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Sydney's Closet Walk the Red Carpet

Curvy fashion is increasingly being showcased in the media, and I was glad to see that two elegant evening gown from Sydney’s Closet appeared on the red carpet when the TODAY Show showcased formal dresses for special nights in the lives of plus size women.

This segment proved that even if you’re not up for any Academy Award you can still have your own personal red carpet moment.

“We threw Oscar a curve,’’ Catherine Schuller, stylist to the stars, told TODAY show anchor Natalie Morales when the segment aired on the eve of the 79th Academy Awards.

Catherine showcased two dresses from Sydney’s Closet: “Sea Goddess”, a Sydney’s Closet Exclusive design in red satin, and “Moulin Rouge”, a dramatic strapless evening gown in crimson with high-low hem and lace up back.

I think it is very positive that plus size fashion is being given such prominent exposure on TV, especially on such special and popular times, as that of the Academy Awards.

Taking at Look at Curves on The Oscars' Red Carpet

Kathy Bates at the OscarsWithout a doubt the eye of the world, or at least the media world and film buffs today, will be on The Academy Awards Ceremony… also known as The Oscars. A number of great films and artists are competing today, and I cannot wait to know for instance whether Forest Whitaker will walk away with the Best Actor in a Leading Role award, and whether Happy Feet will walk away with the Best Animated Feature Film award.

In the meantime I thought it would be a good idea to take a walk down memory lane and look at some of the best dressed curves that have graced the red carpet at The Oscars in the past few years.

Kathy Bates is one of my idols. She is am artist full of passion, grace and style. She wears her age with proud and sophistication, and she looks damn good! She was definitely look fabulous in this silk mousseline chiffon gown, designed by Eric Gaskins, which was paired up with a cranberry duchesse satin opera coat. Simply plus size and simply gorgeous.

Whoppi Goldberg at the OscarsPerhaps curvy might not necessarily be the first thing you think of when you mention Whoppi Goldberg. However in this rich and regal black ensemble the lady was rockin’ the show. A black satin gown, matched up with a velvet overcoat which was designed by Donna Karan, simply screamed out elegance and made Whoppi a curvy icon on the night.

A petite, but still very curvy, Imelda Staunton blew me away with her excellent performance in Vera Drake. That is one film I will remember for a very long time. I aImelda Staunton at the Oscarsm sure this stunning dress will remain unforgettable to Imelda as well! She strutted her stuff on the red carpet wearing a teal design by John Bright.

After having taken a look at three of the most unforgettable and best dressed plus size women to have graced the red carpet on The Oscars night, I’m very eager to watch this year’s event unfold, as well as see what fashion will grace the red carpet this year!

Oscar Eyes Jennifer Hudson

A big well done to curves! A big well done to Jennifer Hudson, who has now been nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her role in Dreamgirls. As Liria Mersini reports, in her Dreamgirls role Jennifer plays the character of Effie White, a name and role synonymous with plus size power. This role has in fact already earned her a Golden Globe award last week.

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