Be Beautiful, Regardless

This is a video I ran across whilst browsing around YouTube that I had to share with you all today. In this video the founder of IGIGI, Yuliya Raquel. shares her own story of self acceptance, and finding the beauty within herself. It is very thought provoking and puts things into perspective. I urge all women to watch this, whatever size they may be. We all have our insecurities, but are all these insecurities worth the worry and anxiety? Is life all about just trying to be something your are not? Think about it. Appreciate who you are. Appreciate your size, your figure and your individual beauty, and start living today! Watch the video, and you will know what I mean.

Thanks Yuliya for this message!

Gabourey Sidibe Cover Girl for Ebony Magazine

The super talented Gabourey Sidibe, Golden Globe Nominee for the movie Precious, is shown above on the March 2010 cover of Ebony Magazine, rocking the Monif C “Roxie” V Neck Beaded Dress! She is looking smashing and vibrant.

This sexy number is available in ivory, red, and black. It’s in stock and ready to ship!

We Are Now Mobile Enabled!

Wanted to let you all know that the Plus Size Clothing Scoop is now mobile enabled! So all you out there trying to access this blog through a mobile device can now rejoice!

The blog can now automatically detect whether you’re coming in from a mobile device and serve up the mobile version of the blog automatically. This results in much faster loading of pages and posts.

Should you run into and problems, please let me know!

My First Ever OOTD

Today I thought of posting my first ever OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) post. So this is what I was wearing yesterday actually, which I guess then makes this an OOYD post ;) It’s the lovely Violet Print Wrap Dress from SWAK Designs, which I wore for going out and about for a drink with my hubby.

I will be posting OOTD posts more often, though cannot promise for this to become a daily thing I’m afraid! Way too busy. But I do promise to post more of these, at least weekly.

So what do you think ladies, do you like the dress?

Over 300 New Items at Jessica London

Jessica London have recently added over 300 new items to their online store, as part of their Spring Collection for 2010. They have added a variety of items from sweaters, to dresses, to tops and jackets, to skirts and much more. With over 300 new items, there’s definitely a lot to shop through. Though was definitely stands out most in their new collection are the fresh colors and the bold styling. Have a look at the video below from Plus Size Fashion TV, which goes through some of the new items at Jessica London, and also updates you on the new size guidelines.

As can be seen in the video, Jessica London have just announced some slight changes in their sizing. After listening to customer feedback, they have updated their sizing to better suit the plus size woman, and create a much more flattering look through Jessica London designs. A new size chart with guidelines of the new measurements has obviously been made available, so definitely check this out to update yourself with the changes.

Win with Fatshionable

The lovely and immensley stylish J over at Fatshionable has just announced an exciting giveaway, which I had to let you all know about.

She’s giving away a $100 VISA gift card, and some pieces from City Chic, including a top, jackets and belts. Entering is easy, all you have to do is comment on the post.

Visit Fatshionable for all the details.

Pink & Black Evans Shoes – My Latest Indulgences

So yesterday I was rummaging through my closet to see if there are some things I should get rid of, but more importantly to see how the evening dresses I have fit me. I have 3 weddings coming up in June you see, so wanted to check whether anything I already have is fitting for these occasions. I know, June is still far far away but don’t you get days when you feel like dressing up just for the sake of it, even if you don’t have anywhere to go?!

So I did find two dresses actually that I had bought on sale from IGIGI which, I haven’t even worn yet! Shock! Horror! Anyway, one is a black velvet dress which is gorgeous and I even have the perfect shoes to wear with it. The other is a stunning green dress, but no shoes to match!

IGIGI Plus Size Evening Dresses

Perfect excuse for shoe shopping isn’t it? So I headed on to Ebay to see whether I can get some Evans shoes at low prices, and I managed! Here is what I got…

The first is a pair for black, high heeled, peep toe shoes, with jewel detail. Got these for only around $16. Steal isn’t it! So this is the one I needed to match the dress. But then I saw another one, in pink, which I just had to have… and so I got…

Black shoes from Evans

This little number right here. Another bargain at only approx $23!

Pink shoes from Evans

I just cannot wait until these arrive!

Blouse House Launches New Fashion Blog

Looking for tips or some new fashion ideas? Then you must check out the newest fashion blog on the scene, launched by Blouse House.

Called Tre’s Corner, within this new blog plus size model Tre Alexander shares her techniques and advice on how to look terrific. Tre is a high energy individual who does both professional modeling and acting.  She likes to be center stage but also loves to help others.

What’s on your 2010 list? Post your thoughts or stay connected at Tre’s Corner by Blouse House.

Realityplus Clothing Annual Winter Clearance Event

The Annual Winter clearance event at Realityplus Clothing is now live! This is when you can take advantage of great savings, up to 70% OFF! Quantities are limited so visit Realityplus Clothing today. Also good to know that they offer $4 shipping on all orders.

Fashion Bug Clearance Sale: Final Days

Fashion Bug’s Clearance Sale is almost over ladies! Now through February 3rd, you can get up to 60% off original prices at Fashion Bug. Sounds tempting doesn’t it?

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