How to Wear Tights: Winter’s Hottest Fashion Accessory

By on November 14, 2012
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As the weather changes and colder winter makes its appearance, new fashion trends appear on the horizon. One hot cold weather trend this year are hosiery tights. If you haven’t paid a visit to the hosiery department of your favorite department store recently, prepare to be surprised at the colorful array of women’s tights available. Do you have memories of colored tights being restricted to black and a few other basic colors? Not anymore! You’ll find tights in a variety of bold colors, neutrals, and hosiery tights with graphic patterns. For the more adventurous woman, there are fishnet tights that can add a sexy touch to a winter outfit. In this new and confusing world of women’s hosiery, you may wonder how to wear these new fashionable leg coverings. Here are some guidelines on how to wear the new bolder hosiery tights:

1. Keep it simple for daytime and professional wear

Big, bold, patterned women’s tights may not be appropriate for office wear. A better choice may be a simple, opaque tight in a dark or neutral color. A simple tight in black or dark brown will coordinate nicely with wool dresses and skirts and will keep your leg warmer than a sheer pair of hose. Tights also provide extra protect against the cold when worn with pants. Another bonus. A pair of black pants coordinated with a pair of black, opaque women’s tights, and a black shoe creates an unbroken line that can make you appear taller and slimmer.

2. Choose your shoes wisely

If you’re wearing heavier hosiery tights, a chunky shoe is appropriate, whereas if you’re wearing a lighter, sheer women’s tight, a lighter, more delicate shoe gives a clearner line. An opaque tight can look dazzling with a shoe with some texture and interest such as a suede or an embossed leather. If you’re wearing a patterned or fishnet tight, it’s best to keep your shoe as simple as possible.

3. Choose your tights to flatter your body type

If you have heavier legs, it’s best to avoid brightly colored or boldly printed hosiery tights since these can draw attention to your legs and make them appear larger. Opt for an opaque tight in a dark color to give a maximal slimming effect. Dark, opaque tights are also great for covering up those lumps and bumps as well as spider veins and varicosities.

4. Be creative in the evening

If you’re going to a dressy party where you want to show off a bit, try a pair of fishnet hosiery tights with a simple black dress and black shoes. Keep your other accessories simple to keep the look from becoming too busy and ornate. This look is probably best for those with slim legs and calves.

Women’s tights have come a long way in the last few years with lots of interesting options for creating a unique fashion statement. They’re a great way to jazz up a winter outfit!

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  1. Marisa Fadavi

    November 14, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    I am a pear shape with most of my weight in my bottom and thighs. It was hell trying to
    find pantyhose and tights which would fit me. I wasted a great deal of money on expensive
    tights which I could not even pull up until I discovered an online retailer which has tights
    for true plus sizes. Many colours and patterns are available, also footless tights.
    I am pleased to recommend “WE LOVE COLORS”. Check them out!

  2. RB

    November 14, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    I disagree that people with heavier legs should avoid tights in bright colors or patterns. Why does “slimming” always have to be the goal? For some people, making a bold fashion statement is more important than making their body seem as small as possible. My body takes up space, and I won’t be ashamed of it!

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