IGIGI's Latest Masterpiece – The Sarafan Dress

IGIGI have done it yet again. They managed to create simple yet chic and classic elegance made for the full figured body. The latest addition to their wonderful range of plus size dresses is the Sarafan dress, a dress which is set to win the hearts of many curvy women! It will also definitely be responsible for setting men’s hearts racing when they see full figured women looking gorgeous in this perfect summer dress.

Available in brown, magenta and fiery red the Sarafan dress from IGIGI is a chic yet daring dress. It incorporated adjustable, self-tie straps to ensure a perfect fit: you can set the straps as tight or loose as your desire. A plunging neckline dominates this dress, which gives it a very sexy feel and that is however not overly done. The key to a sexy and chic look is to always leave something to the imagination, and the Sarafan dress does this perfectly. It shows off a bit of leg, which you can help enhance further by wearing some nice sandals or mules with heels. The plunging neckline accentuates the bust area, and the V-neck back show off some more of the right skin. The rest of the curves are hugged to perfection.

This dress can be worn in two ways. With a belt (which is comes along with the dress… yes!), or else without the belt. I personally have a fear of belts… well not quite. I just never seem to be convinced they look good on me for some reason. Though I can see why this dress would make more of an impression if worn with the belt: besides giving the curvy figure a more defined waist, the belt also helps add that extra sense of style.

So why do I like this dress so much?

  • It is very simple yet very elegant. The simplicity helps flatter the curvy figure, and makes it very versatile.

  • Also, in my opinion this dress has a slight retro vibe to it. Is it the colors perhaps?
  • The color choices are vibrant and so fitting for that Spring/Summer feeling. I personally am not very fond of the brown version of this dress, then again this boils down to tastes.
  • Any plus size women wearing this dress is bound to stand out… for all the right reasons!

So ladies, I am off to buy my own Sarafan dress. I am still undecided on whether to buy the Magenta version or Fiery Red. What do you suggest?

I will definitely update you on my choice very soon! In the meantime take a closer look at the Sarafan dress at IGIGI.

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