Plus Size Fall Fashions – The Essential Tips

By on December 31, 2009
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Provided exclusively by IGIGI, below are essential tips which help plus size ladies look their best during the fall. Outlining the colors and patterns to go for this season, it also gives tips on what make-up to wear, how to style your hair and also, what to avoid!

1. Colors

  • Red – Think Femme Fatale meets Carmen. This hot trend is a definite power statement that shined like an exclamation point among the neutrally toned color palettes this upcoming season. Wear it in all of its fabulous shades, from cherry reds to deeper hues.
  • Gray – Restrained, chic and edgy, the color of steel is a neutral alternative to black and has been dominating the runways from Paris to Milan to New York and Los Angeles.

IGIGI Plus Size Fall Fashion Tips

2. Prints

  • “Mad About Plaid” has been the anthem all over for fall. Even tailored prints like houndstooth and herringbone are joining in.
  • If it purrs, it’s hot. Animal prints are back and used in everything. If a full animal print dress is a bit scary for you, try stating with a pair of sexy animal print heels. You can wear them with a multitude of things like jeans or maybe an IGIGI black wrap dress. Meow!

3. Shoes

  • Cowboy boots may be out, but every other style boot seems to be in. From cute ankle booties to sexy slouchy to hot Victorian lace-up, boots are definitely a must have.
  • Patent leather is also making a big come back from boots to peek-a-boo toes to ballet flats. Shiny is good.

4. Accessories

  • Oversize bags are big… pun intended. However, leave the logos at home.
  • The hot jewellery of the moment is big cocktails rings. No, they don’t have to be real, just real big.
  • For hair, the wide headband has been hitting the runways. These are great for those growing our pesky bangs and way cute on short pixies.

5. Hair

  • Speaking of pixies, they are back and in a big way. Think Audrey Hepburn chic. Even IGIGI designer Yuliya Zeltser chopped off her locks!
  • The part is also on the runways and Hollywood red carpets. Wear it either off to the side or dead center; just make sure to take it all the way back.
  • Last year Hollywood red carpets were gaga over the ponytail, however, it has been bumped by the bun, from sleeked back intro a tight bun to a loose tousled bun. Grab your bobby pins and get twirling,

6. Make-up

  • Bold rep lips, but they must be done right! Start with defining your lips with a sharp pencil lip liner in red and then full them in with pencil as well. Then, top it off with a bold red shade. The liner helps your color stay in place and when it starts to fade, it will fade evenly. Try a few shades in the department store first to find out what goes right with your skin tone.
  • Vamp nail polish is everywhere from supermodels to starlets. Think deep dark red and chocolaty colors. Also remember to keep nails short for this one, or you may end up looking more goth girl than chic chick.

7. Fall Trends to Avoid

  • The bubble skirt. We plus size girls already have fabulous curves and we don’t need to fake it. Leave this trend to those less fortunate in the curvy departments.
  • The large bulky cable knit sweater and sweater dresses. I know it may seem like you can hide a multitude of sins with big sweaters, but you don’t. It will actually make you look bigger! Great if you’re hiding anorexia, but bad if you’re not. You can join in the fun of the knit trend, just stick to finder knits. Great example is the IGIGI Suzette Knit Wrap Top. Delicate and yummy finer knots like this float over our curves just the right way!

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