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The Queen Reigns at the Golden Globes 2007

After reading and reviewing at a lot of different write ups and features online on the fashion (and talent!) which was showcased at the Golden Globes 2007 awards ceremony, I decided to give my two cents. I’m going to through what I thought were the most elegantly dressed women, giving special attention obviously to the plus size fashion and beauty which was showcased in the Golden Globes in 2007.

Without a shadow of a doubt, and I think many other plus size fashionistas share my opinion here, I believe this year’s Golden Globes Curvy Goddess title goes to Queen Latifah. Take a look at the gorgeous turquoise gown which she wore on the night. The wrap around the bust area hugs her bosom, and give her a classy cleavage. The rest of the dress falls and flows in a dreamy way. Very princess-like! The matching, same fabric, shawl is of course a necessity.

Notice how the Queen finishes off, and completes, her outfit with simple and very elegant accessories. The drop ear-rings, with matching necklace and bracelet are simple, but effective. Then I love how Queen Latifah put the cherry on the cake/outfit by matching it up with a very colorful and original hand-bag. Perhaps the Queen always needs to put in a touch of more than one color in her outfit? If so, she does it very nicely in this outfit. This shows that you can add color to your outfit without it being necessarily on your clothes. Sometimes wearing just one color works well, and is needed, however added colors still can be added nicely and elegantly to such an outfit through the accessories used.

Queen Latifah has become a symbol of curvy style. I love her sense of styles as she always manages to make use of vibrant colors in the most flattering way, and her outfit choices always show off her curves. The Queen should be both an example and an inspiration to all those who do not think one can show off their curves in a sexy and chic way. Queen Latifah proves this ‘theory’ wrong over and over again, and here at the Golden Globes she has done it once again.

Golden Globes 2007 Get Curvy

As Liria Mersini reports this week at, it’s great to see curvy women in Hollywood winning Golden Globes! This year we see America Ferrera from Ugly Betty, and Jennifer Hudson from Dreamgirls winning awards!

Okay, so many of you might say that these ladies are far from curvy, and indeed I do agree. However you have to give it up to the people in Hollywood for taking baby steps. These ladies have more meat than bones, and we’re happy they’re still getting the recognition they deserve! Well done to America Ferrera and Jennifer Hudson for winning Golden Globes this year, and for having impeccable fashion sense.

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