Lock And Load: Holiday Must Haves

By on December 31, 2009
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by Janna Lutz

It is time to wave good-bye to ghost, goblins, and too much candy corn. The holiday season is fast approaching, and your closet needs to be spruced up for the coming festivities. Autumn is getting into her full swing, and she is not waiting around for you to decide if last year’s twin set will make it through another round. You need new clothes. Don’t try and fight the urge. You also need shoes, jewelry, accessories… the whole shebang. Nowadays, we plus size lovelies have many options of where to shop. There are also great online stores that offer top labels at not so top prices. If you want to try on your picks before purchasing, there are some amazing stores in your area that you can find flattering tops and bottoms to look your best this year.

Velour Plus Size Top

Avenue has been a top competitor in the plus size fashion world for several years. Recently they have emerged above the rest for offering classy, high quality clothing. Their Cloudwalkers shoe line has made them to talk of many ladies’ tootsies. Ask any sales associate what to scoop up for the chilly weather, and you will get a unanimous “velour” ! Velour jog suits have made a popular sophomoric return to retail stores everywhere. They are comfortable, warm, and rather attractive on most any body type. They also make a great laid back outfit for weekend soccer games, birthday parties, or anywhere that you don’t need to dress up. In case you need something a bit more snazzy, velour and velvet are great materials for holiday tops, pants, and dresses. The fabric is not too clingy, and actually quite comfortable. The rich texture makes you feel sexy and pampered at the same time. Whether you need it for out or just at home, don’t forget to snatch up a soft flowy shawl. They are not only classy in appearance, but also great for keeping you warm on those chilly nights.

For a more relaxed and sporty look, take a peek (and feel) of Avenue’s faux suede shirts, jackets, and bottoms. You have the look and texture of real suede, without the high cost and sometimes troublesome cleaning expense. These beautiful pieces can go right in your washer, and come out just as soft and supple! Avenue still has their ever popular denim leggings, and stretchy Denim Lite jeans for those who fell in love many seasons ago. The new girl in town, however, is the Skinny Jean. Do they really make you look slimmer and trimmer? They aren’t flying off the shelves for any other reason. See for yourself…try on a pair and do your model spins in the dressing room. Maybe even a shimmy or two; no one is watching and you know you want to.

Other popular items include the newer, longer tunic tops and the sporty quilted vests. Boots are making a big splash, especially Cloudwalkers’ Mercury wedge boot and the Destiny ugg-style boot. Not only can your feet look good, they can feel good too!

You are going to look fabulous this season. Please stay tuned for this fashionista’s inside look at a few other popular plus size stores.

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