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Weekend Only Sales at Catherines

During the weekend only Catherines are running two super sales. Here is all you need to know:

  • Buy any 3 tops, and save $10 on one pair of pants or jeans.
  • Buy 2 bras, and get 1 absolutely free.

Both offers are valid online until 11:59 P.M. PT on August 16th, 2009, and in stores until closing on August 16th, 2009. Valid on in-stock merchandise only. Not valid at Catherines Outlets.

How to Find High Quality, Cheap Handbags

Black and White Roccoco Print Bead Handle HoboIf you’re a woman, it’s likely that you need a handbag. While men can get by with carrying a wallet, a wallet doesn’t even begin to hold the multitude of items most women lug around in their trusty pocketbook on a daily basis. From hairbrushes to cell phones, most women would feel lost without a handbag hanging from their shoulder.

Although a handbag may be essential equipment if you’re a female, there’s no requirement that it be expensive. In fact, the trend these days is towards undisguised thriftiness. People are proud to divulge how little they spent on an item and more avenues for getting items at a reduced cost are opening up. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your next purse, discover some of these easy ways get cheap handbags for under $20.00. Keep in mind that a cheap price doesn’t have to mean low quality.

Go Vintage
One way to spend less on a purse while expressing your individuality is to buy a vintage handbag. Although some vintage handbags are extremely expensive due to their collectibility, others are surprisingly affordable. If you buy a purse at a vintage clothing store or antique store, you could end up paying quite a bit. The better option is to watch the paper for local estate sales. These sales are conducted when someone in the household passes away and their belongings must be sold off, including their purses. You can often pick up stunning vintage bags in great shape for almost nothing. Go early for the best selection and be sure to ask about purses that aren’t on display. Clothing and accessories are frequently given low priority at these events and you may end up with a real treasure that no one bothered to put out.

Make Your Own
If you want to carry an inexpensive handbag with some character, why not make your own? Handbags can be crafted from unusual containers such as cookie tins or wooden boxes. How about a cigar box purse? You can find instructions for creating and personalizing these eclectic types of purses online. For casual wear, you can transform an old pair of jeans into a hip and trendy bag. You can even find instructions online for making a purse out of a bra! Could there be a better way to recycle?

Be Thrifty
Thrift store shopping is always an adventure. If you may envision piles of vinyl purses filled with stains and debris, you may be surprised. Higher end designer handbags in good condition can sometimes be found at these stores for almost nothing. Look for high quality, classic leather purses that only need a good cleaning to make a statement. Pick up a container of leather polish on the way home and use it to bring out the beauty of your new treasure. If you don’t find what you’re looking for the first time, check back frequently and you’ll eventually be rewarded. Another option is to buy a purse from a local consignment store.

Of course, you can always find cheap handbags under $20.00 at online sites such as Ebay, but it can be difficult to determine quality without actually touching the item. If you choose this avenue, do your research before opening up your wallet.

1 Week Left: Free Shipping at Fashion Bug

Save at Fashion BugThe free shipping promotion currently running at Fashion Bug will soon expire ladies, so remember to use it this week when shopping at Fashion Bug!

Free Shipping with every $75 purchase: Enter promotion code 776276701 at checkout. Expires August 14, 2009.

How to Rock a Black Plus Size Pencil Skirt – Part 2

Black Pencil SkirtLast week we started talking about plus size pencil skirts, and what to do in order to wear them in the most figure flattering way possible. Today we continue discussing this classic, and I think, staple item… sharing with you another 3 tips.

3. Turn it Into a Suit
A long, black pencil skirt looks chic paired with a shorter, fitted jacket that’s nipped in at the waistline. Think of the jackets worn by sophisticated women in the 1940’s. Check out a vintage clothing store that sells 1940’s apparel and choose a jacket that buttons at the waistline and flairs slightly at the hips. Slip on black hose and black pumps to complete the look. Tres chic.

4. Choose Simple Shoes
A black pencil skirt looks best with simple shoes. Keep your gladiators in the closet and bring out a pair of simple high-heeled pumps instead. Avoid sandals with straps that can cut the line of your legs. Pencil skirts worn with complicated shoes can make your legs look shorter and destroy the clean, sophisticated line you’re trying to achieve. In general, heels look better than flat shoes with pencil skirts, although you may be able to pull off the look with a pair of ballet flats.

5. Go Light on the Jewelry
Resist the urge to pile on the jewelry when you wear a pencil skirt. Keep the look sleek and simple with one or two bold sculptural pieces such as a flared cuff bracelet in silver or a strand of oversized pearls. Resist the urge to layer necklaces or wear overly ornate pieces. Keep the focus on your neck, wrist, or ears, but not all three. Simple is better when wearing a pencil skirt.

You’ll love the versatility that a pencil skirt offers and when you have one in black.

One Month Left: Catherines Savings

The promotions and coupon codes below, which have been running at Save at Catherine'sCatherine’s for the past few weeks, will expire in a little over a month! Here are the details again ladies:

  • $10 off orders of $50 or more. Use coupon code 776999864.
  • 20% off highest priced item with $75+ purchase. Enter coupon code 776999856.
  • 10% off on your online order. Use code 776999849.

All these offers are valid online until August 31, 2009, giving you only 1 month left to take advantage of these offers.

How to Rock a Black Plus Size Pencil Skirt – Part 1

The "Curvy" Pencil SkirtWhat could be more sophisticated than the long, lean lines of a pencil skirt? Audrey Hepburn made this look trendy back in the 1940’s and these sleek, fitted skirts are still gracing the pages of fashion magazines today. Although you can find pencil skirts in a variety of colors, if you could only choose one, the obvious choice is black. Need some ideas on how to pull off this look? Here’s how to wear a black pencil skirt.

1. Get the Right Fit
A black pencil skirt is meant to hug the lines of your body without being overly tight. Spend some time trying on a variety of pencil skirts and walking around in them before making your final selection. The skirt should accent your shape without being constrictive or uncomfortable. The straight lines of the skirt can make walking a challenge if you select one that’s too snug. To prevent this, look for one that has a discrete slit in the back to allow your legs to move more freely. Don’t give up comfort for fashion.

2. Keep the Lines Clean
A slim pencil skirt looks best with a simple top that plays up the sleek, sophisticated lines of the skirt. For office wear, pair it with a stretch top and a bold, silver cuff bracelet. With a basic black pencil skirt choose a top in a bright color or create a sleek, ultra-sophisticated look with a fitted black top and a silk scarf tied at the neck. A silk blouse that buttons up the front is a good choice for an office environment or a business lunch.  If you’re feeling more daring, pair it with a leopard or other animal print top and black pumps for evening. Think sleek, clean, and sophisticated with a pencil skirt.

Keep on reading the scoop, and next week watch out for the second and final part of this article, where we share another 3 tips on how to rock a black plus size pencil skirt. Keep on reading ladies!

The Camilla Dress from SWAK Designs

Today I wanted everyone to take a close look at one of SWAK Designs’ latest new additions, the gorgeous and bright Camilla plus size dress.

The Camilla Dress

This dress is yet another fresh twist on one of SWAK Designs’ favorite designs, the ‘classic’. Featuring bold and artsy whimsical floral prints, this piece is a necessity for your summer wardrobe!

This dress retails at $46.99 and is available in sizes 1X to 6X.

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Kiyonna Savings: One Week Remaining

Kiyonna’s latest sale is expiring very soon ladies. Here are the details again… Get $25 off your order of $175 or more. Simply use coupon code COLOR at checkout, for savings to be applied.

This offer expires on 1st August, 2009.

Sexy Summer Style with SWAK Designs

SWAK Designs is back this week, bringing plus size fashionistas the hottest looks for this summer season, with their newest scorching collection.


Their new pieces are too cute, so I urge you to go ahead and have a close look at them. I have a number of favorite pieces myself, and I am trying to decide which ones I want to add to my wardrobe. The Beverly Tube Dress is a fresh option, and I currently do not have any sleeve less dresses in my wardrobe, so I guess that’s a good enough reason for me to buy it no? But there’s also the super cute and very comfy looking Hilary Floral Smock Dress, and then there’s also the Tri-Color Block Dress which is a very sexy halter neck number, and would satisfy my love for bold colors. Hmmm… decisions, decisions.

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How to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank – Part 2

Red Cable-Knit Leg WarmersLast week we started sharing with you some handy tips on how you can update your wardrobe, giving it a summer look, without spending too much money… if any at all actually. Amongst the tips shared, we suggested you look at what you’ve already got in your closet, as well as looking for trendy accessories to spice up an outfit.

Today we’re sharing another 3 tips, which can further help give you ideas on how to give your existing wardrobe a breath of fresh air!

4. Look for Styles That Have Come Back in Fashion
They say that everything comes back in fashion eventually, and it is certainly true that many old styles are in again.  From bell bottoms and leg warmers to clogs and boots, many old fashions have come and gone throughout the years.  You may be able to find some hip and fashionable clothes in the back of your own closet.

5. Make a Few Small Repairs
Investing in a sewing kit can pay some big dividends when it comes to your wardrobe.  Simply mending your old clothes can save you hundreds of dollars, so gather up those clothes that you have been meaning to repair and put your needle and thread to work.

6. Put Your Old Clothes to New Use
Your old clothes can enjoy a whole new life with just a few quick updates.  From adding a new accessory to pairing a different blouse with your favorite skirt, there are plenty of ways to create new outfits with the clothes already in your closet.  Putting your old clothes to new use can save you hundreds of dollars season after season.

By making these simple changes in the way you view your wardrobe you can save yourself a ton of money and still look like a million bucks. So before you head off to the mall head into your own closet. What you find may just surprise you.

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