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5 Easy Ways to Make the Beach or Pool Your Runway!

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If you’ve ever picked up a magazine during checkout at the grocery store and wondered how all those celebrities manage to look perfect after a day in the sun, read on!

Your swimsuit is just the beginning of a fabulous new look! And I’ve got some tips to help you make it happen.

1. Perfect beach hair in just 2 minutes? To prevent frizz, use extra conditioner and don’t shampoo! Add a little extra pizazz by squeezing lemon juice into your hair before you hit the sun for some natural (and free!) highlights.

2. Wear a hat. And not just any old baseball cap you find lying around! Straw cowboy hats are always in style, but you can really add the glamor with something wide-brimmed a la Sophia Loren.

3. Moisturize before you go! Moisturizing will keep your skin from getting dry and patchy, with the added benefit of a dewy glow. Don’t forget to add sunblock on top even if your moisturizer has SPF!

4. Add a touch of makeup for a little drama without all the disappointing meltdown. You can buy waterproof mascara at any pharmacy, and a lot of designer lines these days have wisened up and now offer a full range of waterproof makeup – even foundation and eye shadow! I love modern technology!

5. Accessorize! A long necklace really adds to the heat, and it’s easy to take off when you want to tan. Meanwhile, a breezy sarong or an airy cover-up is the perfect complement to a gorgeous swimsuit -throw one on instead of struggling to tug your sandy clothes over a wet bathing suit. Slip on some jeweled flip flops, grab your free beach bag, and you’re ready to go -fresh, hot, and in style from head to toe!

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Swimwear Separates Made Easy

Although I think I’m shaped quite proportionately… according to some magazine’s guide to finding your shape, I am an inverted triangle, which basically means by top part is bigger than my bottom area. In fact I do have a broad back, and am quite big in the bust area. In comparison I (so far) have narrower thighs, hips and slim legs. This means that often I end up buying items for the top part of my body, a size bigger than what I buy for my bottom area. I’m sure this will sound very, very familiar to many women all over the world. A lot of women I know have a multi-sized body.

This isn’t really a problem when buying separate items; however it becomes a bit of a pain when buying items which usually come in pairs like suits, swimwear separates (e.g. bikinis and tankinis) and also dresses for that matter… but that’s a whole other blog post!

With items like suits and swimwear, it would be ideal if all stores sold these items separately. That way women can mix and match sizes for tops and bottoms to create their perfect piece. This custom is now becoming a little more common practice for items like suits, but for things like swimwear I often find that bikinis and tankinis are still matched up: i.e. having one, same sized top and bottom, bundled together to make one item.

Thankfully though, many stores are breaking away from that custom as well. One of those stores is the plus size swimwear specialty store – they have now in fact started selling separates. I think this is a great initiative, and I truly hope keep up this custom and also hope that other stores will follow suit! Being more flexible with how one lets customers buy items will make for a much more pleasant plus size shopping experience!

Retro and Modern Prints for Figure Flattering Swimsuits

If you’re on vacation, of just strolling around on the beach, the last think you want to be worrying about is whether your curvy bits and love hands look their best in the swimsuit you’re wearing. You’d rather be thinking about what the next cocktail you’re going to get is going to be, don’t you agree?

Therefore I’m sure you agree that picking a flattering swimsuits is essential, so you can worry about things other than your back end. Swimsuits For All have lauched a new collection of figure and curve flattering swimsuits which you must take a look at. These plus size swimsuits work double-time so you can forget your nine-to-five and just dive in the pool (or the ocean)!

Swimsuits For All have got all the right details and all the best technology to make is look our most beautiful, and to draw attention to our gorgeous curves without letting any slight flaws get in the way. Here pictured are two of my favorites, though many more are available, so do check them out.

Once you have your figure flattering swimsuit at hand, all you’ll need to complete the look is a bit of waterproof mascara, a beach read in the one hand, and some kind of fruity concoction in the other.

Remember Swimsuits For All are currently giving away a free beach bag with every purchase, and you can also get 10% off your order by using coupon code PASAZZ.

Plus size swim-wear sale – nothing over $39

If you’re looking for a bargain on a plus size swim-suits, is definitely the place to check out right now! They currently have a ‘September Storewide SALE’ going on, where no item is priced higher than $39. Sounds excellent to me, check it out today!

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