Old Navy Without the Curves… Removes Plus Size Line

There have been several online new sites in the last couple of days reporting on the fact that Old Navy will be removing their plus size clothing line from their stores. It’s sad to see that such a big chain will be closing it’s doors to a whole lot of curves, and a whole lot of business!

Glen L. Johnson has some interesting ideas on the topic, about reasons why Old Navy took this step. Lack of advertising tops the list, and I’m pretty sure he’s right, that this factor played a very important role. Talking from an online marketing perspective, I am always on the lookout for new plus size stores and plus size related advertising always catches my eye. Thinking about it now, I’ve never actually seen an advert or promotion online by Old Navy which focuses solely on pushing their plus size line. So indeed that must be one big factor.

Oh well, too bad for Old Navy I guess. With the increasing plus size clothing options coming to be available for curvy women these days, I’m sure all full figured women will survive and keep on being even more stylish.

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2 Responses to “Old Navy Without the Curves… Removes Plus Size Line”

  1. Glen says:

    I agree with you its there loss. What will be funny is if they back track when they see the amount of bloggers talking about it.

  2. Militant Diva says:

    But whose fault is it that they didn’t advertise? I have never seen that section of my closest ON fully stocked — women raided it on a regular! Just imagine if they hadn’t been so ashamed to “discount” their brand and actually appealled to women like us? It’s a bit insulting really. You’re good enough to spend your money, just don’t do it in our stores. Thanks but no thanks.


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