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Loving My Curves: Issue #10 Out Now!

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007 | loving my curves, plus size news, plus size newsletter with No Comments »

Earlier this week we have launched the revamped version of Loving My Curves. Issue #10 being the first to be released in the New Year, we wanted to give the newsletter a fresh and more stylish look.

If you somehow haven’t received the latest issue, you can read the archived version of Loving My Curves here. However I urge you to subscribe to the newsletter today, not to miss any future issues! Subscribing to the newsletter is free and easy to do! Just fill out this short form.

Loving My Curves: Issue 9 out now!

Saturday, December 30th, 2006 | loving my curves with No Comments »

Just a quick post today to let you all know that the 9th issue of Loving My Curves has been issued this week! Besides giving you tips on how to look your best during the party season, issue 9 also announces the winner of the Missphit top competition! So read the archived version of the newsletter today to see if you are the winner.

Loving My Curves: Issue 8 out now!

Monday, December 11th, 2006 | loving my curves, plus size clothing, plus size clothing for the holidays, plus size newsletter with No Comments »

The latest issue of Loving My Curves, our twice monthly plus size fashion newsletter, has just been issued! I apologize to all subscribers for issuing this newsletter a little later than usual this month, December is taking it’s toll on me, and hay fever does not want to let me go!

Anyhow, issue number 8 is chock dull of very exciting items, most of which are tied to the festive season. If you’re a curvy lady who wants to look stylish this Christmas, and also find a bargain subscribe to the newsletter today and read the archived version online here! Send this link to all your friends and urge them to subscriber, after all it’s free.

Almost forgot, we have a competition tied up with this issue, though I will not give out more information here. Read the latest issue to find out what you can win!

Loving My Curves: Issue 6 out now!

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006 | loving my curves, plus size news, plus size newsletter with No Comments »

The latest issue of our plus size clothing newsletter, which is mailed out to curvy women twice a month, was sent out last week! You can view an archived version of the newsletter here, however don’t you think it’s be a better idea for you to start receiving Loving My Curves straight in your inbox?

We have some great items, and prizes, lined up for you ladies in the coming weeks especially for the upcoming Christmas holiday season, so do not miss another issue. Sign up today… it’s free!

Loving My Curves: Issue 5 out now!

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006 | loving my curves, plus size newsletter with No Comments »

Our recently released plus size fashion newsletter is soaring! The 5th issue of Loving My Curves in fact was issued late last week, and an archived version of this issue can be accessed here. In this issue, besides updating you with the latest plus size fashion tips and news, we are also giving away a gorgeous black and white floral top, thanks to our dear friends at Missphit.

Do yourself a favor, do not miss any future issues of Loving My Curves, so subscribe today! It’s free after all, and tell all your friends about how they can start loving their curves too!