Fashion Ideas For The 9-5 Workers

By on December 18, 2012
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When most people think of the work place, they typically think of clothes that are a little dull and dowdy. After, they want to be seen as professional, and flashy fashions are not usually the rule of the day unless you work at a fashion magazine! However, simply because you work a normal nine to five job does not mean that you need to look plain. Consider these fashion tips for keeping your look completely your own even if you are at the office.

Statement Jewelry

If you are someone who adores jewelery, you may be a little disappointed that you cannot wear the pieces that you love at work. However, what you can do is wear one piece. If you want to create an outfit that is unique, why not add a large and colorful piece of jewelry to your ensemble? For instance, if you have a very black, very stark outfit, why not take a moment to add a large necklace or a chunky bracelet to it? This is a great way to get just a bit of sparkle and pizzazz into your professional look.

The One-Piece Rule

Are you someone who adores interesting clothing? Do you have clothes that you just love for their texture or their designs? If so, you can probably wear them to work! All you need to do is to wear them one at a time. For example, if you have a mandarin-collared silk blouse that you love, consider pairing it with a very severe jacket and skirt set. You can calm down some of your favorite pieces simply by making sure that they are set amidst some conservative items.


When you want to get fashionable with your work clothes, consider taking them to an alterations shop. The truth is that no one looks their best in off the rack clothing. When you want your clothes to fit well, head to an alterations shop and have some parts nipped in, other parts let out and some parts shortened. Alternations allow your off the rack clothing to look like it was tailored for you, so invest a small amount of cash into making this happen. You’ll look wonderfully sharp for your office meetings.


Don’t be afraid to throw some color onto your outfit. Simply because you are at work does not mean that you need to dress in neutrals. If the outfit is coordinated enough, you can typically get away with a brightly colored suit set at a business casual office. Even in a more formal situation, you can add a splash of color with a scarf, a brightly colored belt or a pair of brightly colored bangles on each wrist. Remember that color makes you stand out, and if you do it professionally, it can help you be more noticeable.

When you are tired of dressing in browns, grays and blacks, jazz things up a little. Fashion doesn’t mean unprofessional, so consider how you can add it to your professional wardrobe.

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