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31 January, 2007 - Issue #10

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Happy New Year and welcome to the first issue of Loving My Curves in 2007. It has been a long while since the last issue, however I hope the wait was worth it for you, as we bring to you today the new and revamped version of Loving My Curves.

The New Year brings with it a lot of new things, and a lot of resolutions. In 2007 we will strive to bring you more relevant and newsworthy information via this newsletter. Our first step has been accomplished through a re-design of the newsletter layout. I truly hope you like it, and find it more pleasing to the eye. Remember, feedback and comments are welcome so do send them in! Just hit the 'Reply' button on your email reader.

Without further ado I will leave you to the curvy items we have prepared for you today.

Until next time... keep on loving your curves!


Sassy Sarah
In this issue:

Spicing up Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Romantic Ideas
Goodies for Swimsuits For All
True Romance with Kiyonna
IGIGI's Favorites for Valentine's Day
6 Steps to a Flirty Tomboy Look
New Curvy Savings at Fashion Bug
Catherine's Ups the Savings
Be IGIGI's Valentine Contest!
Plus Size Events

Spicing up Valentine's Day

The day for lovers; the holiday of love; Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many of use are trying to figure out how to make this year’s special day on to remember. Roses and chocolates are sweet and definitely needed, though this year try and take that extra step, make that extra effort, or maybe little investment which will spice things up and make one day and night last in your memories for a long time. What do I have in mind you say?

Find out at https://pasazz.net/articles/spicing-up-valentines-day.html.
IGIGI Plus Sizes
Valentine's Day Romantic Ideas

It's Valentine's Day and could the mood get more romantic? It is the time for togetherness, the time to cherish the company of the person who makes your life more special and it is the time to love and be loved. So go ahead and do everything you can to make it a special and memorable Valentine's Day.

In case you are a little out of ideas, check out this list of romantic ideas for your Valentine’s Day. Club these up with your own romantic ideas and have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

Read the full article by Sean Carter at https://pasazz.net/articles/valentines-romantic-ideas.html.
Goodies from Swimsuits For All

FREE Beach Bag at Swimsuits For All!Every day it is getting colder and colder in most parts of the world, so perhaps for many of you, thoughts of beach and swimwear are in a land far, far away! However besides this being a great time to shop around for swimwear, due to the offers available, some of your actually might be on the hunt for sexy, plus size swimwear. Maybe you're going on a romantic Valentine's get-away in an exotic location, or perhaps you're gearing up to go on a fun cruise.

 If you're looking for plus size swimsuits, you will be glad to heard that we have teamed up with the lovely people at Swimsuits For All, to bring you an exclusive web only offer. You can receive now 10% OFF your plus size swimwear order by entering coupon code PASAZZ upon checkout.

But that is not all. Whilst shopping at Swimsuits For All remember that you will also get a FREE beach bag with every order! You heard right, so you do not need to worry about getting a beach bag to go along with your new swimsuit, as Swimsuits For All will hook you up, hey presto!
True Romance with Kiyonna

Nothing speaks romance like satin and lace. Pasazz.net's favorite looks for Valentine's Day include coquette-ish lace frocks, screen siren satin dresses and boudoir inspired lace blouses available at Kiyonna. All elegant, understated bu still absolutely come-hither.

FREE Gift with Purchase - Receive a special gift bag on orders of $175 or more at Kiyonna! The gift bag includes foot care and garmet care goodies. This offer expires on Valentine's Day, 14th February, 2007.

For more information visit https://pasazz.net/prom/kiyonna.html.
IGIGI's Favorites for Valentine's Day

If you were wondering what the IGIGI team will be wearing for Valentine's Day, it's your lucky day as the girls have decided to spill the beans!

Members of the IGIGI crew spill the secrets and come out in the light with their favorite IGIGI items. Sticking to traditional Valentine's themes, some of the went for black and red, through some were bold to go as far as brown and raisin! However you're celebrating Valentine's day, here is the IGIGI crew at the best, showing off what they will be wearing this Valentine's day.

Read it all at https://pasazz.net/blog/2007/01/igigi-crew-share-valentines-day.html.
6 Steps to a Flirty Tomboy Look

A hot trend this autumn/winter season is the 'flirty tomboy' look: a casual tomboy feel with a feminine twist. This look is a favorite among many plus size teens this season, and I'd like to dish out some tips on what you need to achieve this comfy and sweet look.

Here are our steps to this look https://pasazz.net/blog/2007/01/6-steps-to-flirty-tomboy-look.html.
New Curvy Savings at Fashion Bug

Fashion Bug now have 4 new coupon codes we can pick up and use when shopping online — these new saving won't expire until 25th April! Here are the details:

    * Save 15% on any order (no minimum purchase). Enter promotion code 776174708 at checkout.

    * Save $20 on orders of $75 or more. Enter promotion code 776174906 at checkout.

    * Save $10 on any order of $50 or more. Enter promotion code 776174807 at checkout.

    * Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more. Enter promotion code 776175309 at checkout.

Remember these coupons will not expire until 25th April, 2007 so you curvy ladies have ample time to shop around at Fashion Bug. So why not start today?
Catherine's Ups the Savings

Catherine's - The perfect plus size storeCatherine's are helping us get through the new year by launching 3 new coupon codes which will help many plus size women save up whilst shopping around. Here are the details:

    * Save 20% on any order (no minimum!). Simply enter the promotion code 776813909 at checkout.

    * Save $20 on orders of $70 or more. Enter the promotion code 776814204 at checkout.

    * Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more. Use promotion code 776814303 at checkout.

The above offers are valid online until 3rd May, 2007. Again you have ample time to shop around at Catherine's, pick out your favorites, and purchase them using these money saving coupon codes.

Be IGIGI's Valentine Contest!

Three lucky winners will be hit with cupid's arrow on 14th February, 2007. Each of IGIGI's three Valentine loves will win a $100 IGIGI gift certificate!

You can enter this contest without making any purchase, by registering online and completing the information request form at http://www.igigi.com/home/affil/glS029I. So what are you waiting for? Try your luck today!
Plus Size Events

Linda's Big Connections / Wheeling present:
   - Saturday, 10th February - Valentine's Day Sance: AmeriSuites in Schaumburg
   - Saturday, 24th February - Milwaukee Mardi Gras Dance: Best Western in Milwaukee
   - Saturday, 10th March - St Patrick's Day Dance: AmeriSuites in Schaumburg
   - Saturday, 14th April - Birthday Sance: AmeriSuites in Schaumburg
Linda's Big Connections is the Midwest's largest social club for big beautiful women, big handsome men, friends, and admirers! For more information please visit http://www.lindasbigconnections.com/.

BBW Northwest present:
   - Saturday, 10th February - Mardi Gras Madness: Wild West VFW, 2000 S. Union, Tacoma Join BBW Northwest for the masquerade parade, jumpin' jambalaya buffet and fun! Prizes to be won. Includes DJ and light show. Event starts at 7pm and ends at midnight. BBW Northwest is a social club which organizes BBW parties in Seattle, Washingon, Portland and Oregon areas. Fore further details visit http://www.bbwnorthwest.com/events/.

Goddesses Parties present:
   - 3rd February - Big Butt Contest: Manhattan, NYC, NY
   - 9th February - Grand Opening - Valentines Week end Love & Speed Dating: Queens, NYC, NY
   - 10th February - Valentine’s Day Lingerie Show: Manhattan, NYC, 
   - 17th February - Mardi Gras Party: Manhattan, NYC, NY
   - 23rd February - MySpace Party & Sadie Hawkins Dance & Birthday bash: Queens, NYC, NY
Goddesses Parties organizes parties and events for BBWs, BHMs and their admirers, in the New York area. More information can be found at http://www.goddessbbw.com/.
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