How to Make your Plus Size Business Suit Extra Feminine

If you work in an office or business setting where you’re expected to dress in a conservative manner, it can feel a bit stifling. While you may long to wear flowing dresses with a soft, feminine touch, the dress code may dictate that you wear a woman’s dress suit or other conservative attire. The good news is a woman’s business suit can look decidedly feminine if accessorized correctly. Here’s how to make a woman’s business suit more stylish and less masculine.

1. Wear it With Heels
Nothing takes a business suit out of the masculine realm more quickly than pairing it with sleek stilettos. After strapping on your stilettos, add a pair of softly textured hose in a matching color and you’ll turn even the most conservative woman’s business suit into feminine, but professional, office wear. If stilettos are too uncomfortable to wear during your busy day, choose a feminine pair of pumps with a wider, more moderate heel.

2. Add Some Silk
To enhance the look of a woman’s dress suit, skip the turtleneck and pair it with a soft, silky tank top instead. The contrast of soft silk against the heavier fabric of the business suit will remind the world that you’re still a female even if you are “the boss”. Plus, the silk will feel sensual brushing against your skin.

3. Add a Silk Scarf
Spend some time shopping for beautiful silk scarves to wear with your conservative woman’s business suits. Look for ones with lots of color and interesting detailing. They’ll add a beautiful splash of hue that will soften the angular lines of your suit. Learn new ways to tie the scarves you select so you’ll never run out of feminine looks.

4. Add Some Color
Who says a women’s dress suit has to be in basic brown, black, or neutral? When shopping for suits for work, look for ones in more unusual colors such as soft, pastel pink or a muted yellow or gold. This can be a welcome change from darker, more conservative suit colors, particularly in the spring and summer months.

5. Get it Fitted
Another way to make a woman’s dress suit more feminine is to have a tailor alter it so it fits perfectly. A poorly fitting woman’s business suit has a tendency to look dowdy. It may cost a little extra to get it altered but you’ll be rewarded with a suit that’ll look like it was custom made for you.

6. Add Some Glitter
Jewelry is another way to soften the look of a business suit. Add a beautiful antique brooch to the lapel of your suit jacket or wear a pair of eye catching earrings with an artsy touch. Concentrate on one accessory and make it a statement piece rather than weighing yourself down with a bunch of smaller pieces.

When you add the right accessories, a woman’s business suit can be transformed from masculine and boring to chic and feminine. Have fun experimenting!

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