Plus Size Clothing

New Design Innovations You’ll Love from Roamans

Roamans has this week introduced some updates to their fashion styling standards, which aim at further improving the fit of their clothing. Here’s a look at the main two innovations just introduced:

Reach Technology: Invisible strech knit underarm gussets let you move freely while they wick away moisture.

Invisible Stretch: A revolutionary new waistband that stretches, smoothes and supports.

New bra innovations have also been introduced!

Plus, shop at Roamans now through 6th February, use coupon code RD30%OFF and get 30% knocked off the price of the highest item in your order!

New Dresses and Tunics at Evans

Evans have just added new Spring styles to their online inventory which include, new dresses, tunics, knitwear and more. It’s all about vibrant and fresh colors this Spring at Evans, so make sure you’re among those to and have a first look at the collection.

My First Ever OOTD

Today I thought of posting my first ever OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) post. So this is what I was wearing yesterday actually, which I guess then makes this an OOYD post ;) It’s the lovely Violet Print Wrap Dress from SWAK Designs, which I wore for going out and about for a drink with my hubby.

I will be posting OOTD posts more often, though cannot promise for this to become a daily thing I’m afraid! Way too busy. But I do promise to post more of these, at least weekly.

So what do you think ladies, do you like the dress?

StyleIt Adds Curvy Fashion Corner

Thanks to Rachel at Fat Chic for filling us all in with this. The popular StyleIt fashion blog is in my opinion now close to perfect, as it now also includes a section focused on plus size fashion style tips, which has been aptly names ‘On the Plus Side‘. This section of the blog features curvy diva Sarah Conley. I’m loving the daily updates, and seeing what Sarah recommends to curvy ladies wanting to look their best. You have to check it out.

New Moon Clothes in Plus Sizes

New Moon Clothes Plus SizeIf you’re looking for some New Moon t-shirts, clothes and other accessories, but cannot find them in your size, then you must check out Torrid. They have just added a collection of New Moon clothes, all in plus sizes. From t-shirts, to tops, to PJs you will definitely find something to suit your tastes here.

Plus they’ve also got some cool accessories to match includes bag clips, scarves and pendants.

Etsy for Plus Size Clothing

Some of you might not associate the popular site Etsy, with a great place to shop for plus size clothing. But if you take the time to look around the items available from the different sellers on the site you will be very pleasantly surprised! The guys over at Big Fat Deal have known this for a long time in fact, and it’s thanks to them that I’ve discovered some amazing fashion options on Etsy.


I am itching to hit the ‘buy now’ button on many different items. But I will resist! Then again Christmas is around the corner, so I might as well start building up my wish list, and hint to my hubby those dresses and skirt I really cannot live without. So check out Esty, and especially designer JIBRI for some flawless plus size clothing options.

Fat Chic Showcases JustMySize Dress

I was looking around the other day for reviews of JustMySize dresses and I was very lucky in my search as I found out that Diana Rajchel, the creator of Fat Chic has actually created a video review of a dress from JustMySize. In the video she also talks about her very cute teal tights from We Love Colors.

The video review is very helpful in showing you how an actual dress from JustMySize would look on you, so I do hope Diana goes on and creates more similar videos, as I thought it was very helpful… and would come in very handy to other people looking into buying dresses from JustMySize. I hope to add on some video reviews of my own. I’ve just put in an order at Figuresque for some winter plus size tops, which I am hoping to receive soon. One I do receive them, I’ll fill you all in with all the details! So thanks Diana for the super video, and keep up the great blog.

How to Find a Wedding Gown for your Unique Curvy Figure

Style #2009WWe come in many shapes and sizes, but when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress, dresses are usually directed towards thinner brides.  How does a curvier bride find a flattering dress that enhances her figure?  Use these tips for a happier shopping experience.

Choose the Right Style
There are flattering styles for all body styles.  If you’re a curvy woman with a pear-shaped body, stay away from this:

  1. Empire Waist wedding gowns: These gowns head straight down — straight down to your hips, that is.  Stay away from A-line gowns.  They don’t flatter your curvy physique and emphasize your thighs.
  2. Mermaid wedding gowns: These are a bit too snug on pear-shaped bodies.  It makes curvy bodies look bloated and out of shape.

For pear-shaped bodies, try a loose, simple gown.  It should have a nice, wide flair.  If you wear a sash, make sure it’s on your waistline so it flatters your unique curves.  Best wedding gown styles: Ball Gown, Princess or A-Line.

If you’re an apple-shaped woman, finding a flattering gown that doesn’t emphasize your midsection is tough.  Here’s what you should stay away from:

  1. Mermaid wedding gowns: This draws attention to your midsection.  Avoid it if possible.
  2. Sheath wedding gowns: Sheath gowns are a straight, long gown which flatter thinner, longer body types.  This is a bad choice for apple-shaped women – avoid it if you can.

An apple-shaped woman should try gowns that flare out significantly.  It minimizes the midsection and gives the illusion of pear-shaped curves, flattering the body.  Best wedding gown styles: Empire Waist, Ball Gown, A-Line or Princess.

Choose the Right Texture
Believe it or not, a gown’s texture makes the different between a beautiful, curvaceous bride and a frumpy, heavy bride.  For both body types choose lightly textured fabric.  Avoid beading if you can.  You want to keep the design minimalistic so that it adds depth, not distraction.

For ball wedding gowns, make sure the design isn’t a dark color.  Keep away from flowery textures and avoid top-heavy textures.

For A-Line or Princess wedding gowns, make sure the design is emphasized in the middle to flatter your figure.

Empire wedding gowns should have a light texture.  Make sure it’s simple but elegant.

Style #1640WChoose the Right Neckline
Choosing a bad neckline is very unflattering for your chest.  If you have a large chest, choose these necklines:

  • Queen Anne
  • Strapless
  • Scoop
  • Square
  • Sweetheart

If you have a medium-sized chest, choose these necklines:

  • V-Neck
  • Spaghetti Straps
  • Scoop
  • Square
  • Sabrina

If you have a small chest, choose these necklines:

  • Jewel
  • Bateau
  • Sabrina
  • Spaghetti Straps
  • Strapless

Bring these tips with you when you shop for your gown to ensure a happy, easier experience.

How to Wear a Cardigan With Style and Panache

As the first signs of spring arrive and you shed your heavy coat to make way for lighter fashion, there are still days that you’ll need a little extra insulation when the temperature drops. Instead of bringing that wool coat out of storage, why not throw on a stylish cardigan? The cardigans of today are not like grandma’s sweaters but have a style and flair all their own. Plus, they’re so versatile! Wearing a cardigan can take you from a casual spring day on the beach to an evening out at a restaurant with great panache. Here are some tips for getting stylish wear out of the “oh so versatile” cardigan.

Choose an oversized cotton cardigan for casual spring wear
Nothing feels better for a cool walk on the beach than a tee shirt, a pair of cotton Capri pants and a long, oversized, cotton cardigan. Choose a length extending several inches above your knee for a fashion forward look. A solid color will coordinate beautifully with your other casual spring clothing. If you want a slightly different look, opt for a thick horizontal stripe in black and white or black and khaki. Don’t forget to add a chunky eclectic necklace. One made with large wood or ceramic beads will add an earthy look.

Add a belt
Petite people sometimes find a cardigan to be overwhelming. One way to give a cardigan more structure is to add an interesting belt. This can be an excellent way for a petite person to show off a tiny waist. If you have belts in your closet that you haven’t known what to do with, get them out and experiment by wearing them over a long cardigan.

Use it to layer
You can really expand the depth and versatility of your wardrobe without spending money by layering items you already have. A cardigan provides the perfect finishing touch for that layered look. Just one cardigan can multiply your fashion options many times. Try belting a long cardigan over a skirt and silk top. Wear a long, loose one over your favorite black dress. A cardigan can add a whole new dimension to your standard office attire. Open your closet and start experimenting by adding a cardigan to your usual outfits and see what works for you.

Button or unbutton?
The look of a cardigan can vary depending on how many buttons you button. If you button it all the way, you can add an interesting belt or a scarf to complete the look. For a more casual look leave it open and add some interesting jewelry at the neck line. Experiment with buttoning just the top button or two for a casual, fashion forward look. It’ll be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

It’s perfect for a cool restaurant
If you’re going out for the evening, take along a cardigan. Restaurants are known for being uncomfortably cold and you can feel comfortable and still look stylish when you slip on your stylish cardigan.

Wearing a cardigan can not only expand your fashion options it can help to give you a little extra insulation on those cool spring nights. Is it time to add a cardigan to your wardrobe?

Money Saving Fashion Tips for Career Women

Plus size career women have busy lifestyles. Here are some tips to save money when shopping for professional attire. You have probably heard them before but failed to apply them to your wardrobe. In this tight economy, these tips just make good sense.

The first tip is to work with the seasonal outfits you have in your closet from previous years. You probably have wardrobe items for fall or other seasons that still have the price tags attached. The trick is to go to the store this season and buy a few separates that will go with the clothes that you already own. You can also spice up your wardrobe with cheaper items like a scarf, a trendy pair of shoes, or a bright lacy tank (to liven up your trusty blazers).

The second tip is to buy ahead for next year. Many items that you can buy on clearance now will be acceptable for next year. You can also hit outlet stores for sales from last season that you can wear now. Buy a year behind and a year ahead and save money. The items that you don’t need can be put into the back of your closet for use next year.

The third tip is to focus, focus, focus on separates. For example, if you like black, gray, and white, buy pants, skirts, and blazers in these colors. Then you can mix and match them with colorful blouses, sweaters, and knit tops depending on the season. An outfit can even be livened up with an unusual item like a dressy, leather jacket or a light peacoat. Your job is to be creative with what you already have and spend wisely on new additions to your wardrobe.

You can dress as a successful career woman and still save money. In a tight economy, save where you can. Next year you can splurge again on the latest fashions.

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