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Archive for the ‘plus size clothing’ Category

How to Find a Wedding Gown for your Unique Curvy Figure

By Sarah On March 18, 2009 2 Comments

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Style #2009WWe come in many shapes and sizes, but when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress, dresses are usually directed towards thinner brides.  How does a curvier bride find a flattering dress that enhances her figure?  Use these tips for a happier shopping experience.

Choose the Right Style
There are flattering styles for all body styles.  If you’re a curvy woman with a pear-shaped body, stay away from this:

  1. Empire Waist wedding gowns: These gowns head straight down — straight down to your hips, that is.  Stay away from A-line gowns.  They don’t flatter your curvy physique and emphasize your thighs.
  2. Mermaid wedding gowns: These are a bit too snug on pear-shaped bodies.  It makes curvy bodies look bloated and out of shape.

For pear-shaped bodies, try a loose, simple gown.  It should have a nice, wide flair.  If you wear a sash, make sure it’s on your waistline so it flatters your unique curves.  Best wedding gown styles: Ball Gown, Princess or A-Line.

If you’re an apple-shaped woman, finding a flattering gown that doesn’t emphasize your midsection is tough.  Here’s what you should stay away from:

  1. Mermaid wedding gowns: This draws attention to your midsection.  Avoid it if possible.
  2. Sheath wedding gowns: Sheath gowns are a straight, long gown which flatter thinner, longer body types.  This is a bad choice for apple-shaped women - avoid it if you can.

An apple-shaped woman should try gowns that flare out significantly.  It minimizes the midsection and gives the illusion of pear-shaped curves, flattering the body.  Best wedding gown styles: Empire Waist, Ball Gown, A-Line or Princess.

Choose the Right Texture
Believe it or not, a gown’s texture makes the different between a beautiful, curvaceous bride and a frumpy, heavy bride.  For both body types choose lightly textured fabric.  Avoid beading if you can.  You want to keep the design minimalistic so that it adds depth, not distraction.

For ball wedding gowns, make sure the design isn’t a dark color.  Keep away from flowery textures and avoid top-heavy textures.

For A-Line or Princess wedding gowns, make sure the design is emphasized in the middle to flatter your figure.

Empire wedding gowns should have a light texture.  Make sure it’s simple but elegant.

Style #1640WChoose the Right Neckline
Choosing a bad neckline is very unflattering for your chest.  If you have a large chest, choose these necklines:

  • Queen Anne
  • Strapless
  • Scoop
  • Square
  • Sweetheart

If you have a medium-sized chest, choose these necklines:

  • V-Neck
  • Spaghetti Straps
  • Scoop
  • Square
  • Sabrina

If you have a small chest, choose these necklines:

  • Jewel
  • Bateau
  • Sabrina
  • Spaghetti Straps
  • Strapless

Bring these tips with you when you shop for your gown to ensure a happy, easier experience.

How to Wear a Cardigan With Style and Panache

By Sarah On March 11, 2009 1 Comment

As the first signs of spring arrive and you shed your heavy coat to make way for lighter fashion, there are still days that you’ll need a little extra insulation when the temperature drops. Instead of bringing that wool coat out of storage, why not throw on a stylish cardigan? The cardigans of today are not like grandma’s sweaters but have a style and flair all their own. Plus, they’re so versatile! Wearing a cardigan can take you from a casual spring day on the beach to an evening out at a restaurant with great panache. Here are some tips for getting stylish wear out of the “oh so versatile” cardigan.

Choose an oversized cotton cardigan for casual spring wear
Nothing feels better for a cool walk on the beach than a tee shirt, a pair of cotton Capri pants and a long, oversized, cotton cardigan. Choose a length extending several inches above your knee for a fashion forward look. A solid color will coordinate beautifully with your other casual spring clothing. If you want a slightly different look, opt for a thick horizontal stripe in black and white or black and khaki. Don’t forget to add a chunky eclectic necklace. One made with large wood or ceramic beads will add an earthy look.

Add a belt
Petite people sometimes find a cardigan to be overwhelming. One way to give a cardigan more structure is to add an interesting belt. This can be an excellent way for a petite person to show off a tiny waist. If you have belts in your closet that you haven’t known what to do with, get them out and experiment by wearing them over a long cardigan.

Use it to layer
You can really expand the depth and versatility of your wardrobe without spending money by layering items you already have. A cardigan provides the perfect finishing touch for that layered look. Just one cardigan can multiply your fashion options many times. Try belting a long cardigan over a skirt and silk top. Wear a long, loose one over your favorite black dress. A cardigan can add a whole new dimension to your standard office attire. Open your closet and start experimenting by adding a cardigan to your usual outfits and see what works for you.

Button or unbutton?
The look of a cardigan can vary depending on how many buttons you button. If you button it all the way, you can add an interesting belt or a scarf to complete the look. For a more casual look leave it open and add some interesting jewelry at the neck line. Experiment with buttoning just the top button or two for a casual, fashion forward look. It’ll be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

It’s perfect for a cool restaurant
If you’re going out for the evening, take along a cardigan. Restaurants are known for being uncomfortably cold and you can feel comfortable and still look stylish when you slip on your stylish cardigan.

Wearing a cardigan can not only expand your fashion options it can help to give you a little extra insulation on those cool spring nights. Is it time to add a cardigan to your wardrobe?

Money Saving Fashion Tips for Career Women

By Sarah On March 4, 2009 1 Comment

Plus size career women have busy lifestyles. Here are some tips to save money when shopping for professional attire. You have probably heard them before but failed to apply them to your wardrobe. In this tight economy, these tips just make good sense.

The first tip is to work with the seasonal outfits you have in your closet from previous years. You probably have wardrobe items for fall or other seasons that still have the price tags attached. The trick is to go to the store this season and buy a few separates that will go with the clothes that you already own. You can also spice up your wardrobe with cheaper items like a scarf, a trendy pair of shoes, or a bright lacy tank (to liven up your trusty blazers).

The second tip is to buy ahead for next year. Many items that you can buy on clearance now will be acceptable for next year. You can also hit outlet stores for sales from last season that you can wear now. Buy a year behind and a year ahead and save money. The items that you don’t need can be put into the back of your closet for use next year.

The third tip is to focus, focus, focus on separates. For example, if you like black, gray, and white, buy pants, skirts, and blazers in these colors. Then you can mix and match them with colorful blouses, sweaters, and knit tops depending on the season. An outfit can even be livened up with an unusual item like a dressy, leather jacket or a light peacoat. Your job is to be creative with what you already have and spend wisely on new additions to your wardrobe.

You can dress as a successful career woman and still save money. In a tight economy, save where you can. Next year you can splurge again on the latest fashions.

How to Find Perfect Plus Size Pants That Fit Online

By Sarah On February 25, 2009 1 Comment

The convenience of online shopping makes it an attractive alternative to shopping locally. Sometimes it’s just not worth the effort required to get into your car and make the long trek to the local shopping mall, only to find they don’t have what you want. Unfortunately, online shopping has its drawbacks too. While it may be convenient to buy clothing online, you never know how the item you select is going to fit. This is particularly true when it comes to buying pants. Luckily, shopping for pants that fit online just got a easier thanks to a website called SearchByInseam.com.

Stretch Gabardine Wide Leg TrousersUsing the SearchByInseam.com website, you can not only choose pants that fit but get them in the exact style, brand, and color you want. It doesn’t matter if you wear a petite size, a tall size, or a plus size, you can find a pair of pants that fit perfectly using their search engine. You can even find great fitting maternity pants if you happen to be pregnant.

When you go to the site, you can begin your search for the perfect pants that fit by selecting the type you’re looking for. There are seven different options ranging from eco-friendly pants to jeans. You then narrow down your selection based on inseam size, price point, and by brand. You’ll then be able to view color photos of the pants available in your size, price point, or brand. To get more information and a larger photo, simply click on the photo of your choice. If you’re unsure as to what you inseam measurement is, there’s a page showing you exactly how to determine this so you’ll be assured of getting pants that fit like a glove.

The brands listed on the site are numerous and run the gamut from The Gap to Ellen Tracy. The pants are sold by independent retailers so after you make your selection, you’ll be directed to the retailer’s site where you can purchase the product using a credit card or other form of payment. Your perfect pants that fit will then be shipped directly to your home or office where you can marvel at how easy it all was.

This website seems to take a lot of the frustration out of finding the right pair of pants. Buying pants online has traditionally been difficult since sizes can vary so much between manufacturers. Even buying pants in retail stores can be an exercise in frustration with the variation in sizes. Who wants to spend more time than necessary in a dressing room? Hopefully, SearchByInseam.com will make it a bit easier to find a perfect pair of pants that fit.

How to Wear a Skirt if You Have Wide Hips

By Sarah On February 18, 2009 1 Comment

The Great Heist SkirtMost people including fashion models and celebrities don’t have flawless bodies although it can appear that way when certain camera angles are used to portray their bodies from their best perspective. The world of modeling is all about portraying an illusion. You too can use that principle to your advantage. One way to give the illusion of a well proportioned body is to use fashion to enhance and minimize figure flaws. One figure flaw that many women want to address is the problem of wide hips. One of the best ways to minimize the look of wide hips is to wear a skirt that visually plays down hip size. Here’s how to choose and wear a skirt if you have wide hips.

Think A-line
Of all the skirt styles available, the a-line skirt is easily one of the most attractive skirt styles for wide hips. When you shop, choose an a-line skirt that gradually widens as it approaches the hem line for maximal figure flattery. Although overly detailed skirts usually don’t flatter wide hips, an a-line skirt with soft pleats can be pretty and can actually draw attention away from the hip area.

Avoid Bias Cut Skirts
One style to avoid is any skirt that’s bias cut. Bias cut skirts have a tendency to cling to the widest part of the hips and make hips look fuller and wider. If you have wide hips, choose a skirt style that allows the bulk of the fabric to drape softly over the hip line.

Think Dark on the Bottom and Lighter on the Top
When you wear a skirt in a dark color on the bottom, you visually draw the eye away from the hip area. If you accentuate your upper body with a lighter shade or interesting pattern, you can further de-emphasize wide hips. Choose eye catching tops in lighter shades and bolder patterns to play down the appearance of less than perfect hips. Remember bold patterns and lots of detail accentuate areas while dark, solid colors de-emphasize them.

Choose Vertical Stripes and Avoid Horizontal
When you wear a skirt to play down your hips, it’s best to avoid busy patterns and bold graphics. One exception would be a skirt with a vertical stripe. Vertical stripes give the visual illusion of a longer, slimmer line and can subtract inches off of hip width. As flattering as a skirt with a vertical stripe can be, a horizontal stripe will only accentuate wide hips. Try wearing a black a-line skirt with vertical pinstripes. Accentuate your upper body with a pretty white blouse and a stunning necklace that catches the eye and your wide hips will be much less obvious.

Choose Accessories Wisely
Stay away from accessories that accentuate the hips such as low slung belts. Draw the eye upwards with an unusual statement necklace or bold earrings. When you wear a skirt, choose a shoe with a moderate sized heel. Flat shoes will make you appear shorter and heavier while heels that are too tall may draw too much attention to the lower body. Keep your lines clean and smooth by wearing hosiery or tights that match your skirt and shoes.

If you have wide hips, you don’t have to avoid skirts. A carefully chosen skirt worn with the right shoes and accessories can look fabulous on less than ideal hips and you can step out in style.

Essential Winter Basics for the Plus Size Budget Fashionista

By Sarah On February 11, 2009 1 Comment

The secret to paying less without looking like a discount is to stick to a few essentials. Shopping is a money issue, and like all money issues, you should look at every purchase as an investment. Most people go to the mall intent on making their budget stretch by paying a little bit of money for a bunch of things. This is how you overspend for nothing.

You have a closet full of clothes, but you find yourself at the mall the day before what’s-her-name’s wedding or the formal Christmas party, pawing frantically through racks of clothes. By buying for just one occasion, you end up with another inflexible piece of cheap clothing. It‘s a vicious cycle. ‘Nothing to wear’ is an excuse that keeps you from going places.

When you buy the bare minimum, you eliminate this problem. You will always have something to wear and you will always look good.

Pants & Skirts
Wool and tweed blend well with other colors and materials, so buy the following pieces in those colors. One of your pairs of black pants should come with a jacket. In other words, buy a black suit.

  • Pair of black dress pants for day-time.
  • Pair of black dress pants with a fuller leg for evening.
  • A-line or bias cut skirt that drapes.
  • Pencil skirt in black.
  • Neutral colored skirt.

Jeans come in every shape and size for different body-types. If you have generous hips, wear a straight legged jean. Avoid stressing and stylized fading on jeans, as this can highlight your trouble spots.

To get a perfect fit, there is nothing wrong with getting your jeans tailored, in fact, you will probably have to.  This is an expense that’s worth it because jeans travel well, pair with almost any top and are appropriate for almost any occasion besides church, the opera or a banquet. The hem of your jeans should brush the toe box of your shoe.

  • Hemmed pair of jeans to go with heels.
  • Hemmed pair of jeans to go with sneakers or flats.


  • Sweater in the same shade of black as your pants and skirt.
  • Sweater in a neutral shade.
  • A lilac, olive or salmon sweater. Something with a rich tone that pairs with tweed or camel..
  • White button down shirt.
  • T-shirts.


  • Tailored jacket that matches pants.
  • Bomber, motorcycle or windbreaker jacket in a refined fabric. Think leather, suede or corduroy.


  • Trench in neutral or black.
  • Knee-length for day and between seasons. Look for leather, suede or lightweight wool.
  • Winter coat of the highest quality you can afford. In colder climates, look for a calf-length coat.  In milder ones, the lightweight knee-length will suffice.


  • Absolute must have: a little black dress.


  • Classic leather style bag that works with everything.
  • Evening bag , envelope style or square-top handle.
  • Tote bag for running errands.
  • Pair of black pumps with 2 1/2 to 3 1/2-inch heel. Get kitten heels if you don’t like heights.
  • Comfy evening shoe in black satin.
  • Pair of tall black boots.
  • Bad weather boots.
  • Pair of cool retro sneakers.

Remember to look for deals at your favorite stores to ensure the best quality possible. Fit is important, so get the styles that are most flattering to your shape. Retail clothing is one size fits all so count on having a few alterations. Don’t be afraid to use a tailor.

Since you’ve bought fewer clothes, you can afford the best fit. Every piece you buy can be a designer piece. Same budget, better clothes. These are the essential basics that you really need-the rest is gravy.

Stunning Plus Size Halter Dress

By Sarah On February 9, 2009 No Comments

PLUS SIZE PLEATED ELEGANT COCKTAIL HALTER DRESSToday we are taking a look at a stunning plus size halter dress, which is also available at a great price at SWAK Designs.

The Charlotte halter dress is comfortable, elegant, and sexy both on the dance floor and off! Stretchy polyester and spandex hug your curves in all the right places. This hot little number is definitely en fuego!

This dress is available in eggplant, brown, and black, to suit all tastes and needs. It’s available in sizes 1X (14/16) to 6X (34/36) at only $42.99. Get yours today!

Remember that at SWAK Designs you save all shipping costs! They offer free shipping in all orders worldwide via standard USPS (no minimum order). It really cannot get better than this.

Plus Size Denim Trends for Winter 2009

By Sarah On January 21, 2009 2 Comments

It just may be the ultimate in comfort fabric. Who doesn’t dream of slipping on a pair of denim pants or a cut-off pair of denim shorts when they return home from work? Denim can take on so many forms from the ubiquitous, casual jean jacket worn on a weekend outing to a long denim skirt paired with boots for an afternoon affair. Just as fashion trends come and go, so do denim styles. Here are some of the most important denim trends for winter 2009.

Riley Wide Leg Trouser JeanDark Denim
There was a time when faded jeans were the rage but the tide has turned and dark denim has been rediscovered. The advantages of dark denim are considerable. While light, faded jeans are soft and fun to wear, dark jeans are less casual and can be worn for dressier occasions. Who doesn’t appreciate the slimming effect dark denim has on the legs and thighs? A pair of dark jeans in your closet means you don’t have to dress up to go out. Just slip on dark jeans and a stylish belt, add a sweater and some cool boots or heels and you have a figure flattering, “go anywhere” look. This is one trend you can’t live without.

Weathered Jeans
Although dark denim is a force in fashion this fall, the distressed look will also be hot, particularly on college campuses. This is one time you can really appreciate holes in your clothing. In fact, you can find online videos showing how to tastefully destroy jeans to give them that “lived in” look. Holes are hot and rips are even better. Add a few stains and blotches and you have the recipe for fall fashion success.

Wide Leg Jeans
The slim, skinny jean has been the prevailing style for the past season. Although the slim jean will still have its place in 2009 fall and winter wardrobes, wide leg denim will make its appearance for those who are ready for a change. If you happen to be short or carry most of your weight below the waist, a wide leg style can visually add pounds. To offset this, wear wide leg jeans with higher heels to add height and avoid styles that have cuffs which can make legs look shorter. If this look isn’t for you, never fear, you can still wear skinny jeans this fall and look fashionable.

However you choose to wear them jeans and denim are a classic that will never go out of style. Have fun wearing the new denim trends this fall!

My Weekend Shopping Spree at Torrid

By Sarah On January 18, 2009 2 Comments

So this weekend Torrid has been running their infamous 50% off clearance sale… and so I decided it was just the right time to give my wardrobe a little update. I really just could not help myself, so in this post I just want to share with you what I grabbed at Torrid yesterday.

Black Chiffon Red Stars Flutter-Sleeve Dress
Black Chiffon Red Stars Flutter-Sleeve Dress
Original price: $57.98 / I got it for: $28.99
If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably realized that I absolutely love dresses. They are comfortable, feminine, and this particular one has a very unique style and design. I cannot wait to receive it!

Black and Royal Blue Striped Sweater Dress
Black and Royal Blue Striped Sweater Dress
Original price: $47.98 / I got it for $23.99
I’ve had my eye on this dress ever since Torrid introduced it to their collection last Fall. It looks so comfortable, and can be very versatile, taking you from a casual to a more smart occasion easily.

Brown Button-Cuff Cross-Dye Short-Sleeved Jacket
Brown Button-Cuff Cross-Dye Short-Sleeved Jacket
Original price: $40.98 / I got it for $20.49
At this super price, I thought this jacket was definitely a steal. I discovered this jacket because I was looking for some cropped pants for Spring/Summer, and I found the matching pants below. So I thought, this makes a very cute set!

Brown Button-Cuff Cross-Dye Cropped Pant
Brown Button-Cuff Cross-Dye Cropped Pant
Original price: $23.97 / I got it for $11.99
This pair of versatile pants matches the jacket above. In Spring and Summer I am constantly wearing skirts and cropped pants, so I thought this makes a great find and addition for the warmer months.

Z. Cavaricci Soro Destruction Denim Cropped Pant
Z. Cavaricci Soro Destruction Denim Cropped Pant
Original price: $26.97 / I got it for $13.49
As I said, I practically live in cropped pants and jeans in the hot and warmer months… which I am now longing for. The cropped jeans I currently own have really worn out, so I definitely needed an update, and at this price this looked like an obvious choice.

Grey Button Tab Cropped Pant
Grey Button Tab Cropped Pant
Original price: $32.98 / I got it for $16.49
This is a smarter pair of cropped pants, perfect for nights out, or for any formal occasions. Matched with a tailored short, or a funky plus size top, and heels, these will look fab.

Black and Red Zebra Print Drape-Neck Top
Black and Red Zebra Print Drape-Neck Top
Original price: $28.98 / I got it for $14.49
This one is a Torrid.com exclusive, so you cannot find this piece in stores. I thought this looks pretty sexy, and comfortable, for nights out dancing.

Mauve Floral Hawaiian Print Halter Top
Mauve Floral Hawaiian Print Halter Top
Original price: $18.98 / I got it for $9.49
This super cute piece is perfect for the summer months, and at this bargain price I just could not resist grabbing one for myself.

Multicolored Bias Stripe Floral Print Halter Top
Multicolored Bias Stripe Floral Print Halter Top
Original price: $18.98 / I got it for $9.49
Same story with this top. I thought it was very cute, and I love wearing colors and so this top and the one above definitely stood out to me.

White Sizzling Strapless Lace Bra B-D Cup
White Sizzling Strapless Lace Bra B-D Cup
Original price: $14.98 / I got it for $7.49
This was one of the best bargain of this entire shopping spree I thought. A great bra at this ridiculous price!

Well now the waiting begins! I cannot wait to receive my order and try on everything. I love shopping online and receiving packages at home. I feel like a kid opening up Christmas presents!

The 50% off clearance sale is running until tomorrow, Monday 19th January. So you still have time to shop around for similar bargains. They have a great selection of plus size apparel at great prices, so if you want to update your wardrobe a bit, without breaking the bank, you definitely have to visit this Torrid.com 50% off clearance sale.

The Perfect Curvy Winter Coat For You

By Sarah On January 14, 2009 1 Comment

Winter coats are an expensive investment. You want quality, warmth and style. You also want your new coat to survive beyond trends for two or more seasons, so picking a classic style is best.

Choosing a winter coat with style can be daunting. You love the long coats, but you think you’re too short. You love the short perky little jackets, but you think … ahem … your hips are too wide. You love the wide and flowing three-quarter length coats, but you think you’re too short and too wide. What’s a girl to do? Well, there is a coat out there to fit every size and shape.

Black and Ivory Houndstooth Woven CoatFirstly, you need to find a coat that doesn’t pucker or pull when you move your arms, has no uneven hems and is well-constructed. Sleeves should cover the wrist and you should not feel too confined or bulky. Considering the more slim-cut styles is best for comfort.

If you’re a little curvy, round and short, don’t hide your figure behind a loosely fitting coat. The best style is one that will accentuate your waist. A belted a-line coat will do this for you perfectly.

If you are petite, a short cropped jacket will give the illusion of height. Your small frame  won’t be hidden behind a large coat. Shorter women can also wear maxi coats that come in at the waist. Straight maxis aren’t attractive on short women.

If you are tall a maxi coat is always flattering. Even women of medium height can wear a maxi. They’re warm and they never seem to go out of fashion.

The versatile and classic coat for all women of any shape and size is a simple three-quarter length coat  that has a nice tailored finish at the waist. It gives any women a lean and narrow look. It’s especially suitable when worn with blue jeans.

Choose colors that are right for you. Black is basic and if you want your investment to last beyond the fashion trends, it may be the right color.  Bright colors and over-the-top styling may not be good investments. You probably won’t like it next year.

Picking a winter coat is fun and there is a coat in the shops now to suit you and your budget.