tee Shirt with Crochet Inset - CORAL, PINE, BLACK, WHITE, DEEP TURQUOISE
3. Tee Shirt with Crochet Inset

4. Breezy Printed Tunic

6 Tips for Women with Wide Hips: Choosing a Figure Flattering Swimsuit

Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Carol Wior Twist Bandeau Swim Dress - Style# 91591W - Sizes 16W-24W - JUST ARRIVEDAlmost everyone feels a bit self conscious in a swimsuit. To walk out onto the beach revealing so many inches of skin you have to feel self confident. One of the best ways to boost your confidence level when wearing a swimsuit is to choose a bath suit style that really flatters you. Many women make the mistake of picking a trendy swimsuit style that does nothing to enhance their natural build or body type. Nowhere is this more true than when choosing a swimsuit for wide hips. Choosing the correct swimsuit style can help to even out a pear shaped body and give the illusion of more narrow hips. This can be a real confidence booster when you take off that beach cover up. Here’s how to choose a bathing suit for wide hips:

1. Use the Power of Color to Camouflage Wide Hips
Whether you choose a one piece swimsuit for wide hips or a bikini, the color you choose can have a big impact on how large your hips appear. Dark colors tend to make areas look smaller while light colors expand them. If you opt for a one piece swimsuit, choose one that has a dark color block around the hip area and a lighter color on top. The lighter color will call attention to the chest, waist, and shoulders while the darker color on the bottom will visually reduce the size of your hip area. You can use the same principle for a two-piece or bikini. Choose a dark color for the bottom and a light color for the bikini top. A bold graphic bikini top will also call attention to the upper half of your body and draw attention away from your wide hips.

2. Choose a Swimsuit for Wide Hips with a High Cut Leg
Another way to deal with wide hips is to choose a swimsuit that makes your legs look longer. One of the most effective ways to do this is to choose a suit with a high-cut bottom. This will visually add length to your legs, making the hip area less noticeable. A higher cut leg will also make your legs appear slimmer.

3. Choose a Swimsuit for Wide Hips with a Mini-skirt Bottom
A mini-skirted bikini bottom can be quite flattering on wide hips as long as you stay away from too much detail. Forget the ruffles on the skirt. Concentrate the ruffles on the upper half of your body to call attention away from your lower half. A simple, ruffle trimmed mini-skirted bottom in a dark color may be all that’s needed to slenderize your hips.

Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Carol Wior 3 Piece Tankini W/Brief/Skirtini - Style#90916W - Sizes 16W-24W - JUST ARRIVED4. Draw the Eye to Your Upper Half
When choosing a swimsuit for hide hips, select a swimsuit top with bold graphics or lots of pretty detailing to draw the eye upwards. Wear some fun sunglasses or a big straw hat to balance out your lower half. Add a pretty pendant on a chain that catches and reflects the light.

5. Choose a Swimsuit for Wide Hips with Diagonal Stripes
Choose a swimsuit with diagonal or vertical stripes along the sides of your torso and hip area. This will give you a natural slimming effect and can make your torso look longer and slimmer.

6. Wear a Fashionable Cover Up
One of the best ways to cover up wide hips and still look fashionable is to wrap a sarong around your bathing suit bottoms Add a pair of sandals and you’re ready for a casual lunch on the boardwalk.

Don’t forget to fake a good tan by wearing a self-tanning cream. Tan skin gives you the illusion of being slimmer and more toned. Most of all, enjoy your day at the beach!

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