Plus Size Fashion Industry: What to Expect in 2008?

Curvy womanAfter taking a quick look back at 2007, and the favorite new curvy stores that year brought with it, I’m left wondering and thinking about the New Year and what that will bring to the plus size fashion industry and the plus size community in general.

The unfortunate demise of many ultra skinny models, found its way into the news headlines throughout 2007, sadly too often times. These sad circumstances led to quote some furor from leading fashion magazines, as well as fashion houses and fashion shows. Some countries, including Spain, enforced a minimum BMI requirement for models appearing in the fashion shows, not accepting any which were below the minimum requirement. Although these changes have been slow to happen, and unfortunately have not rippled onto all fashion shows and countries, this is the start and I am sure 2008 will bring with it more positive changes in the high fashion and on the catwalks, to promote a more healthier and realistic womanly look.

It is unfortunately very sad that all of these little changes had to start taking effect only after some models’ deaths, and after many teenage girls and young women created a very distorted image of what ‘ideal beauty’ is. I guess it makes you think of what kind of world we are living in. We always have to come too close for comfort to a situation, to suddenly realize what is happening and for action to be taken. Change is on the way, slowly but surely. So in 2008 I believe more and more change will take place within the fashion industry, to promote a more realistic image of what real women really look like.

Taking on a lighten tone to this post… after all the New Year should bring hope for better things to come… in 2008 I am sure we will see more good stuff from plus size celebrities which have rocked 2007. I sure hope that we will see more good things from Queen Latifah, both in music and on the big screen! Rising star Nikki Blonsky I am sure, and certainly do hope, we will see more of in 2008. Another celebrity which we should definitely hear more of this year is Jill Scott. Jill has in fact recently announced a partnership with Ashley Stewart, to create an exclusive plus size lingerie and intimates line. This line is inspired by the music and writings of Jill Scott herself, and is set to satisfy a full figured woman’s lingerie needs. I cannot wait to see more of that!

Obviously I predict also that we will see a few new plus size stores opening online, which is always good news. I love to have more choice. More importantly, I love for plus size women in general to have more fashion options. Having great choices is key in finding the perfect items for whatever occasion and budget!

So what about you… what do you think is in store for us in 2008? Leave your thoughts in the comments below…

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2 Responses to “Plus Size Fashion Industry: What to Expect in 2008?”

  1. Moe says:

    It is sad, as you say, “that all of these little changes had to start taking effect only after some models’ deaths, and after many teenage girls and young women created a very distorted image of what ‘ideal beauty’ is”.

    Unfortunately that is our world isn’t it. Nobody listens until tragedy is brought front and center.

    For 2008 I would like to see more stores but I would also like to see the current big ones define their style more instead of trying to please everyone (which is totally impossible).

    I would like to see less “OMG look at that cellulite on so and so..” in the media and more focus on living healthy at any size.

    I also want to find me an awesome wide belt, damn it! Preferably in red.

  2. Cathalain says:

    I wouldn’t be so quick to praise Queen Latifah, as she’s hooked up with Jenny Craig recently as a spokesperson.

    I think she’s beautiful just as she is. It’s a shame that she doesn’t think so, too.

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