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Loving My Curves
Dear [[name]],

Sassy SarahChristmas has come and gone and now we are gearing up to welcome the New Year in style. I myself am very busy at work, finalizing 2006 projects and planning ahead for the New Year.

I hope you all had the chance to spend a joyful and peaceful Christmas Day surrounded by family, friend and loved ones. My day started off at my fiancé’s home for Christmas lunch together with his family. I then moved on to my aunt's house to meet cousins and catch up with my parents and brother. I then heard the Christmas mass in the evening, and finally relaxed on the couch in the evening, recovering from the driving, the over indulging in food and the hectic season as a whole. Overall it was a wonderful day and I cannot wait for New Year's Day.

hat is your New Year's resolution this year? My resolution is to make none at all! Instead live each day to it's full potential. Ok so maybe that in itself is a resolution right? Anyways let me know keep you any longer as this issue is full of great information. Apologies for not bringing this newsletter out to you before Christmas Day, but as you might imagine, the season got a hold of me very tightly! Oh and make sure to read the last item to find out if you are the winner of the Missphit top.

Until next year keep on... loving your curves!
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Heart Surviving the Holiday Parties with Style
Holiday Bargains Continue
How to Look Stunning this Party Season
Heart Grab a Curvy 2007 Calendar
Heart New Year's Eve Gowns from IGIGI
Heart Curvy Swimsuits for the New Year
Heart Shop Kiyonna for New Year's Eve
Heart Missphit Competition Winner
Heart Plus Size Events and Happenings

Surviving the Holiday Parties with Style
by Ozlem at IGIGI

The holidays are here and so are the holiday parties. And God knows we have all gone through a few of them in the past when we woke up in the morning, took one look in the mirror and well, heard one Cher song playing in our heads; If I could turn back time...

My top three areas of concern when it comes to surviving the holidays concentrate around make up, shoes, and drinks. So I went for a little trip in the virtual world and gathered some tips we can use to play a different song this year. I am thinking; I feel good...

Make up
How can you keep it on for a long time looking fresh and clean?
One word, primer. We should prime our skin before applying foundation or tinted moisturizer and prime our eyes before applying shadow.

Another trick is to carry oil blotting papers if your skin tends to get greasy. It is much more effective to blot the oil instead of applying powder, which can cause a cacky appearance. I like Boscia, it gets the job done nice.

Read the rest of the article by Ozlem at
Holiday Bargains Continue
by Sarah Testa
Now that the 
holiday shopping season is over, unless you still need to buy belated holiday gifts, another exciiting time is about to start... the bargain shopping season, or as it's called sometimes, the January sales. Although there is still a few days left for January, some discounts are already available for us to take advantage of... and here they are detailed for you.

1. Lane Bryant
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Above offers are valid through 11:59 P.M. ET on 17th January, 2007.

2. Fashion Bug
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Offers valid through 11:59 P.M. ET on 26th January, 2007.

3. Catherine's
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Offers valid online until 11:59 P.M. ET on 1st February, 2007.

Holiday shipping special going on at IGIGI! Free U.S. ground shipping on orders over $150 and a flat rate of $4.99 for U.S. ground shipping on orders under $150. No coupon code is needed to take advantage of these excellent offers, and they are valid until 2nd January, 2007.

5. Voluptuous Woman Company - Plus Size Bath Wraps
Ladies, this offer is exclusive only to readers! Receive $5.00 off the Voluptuous Bath Wrap until January 31, 2007. The discount code to use at checkout is PASAZZ. Use this coupon code to deduct $5.00 from the Voluptuous Bath Wrap purchase!

6. Bigger Bras
Get 15% off any purchase with coupon code MIST. This offer expires on 31st December.

7. Designer Shoes
Boot Season Specials - Buy qualifying full price boots now to keep those toes warm and get 30% off any other regularly priced shoes we offer. Type BOOTS30 in the promotion box on the home page.

Get $10 off any order of $75 or more. Just use coupon code GIVE10OFF! This offer expires on 31st December. (Not valid on sale items, and some brands are excluded).

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How to Look Stunning this Party Season
by Sacha Tarkovsky

Whatever the usual excuses you use to get out of attending parties, they won’t work for the party season, after all you’ve had twelve months notice.

Rather than looking for excuses to get out of it let us show you how to look great this party season. It really is simpler than you think, just follow our simple tips on how to look great this party season you’ll be happy you made the effort.

What Not to Wear
When it comes to the party season, how to look great can be difficult for a number of reasons, not least the sudden deluge in invites. There is the office party, the family party and socialising with friends. This could mean anything upwards of three outfits.

Do you opt for one outfit with different accessories hoping you won’t bump into the same people at different events, or do you buy a different outfit for each party?

The biggest mistake most women make is to choose a style that is blatantly not for them. Just because a dress is in the store does not mean it’s for you.

Things to Remember
Whether choosing clothes so you can look great for the party season, or choosing outfits for any other time of the year, looking great means choosing an outfit that suits you and reflects your sense of style. It is possible to be fashionable without being a slave to fashion, just remember these golden rules.

1. If you want to look great this party season, remember – less is more. Less make up, less jewellery, less everything. Don’t be tempted to wear blue eye shadow with that red party dress just because you’ve worn it everyday for the last twenty years. Choose a theme and stick to it, if your favourite piece of jewellery doesn’t compliment your chosen outfit, don’t wear it.

2. Make sure the outfit you select suits the occasion.

3. When selecting a party outfit, make sure you feel comfortable in it. If you feel uncomfortable in front of your dressing mirror and keep hiking the bust line up or the hem line down, well – draw your own conclusions!

4. Make an effort even if you think no one expects you to.

Choosing the Right Outfit
While there is no denying the visual impact of the little black dress, why not be bold this party season and go for something different.

Red is a very popular choice for Christmas and guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd. If you’re not ready to be quite so bold, then gold is a rich sumptuous alternative, ideal for creating that sophisticated look.

If you do have to wear the same outfit more than once, you can change the look by choosing different shoes, handbag and accessories to compliment. Throwing a contrasting coloured shawl over your shoulders is also an excellent way to change the look of your outfit.

Don’t forget your lingerie. Nothing lets down a stunning outfit more than ill fitting linger. It’s Christmas, so if necessary, splash out. Take extra care with your hair and make up, now might be a good time to try out that hair style you’ve been thinking about. And if you’re already at the salon, why not pick up some tips on applying your makeup.

So you’ve got the fabulous outfit. Don’t spoil it by covering it in that old coat you’ve had for years. When you enter a room with your outdoor wear, this is where you make your first impression. What is that coat going to say about you?

Make an effort with every layer, from your coat, to your dress, right down to your lingerie. Make sure your partner knows you look as good out of your dress as you do in it!

About the author
For more FREE fashion articles, video's, PDF style and fashion reports and all you need to know about fashion and style visit our website for a huge resource of articles, features and downloads and at
Grab a Curvy 2007 Calendar

Volux Full Figured Calendar 2007To be honest, I was not aware of the Volux Full Figured Calendar, until I read a review of the 2007 version by Glen L. Johnson. So I hopped over to the Volux website at to take a look at the calendar, and I must say I'm impressed by what I see. We often run across calendars showcasing skinny girls around, so it's only fitting that a plus size version of this is in existence!

What I like most of all, from what I can see on the website, is that the pictures of the beautiful women feature them in an elegant, chic and classy style! Well done Volux. I suggest you get yours today... I'm ordering mine right after the Christmas holiday post madness is over.!

New Year's Eve Gowns from IGIGI

Plus Size New Year's Gown at IGIGIThe great people at IGIGI have rolled out two new beautiful gowns which are perfect to wear at a New Year's Eve party or gala event. Here's a brief outline of these two gorgeous plus size dresses:

1. Chloe Lace Gown in Black/Charcoal - an elegant gown with stretch lace and contrasting lining which creates a wonderful feeling of sophistication.

2. Eternal Beauty Dress with Matching Shrug In Navy - Look stunning and sensational! This dress features a short in front hemline which cascades to the full length in the back, creating a stunning affect. The front is shaped by princess seams and flattering halter sweetheart neckline ties in the back.

The good news is you are still in time to get these dresses added to your wardrobe in time for New Year's. What's even better is that IGIGI have extended their holidays FREE shipping promotion until January 2nd, 2007. So you can get your hand of one of these gowns and pay NO shipping costs if your order amounts to $150 or more, or pay just $4.99 if your order is below $150. Excellent stuff I think!

Curvy Swimsuits for the New Year

Many of us could not even dare thing of wearing a swim suit at this time of year because of the cold, however this might actually be a perfect time of year when to shop around for plus size swim wear. Why? Well because you will find ample choice, usually at discounted prices.

Some of us might also be going cruising to celebrate the New Year, so would be in need of a new and sexy plus size swim suit. Well is to the rescue, with many many new styles being added and a great new promotional offer ready to save us money. Get your swim suit before the end of the year and get $5 off your total order. All you need to do is enter coupon code NEWYEARSSAVINGS upon checkout. Remember you have until 31st December, to take advantage of these savings at
Shop Kiyonna for New Year's Eve

Kiyonna Plus Sizes

What are you wearing this New Year's Eve? It's not too late to find the perfect plus size outfit. Shop through Kiyonna's favorite holiday looks to ring in the New Year and celebrate in stye! If you shop today, your outfit will arrive by Friday! Remember the following promotions which are available:
  • FREE ground shipping on orders of $50 or more
  • FREE 2nd day shipping on orders of $200 or more
  • $20 flat rate shipping on all next day orders
So if you're still undecided on what to wear this New Year's Eve, shop at Kiyonna, to find the plus size outfit right for you. Visit today.
Missphit Competition Winner

Missphit top - size 2XLast month Missphit once again teamed up with us, and provided us with a beautiful festive and silky top which will definitely enhance the curves of a lucky subscriber!

Many readers responded to our competition, sending in comments about the newsletter, as well as suggestions for improvement. I welcome your feedback greatly and appreciate t
he time you have taken to send them in.

But only one lucky lady could be named a winner... and t
he lucky curvy woman is Dominique! Thanks for entering the competition, and we will surely strive to include more event related news in the newsletter.

I will be in touc
h with you Dominique, to let you know how we will nsend you the gift, so look out for a email from us!
Plus Size Events and Happenings

Full Figured Diva Boot CampFull Figured Diva Boot Camp
Do you want to be a full figured model, or just look like one? Then you will be glad to find out get to know that the Full Figured Diva Academy is holding a curvy model boot camp on Sunday, 7th January 2007 at Beltsville, MD. This is your chance to jump start your full figured modeling career. Learn about runway techniques, agency procedures, portfolio development and many more items. Classes begin on 7th January, 2007 at 2:00PM, and the boot camp costs $265. You must be a size 12 and up to enroll. This boot camp looks like a great place to start off at if you are considering venturing out in this path. Visit the Full Figured Diva Academy at for more information, and exact venue details.

Big Boogie Nights New Year's Eve Bay Area
When? Sunday, Dececember 31st, 2006 at 9:00 PM.
Where? Club Anton @ Jack London Square, 428 3rd Street at Broadway, Oakland, CA 94601, USA.
Visit for more information!

AbundanceNW New Years Eve Bash
Where? King Oscar Motel in Pacific WA.
When? Saturday, December 30th and Sunday, Dececember 31st, 2006.
Saturday Night: JAMMIE JAM (PG 13)
Sunday during the day:  Bingo and more!
Sunday Night: New Years Eve Ball!
Visit for more information.

Events organised by Linda's BIG Connections

Details on all these events can easily be found at
  • December 30th, 2006 - January 1st, 2007 - LBC New Year's Bash
  • Saturday, January 13th, 2007 - Schaumburg Saturday Night Dance
  • January 27th, 2007 - Saturday Night Dance
  • Saturday, February 10th, 2007 - Schaumburg AmeriSuites Valentines Dance
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