Curvy Tankinis: Plus size swim-wear choice for 2006

Our choice and recommendation for curvy women this summer: the Tankini. Here are the reasons why we think it’s the perfect choice for plus size women this summer and why we think every curvy lady should have one!

So what do you look for when looking at plus size swim-wear? What I usually look for first and foremost is comfort. I go to the beach to relax therefore I definitely want swim-wear that I can easily move around in and which fits nicely.

Another vital element is support. Besides needing swim-wear which gives good bust support (we must protect our bosoms ladies) I also need tummy and butt support. What do I mean? Basically my chosen plus size garment needs to hold my tummy well, so that it’s nicely rounded and is not falling all over the place! Same principle applies to the curvy bottom really.

Last but not least, my chosen swim-suit definitely needs to be stylish and sexy. We all want our curves to look good when we stroll around on the beach. We should make the most of our curves, therefore a sexy and stylish plus size swim-suit is a must.

All the above are the things I look for when choosing swim-wear, and that is why this year I am opting for the plus size Tankini, because I believe it satisfies all the above criteria, and passes our plus size swim-wear test with flying colours.

The Tankini swim-suit style is made up of a two-piece garment. The top of the Tankini gives great support; it usually comes in without foam cups or under wires, giving you a smooth and yet comfortable and supportive result. Other variants of course are available, including under wire and cups.

The bottom part of the Tankini can be either a skirt or shorts; I have even come across variations of the Tankini which come with a skort bottom, therefore the choices are really vast and will satisfy everyone’s tastes and needs. The skirted Tankini provides great coverage for fuller thighs, so we can easily hide those bits which we aren’t particularly fond of easily, yet still feel comfortable, stylish and sexy.

Available at the leading plus size clothing stores this season, are some highly stylish Tankinis which you can choose from. Torrid, for instance, have one of the greatest selections I have seen so far this year which will definitely appeal to the young and young at heart. Vibrant colors and patterns dominate the plus size tankini collection at Torrid which ensures that what you choose will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. For the more conservative types I would suggest paying Swimsuits For All and Junonia a visit for some great choices and toned down versions of our chosen plus size swim-suit; plain colors and also floral patterns can be found here.

We definitely suggest equipping yourself with a fashionable tankini this summer. You will definitely look stylish, you accentuate your curvy body, but most importantly you will feel at your most comfortable strolling around on the beach and hitting the waves.

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